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A must for any coach coming to Fenerbahçe, Ferdy Cadior continues to impress with his performances this season. In the eyes of Jorge Jesus National football player who decided to participate, jersey of all systems tried Able to be the first name to close. Ferdy, although his main position is left wing. With his mobility, agility and inexhaustible energy, he never grinned in any area he played. President Ali last season Managers of players with extended contracts How to use alternatives in your ceremony It’s called the “Swiss Army Knife” It will play wherever you put it.” expressed in his words. The 22-year-old footballer, who started the season at left-back in the second qualifying round of the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv, played at right-back in place of Osayi in the Super League match against Umrani Esspor. Previous midday austria vienna Jorge Jesus’ first choice on the right of the field it happened. Having started every game he has played in the top 11 this season, Ferdy Cadior has not let his coaches down with his performances in any position.

European Agenda F. Gardens of Jesus
F. Birche’s victory in Vienna, Austria was widely covered in the European press. Sports sites broadcasting in Austria and Portugal emphasized that the Canaries won under the leadership of Jesus. Here are some headings:Clie (Austria): A. Wien lost to Fenerbahce and fears for the future. Orff (Austria): Fenerbahce is very strong compared to Austria Vienna. Ojogo (Portugal): Garden of Jesus won and approached the Europa League. Publico (Portugal): Jesus’ team won in Vienna and is one step away from the group.”

question of the day
Jesus said, “There is no ideal 11 for me. There are 11 I can play.” What do you think of this opinion of the Portuguese coach?

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Jorge Jesus is going in the wrong direction
F. Gardens As soon as he signed with Jesus, I thought he was a great career coach. However, I was surprised by his behavior after taking office. His one of the most important principles of today’s football is the established game model. soccer for himCulinary get to know each other Staff stability is key. In my review of the Austrian Wien match, I said yes is going in the wrong direction. I gave the example of Real Madrid. One of the biggest clubs in the world. It has a high level of squad depth. Despite this, Modric, Casemiro and Kroos played for years in midfield. Moreover, despite their aging and many replacements of staff. After this example, “Is Jesus right? Ancelotti? ” A question comes to mind… Of course, Ancelotti is 100% correct. If Jesus doesn’t give up on this big mistake and always throws in a variety of 11s on the field, it will be difficult for Fenerbahçe to achieve the goals he expects.

Ali Gultiken
This idea increases competition on the roster
this I think your logic is generally correct. Fenerbahçe have become a multi-alternative team with transfers this year. You have to play against that many players somewhere. all soccer players that they have the opportunity to form because they think Be ready and contribute to your team’s performance. contribute. The most important point here is that the losses when the roster changes are not too great. If so, this idea is of course debatable. here Jorge Jesus’ only flaw There is He doesn’t know his players 100%. We need some time to see the depth of performance. Players must play together in the order they want to play. If this idea can be fully realized during the season, he will create very serious competition within the team and will be a happy player as he has the opportunity to play.

Levent Tüzemen
Correctly, he must defend his goal
Jorge Jesus said, “There is no ideal 11 for me. There are 11 that I can play,” breaks rhetoric. generally on the road to success squad for team bonding Stability is very valuable. His compatriot Vitor Pereira didn’t believe in lactate testing and Jesus didn’t believe in team stability. For Portuguese teachers to write their papers correctly, Fenerbahçe must reach that goal. first in the hands of jesus Very serious and all in the top 11 wide play We have a cast of players. If they can keep these players competitive, Fenerbahçe will continue to win. He plays for a different team every game, but if he succeeds, he will open up a different perspective on world football. will be important evidence.