The person who did the right thing for the season, not the game, won.

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Uğur Meleke, Güntekin Onay and Mehmet Arslan evaluated the latest status of the Big Four of the Football Association Board.

Here are 6 questions and answers this week …

“All teams in the Super League need a forward coach, Besiktas is the most …

1) Besiktas, as we all know, has been playing very well for the past few weeks, but has been struggling to make money. How can you explain that you didn’t get so many chances? Where is the “talent” of this? What is missing in Besiktas?

UĞURMELEKE: GORGERS need to do a special job

In soccer, take as many balls as you like, take as many corners and free kicks as you like, and win the duel. After all, only one is written on the sign. Goals … everything else is the ability to score goals. Therefore, in practice, you need to use the scorer to do the most training, the most sensitive training, and show the best care there. I said it many times before: Every team in the Super League needs a “scoring coach”. Besiktas is the most necessary.

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Playing under such pressure does not allow you to enter the position, which is the document of the problem at the time of the finish. Even if his last hit is missing, giving up Batshuay is still wrong. In addition, Ondel Caravelli needs to find a formula that brings Alex Teixeira closer to his opponent’s goal.


Why is Besiktas struggling to score goals, and I can’t find the answer either. In addition, if there are two players on this league, like Larin and Batshuayi. But I have an idea. Being an engineer no longer solves a problem alone. Teams that specialize in details specialize in football and have solutions. If you remember, Liverpool worked with Crown Coach to increase the number of goals scored from throw-ins.

Uğur Me made a similar proposal last week. The striker coach thinks this is the best solution to the goal of infertility. And he thinks he’s the leadership of Gedson Fernandez to play next season.

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Konya and BAŞAKŞEH0054R’s second chance is higher than BEŞוKT AŞ and FENERBAHÇE

2) Trabzonspor, Konyaspor and Basakshehir who entered this week in the top three. He met three Istanbul elders. The game and results are at. What are your expectations for the second place race in the league? Which team do you think is your favorite? What are their strengths and weaknesses?


I really like Konyaspor games. My favorite in 2nd place is Konya. Fenerbahce, on the other hand, is very fragile. Does the confidence they gain in the Trabzon game support them? It’s not easy to say. If new coaches are announced next week, that could be their driving force. Besiktas is also difficult to predict. I think Basakshehir’s chances are higher than Besiktas and Fenerbahce. That’s my guess, but don’t trust me. The outcome of the match cannot be predicted correctly.

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UĞURMELEKE: Besiktas is playing well, but …

We are preparing for the announcement of the earliest championship in recent history. Trabzon’s current only goal is to break new records. And they may break a little more. Interestingly, however, there are multiple candidates for the “Other League Title” race. Konya, Basakshehir, Alaniya, Adanademir, Besiktas and Fenerbahce are all serious candidates. I can divide these teams into the following: Besiktas plays the best football of these six, but there is a goal issue. Konya deserves this place from the beginning of the season. The deepest squad is in Basakshehir. My surprising candidate is Alaniya, who has an innovative engineer.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: Cereal Catch Is Essential

Başakşehir has a large, qualified team, but they don’t have a strong game. Konyaspor is stable and organized. Adana Demirspor has decreased in the last few games. Besiktas, on the other hand, cannot reflect that powerful match in the results. Stability and winning streak will be in favor of 2nd place.

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The person who did the right thing for the season, not the game, won.

Fenerbahce higher than Trabzonspor in staff quality

3) In this week’s most important match, both teams shared points. Trabzon was not injured and Fenerbahce played well, which boosted his morale. How did you find the game in Derby in general?

MEHMET ARSLAN: Fenerbahce can win

In the first match at Trabzon, I said, “Even with 10 players left, Fresh Garden had a chance to win.” The match on Sunday proved that I was right. Fenerbahce is ahead of Trabzonspor in terms of team quality. But if you look at the fields and scoreboards, the opposite is true. The only reason is management skills. Trabzon is more focused on the field. F. Garden is completely out of the field. To referees, TFF, the media, and even his own coach. This season, they are very distressed by the consequences of their approach. That’s why it’s easy to say that this derby wasn’t really a soccer match, but a collection of business philosophies. The one who does the right thing for the season, not the game, wins.

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UĞURMELEKE: He had a tempo worthy of his name

If you ignore the details such as sports fans entering the field and the unpleasant cheers at the stands, you’ve seen a good match. A classic at the right pace for athletes from both teams to play. Fenerbahce was particularly strong in the first half, and Trabzonspor had a clear chance in practical football, but couldn’t take advantage of it. In the Super League, Trabzon has already set up the bar in such a way that it has become a solo, comfortable and unique place. Fenerbahce, on the other hand, has captured the passion and appetite he has long sought. You can build the season on it.

