The referee evaluated the red card in the Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match

The match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor ended 1-1. Referee Zolbay Kuchuk and VAR referee Mete Kalkavan’s performances in a match where Ilfan Khan Kavechi received a red card and Nuwakaeme and Zaik scored each other will be broadcast on beIN Sports 1, Lale Orta and Bülent. Yıldırım and Deniz Çoban interpreted by the referee commentator of the beIN trio program.

The general performance of match referee Zorbay Küçük was interpreted as follows:

Bülent Jurdilim: Young gladiator. Zorbay Küçük, a gladiator on an empty stand during the pandemic, failed to pass the exam on a crowded stand. MHK, who performed a similar task in the first half of the game, was unaware of this feeling and made a similar appointment again. I feel sorry for Zorbay Küçük.

Tulip middle: The performance was as expected. We knew this would happen. He did not pass the exam. This year, Fırat played eight big games in four big games, and Zorbay appeared for the seventh time. Yasar Kemal is the 7th time. This is the 6th time for Genate Chakir. You are not using Cüneyt. When Galatasaray last managed the match on December 4th.

Sea Shepherd: MHK needs to pay close attention. At the same time, Zorbay’s game is confusing and Cüneyt’s game is calm. Assistant referee Deniz Caner Özaral has the experience assigned to these matches. VAR referee Mete Kalkavan managed the Fenerbahce match last week. You make the referee feel different.

Is there a red card on Ilfan Jean Harvech?

Tulip middle: The red card decision is wrong. There is no intentional ruthless press. The ball is in the middle. Siopis glides and Ilfan grows. The ball sliding foot comes to the opponent’s foot. The UEFA training package has one-to-one positions. The UEFA recommendation is to give a yellow card. He sent it to all affiliated federations. It is not called a red card. When it comes to pushing much harder than that. The VAR intervention is also wrong. The position indicated by the VAR has only one angle. This position should be evaluated on all images. It should not be displayed slowly in this position. The need for football is contact.

Sea Shepherd: Wrong decision. Injury and cruelty are essential for red cards. Cleat screw intervention is close to atrocities. It’s no wonder that red cards come to mind. Isn’t it hurt or cruel? Even unintended movements may require a red card. Ilfan Kang has no bad intentions. The intention is good, but there is power transmission so that it turns red when pressed. Ilfan Kang immediately tries to pull his leg. Ilfan Khan’s heels are on the ground. When the heel is on the ground, no force transfer occurs, says the rules of a football game. Shiopis slips in and the contacts are irrelevant. I need a yellow card because Ilfan tried to lift his foot with his heel on the ground and Siopis slipped in. He invited me why VAR was confused. surprised. Mete Kalkavan was the referee for the Konyaspor-Beşiktaş match, pressed by Mpoku as well as Pjanic. He is very interesting. He didn’t show the red card.

Bülent Jurdilim: This decision is wrong. Both players have a chance to play the ball. The opponent slides towards Ilfan. He tries to save the ball with his left foot. Shiopis also has the right to slide and save the ball. Ilfan Kang is trying to save the ball on the outside of his foot. Serious foul positions require malicious intent. There is no malicious intent and there is a movement focused on the ball. That is the logic of things. Shiopis is slipping at risk. Ilfan puts the outside of his leg and is trying to get rid of it. The sole is not displayed. Shiopis slides and compresses, so it cannot be stopped. Irfan is playing soccer. This push comes from the momentum of both players. There are no red elements here. The VAR intervention is also completely wrong. He got into trouble with the referee and the match.