The rugby national team is preparing for the most important match of the season in Edirne

Turkey’s 15 Rugby Men’s National Team, under the control of Cherokee Srivan Goo, is preparing for the European Tournament 2 South Group to face Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday. The rugby national team, which will face Andorra, Serbia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Conference 2 South Group, will face Bosnia and Herzegovina and stay in the group. The national team, which has lost to Andorra, Serbia and Bulgaria, aims to stay in the group by winning the final match at the camp in Edirne.

NGUE: The most important match of the season

National team coach Cherokee Srivan Ng said he will play one of the most important matches of the season in Edirne.

“I want to develop rugby in Turkey”

He said he invited Turkish rugby players from countries such as England, Wales and France to the Turkish Men’s 15th Rugby National Team, saying, “We had a vision when we first took office. We were the first team. When I formed, I always said that I would set up with a Turkish player at first. This was the case for the first three years. We are a small federation. We didn’t have much budget, so we went abroad for the first time in 2021. I called a player in .. Then I got 2 players. Now I have 3 players. I will gradually increase this number, but the priority is Turkish player. I will move forward. Because I want to develop rugby in Turkey. Turkish players are our priority. “

“We will do our best in the field.”

Nuge said he had to win the Bosnia and Herzegovina match and the national team wanted to do their best on the field. “After warming up, we will work on the individual characteristics of the player. Jumpers, lifting for lifters, holding the ball for full back, individual characteristics. In the last 30 minutes,” We play the game. I We work with the organization on attack and defense, “he said.

Nuge, who invited and supported the people of Edirne to the match, said, “We need them. This match is very important to us. I hope all the people of Edirne will reach our goals. Waiting. We were in Bulgaria last week. The tribune was full there. Everyone started to support them. The people of Edirne also started to support them. “We Is looking forward to it, “he said.

Bacar: A better team than Bosnia and Herzegovina

Captain Ya-Sin Bakar of the Turkish 15 rugby national team said he would stay in the group against Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Our goal is to win and stay in the group. It was a mistake to lose in the first two games. Bulgaria is the winner of the group and is guaranteed to be the champion. We. It was normal for me to lose, but I don’t have the luxury of losing a match against Bosnia and Herzegovina because it’s good. “We are a team. We are stronger than any other match. I’m ready, “he said.

Bacar recalled his previous confrontation with Bosnia and Herzegovina in Edirne, saying, “I lost, albeit by a small margin. I will take his revenge. I want to win. At least if the people of Edirne are here, on the stand. Seeing the crowds and hearing their voices will make the match much more comfortable. “I believe the people of Edirne will cheer us up. They used to be supportive, but now We need more help. We are very happy when they come. “