GÜNTEKINONAY: The middle field was very dynamic

With the support of the audience, I liked Fenerbahce’s aggressive and enthusiastic games. Miha Zajc-Miguel Crespo and Yandas midfield created great energy and dynamism. As you can see, I didn’t feel that the dark blue player was playing 11:10. Trabzonspor, on the other hand, played passive soccer against an opponent with one missing player, except for the last 15 minutes, and could not reflect the strength of the team on the field.

Terrible staff designed

4) Galatasaray almost bottomed out in Konya, who played the eighth game under Trent’s control, and received a lot of criticism as a game. Is the reason for the weakness of this table the weakness of the staff or the coach’s decision?

UĞURMELEKE: Terrible engineering

Both … on the other hand, there was terrible staff engineering. Okan Kocak was adopted during the season when domestic players were at stake. Yunus, who shattered the league, was not desired, and Maltan, who can be considered his companion in the same area, was moved to 3.5 million euros. Emre Akbaba could not be used. Baltugu will be lost. There are really limited staff left. But on the other hand, we’re seeing if torrents have made a difference to the team, so we don’t see the benefits. They say we brought in the best set ball coaches in Europe, every corner is a shame in both defense and offense! Especially in defense, they leave three men empty at a time while waiting for the field.

GÜNTEKINONAY: Even searching the balcony

The midfield of Galatasaray is very poor in quality. Pargers were also physically weak, so they couldn’t resist the Konyaspor. Galatasaray does not have a link player in the middle. Sicardau cannot do this job. They are looking for an unpopular balcony.

MEHMET ARSLAN: They can’t manage the crisis

Which player, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor or Fenerbahce, will play in the first 11 games? I don’t play any of them. It’s unfair to blame Torrent with this clear truth in mind. Trents are not fatiterims. Terim is another level of teacher. However, Galatasaray’s management decided to take a different path. He doesn’t want to manage football, which relies on one teacher like his semester. His athletic director and his scouts are trying to establish a business philosophy. Will they succeed with this? difficult. Because they lost the support of the fans. They failed to demonstrate their ability to manage term crises. It is also difficult to make the right decisions and follow these decisions in this pressured environment.

The person who did the right thing for the season, not the game, won.

Why does the referee manage the match against the Derby on Sunday night?

5) It was highly criticized that the 29-year-old young referee Zorbay Küçük was appointed to the Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match at midnight. How would you rate this appointment and referee management?

UĞURMELEKE: Small, he can’t leave the pressure

I’m trying, but I can’t find the answer to the following question. Why is the referee who managed the 120-minute match on Thursday night given to Derby on Sunday? Shouldn’t the derby referee already be decided long before Thursday? If it’s clear that Zorbay Küçük will lead the derby, why assigned him a role in the cup? If Küçük was a last-minute decision, what was the reason? Who was your first mission and why did you need to change? I don’t think Küçük could get rid of this pressure. Evidence of this is that Mart put his shoulders to sleep after a monitor examination.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: The decision on the red card was heavy

It cannot be said that Zorbay Küçük managed the difficult Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor game badly. He evaluated the controversial position of Ilfan Jean Carvech, who received the red card, in VAR. The photo is a bright red card, but I don’t think Zorbay Küçük captures the early and development stages of the position well. Overall, red looks heavy. The good intentions of the player also prevented the confusion that could occur in the match.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Whatever the reason is explained

In a football climate that is exposed to speculation, it is impossible to understand. It’s like “This is a new topic for you. We’ll talk about this for a week, as if we were talking about MHK. It’s clear that national football needs transparency. (Clubs need to be transparent anyway. Demand this transparency from people) If you make such an important decision in such an important match, you need to share the reason with the general public.

The person who did the right thing for the season, not the game, won.

Additional QUOTA must be open for Russia and Ukraine

6) FIFA’s permission to transfer foreign players playing in Russia and Ukraine has given our club a chance. At this point, to what position does the Big 3 need to be urgently transferred?

UĞURMELEKE: Special permission required

First of all, we found comfort for innocent athletes in Ukraine-Russia. Even in the 21st century, it is sad that the people are still suffering from the ambitions of those in power. As a league that is geographically and economically close to Ukraine, we can of course take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s call it TFF from here. Can the club be given special +1 or +2 foreign rights to Ukrainian and Russian league players? Can clubs with foreign quotas be given special permission for these transfers? Just brain movement …

GÜNTEKIN Approval: BEŞ0054KTAŞ Not Required

Fenerbahce needs a clear striker and even a close winger. I don’t think Besiktas needs to be transferred with this number of foreigners and staff at this stage.

MEHMET ARSLAN: F.BAHÇE needs to reach its goal

It is very difficult to answer this question in 3-4 lines. Let me answer immediately about Galatasaray. The connection between the coach, the soccer team and the fans has been broken. They need to come up with a solution before transferring. In the midfield, you need a player with the effect of Gedson Fernandez. The main problem with Fenerbahce is the striker. After 3.5 years, unfortunately they couldn’t find the scorer Fenerbahce. The transfer of a new striker is a must for the new season. On the other hand, with the addition of Gedson Fernandez to the team, I think Besiktas’ face will change completely.