The penalty requested for Kang Gok Tugu Boz, who killed Bashak Chengis with a samurai sword, has been announced-just before Turkey News

While walking down the road, 28-year-old architect Bashak Chengis was killed by Kang Gok Tugu Boz with a samurai sword in Istanbul Atashehir.

Can Göktuğ Boz released his opinion in the event of a trial, and the public prosecutor’s office demanded that the defendant be sentenced to life imprisonment and imprisonment for up to six years.

Can Göktuğ Boz attended a second hearing at the Anatolian Fourth Higher Criminal Court with an audio and visual information system (SEGB0054S) from prison. Başak Cengiz’s parents, relatives, fiancée, and lawyers of the parties also attended the hearing.

Some lawyers, who spoke on behalf of the AK Party Istanbul Women’s Branch Presidency, also requested participation in the proceedings.

The delegation, which made a tentative decision on the request for participation, rejected the request, stating that those directly victimized by the crime may have the right to participate in relevant law.

At the hearing, the public prosecutor’s office announced its opinion after reading the report from the Forensic Institute.

In his opinion, accused Can Göktuğ Boz had never known the deceased Başak Cengiz, and accused was followed by unprotected Cengiz alone.

Attack in a battle of 12 swords

Defendants said they had seen victims walk through the streets to further unprotectedly capture Bashak Chengis and attack him from behind, explaining that he rushed to Sengiz, who was chasing him. Was done. In a short time.

In his opinion, the defendant held the sword in both hands and stabbed Sengiz, the victims showed resistance, and the defendant was recorded to have continued to attack with twelve sword strikes. Deadly for 29 seconds without hesitation.

At the hearing, when a person who heard the victim’s “help” sound approached, the defendant raised his sword in the air and said, “I will also stab you, stay away.”

28-year-old Basak Cengiz was killed while walking on the road.

In the prosecution’s view, defendant Can GöktuğBoz was sentenced to life imprisonment for “killing by intentional design with enormous sensation or pain,” “gun threatening,” and “purchasing, carrying, or possessing.” .. Firearms, knives and other tools. ” He was required to be sentenced to six months to one year in prison.

CENGIZ’s mother failed

In opinion, Sengiz’s mother and some of her relatives who were in court while the moments associated with the killing of Bashak Sengis were reported were found to be crying and ill.

The court president took Cengiz’s mother out of the hall to calm her down. Ann Sengis returned to court after a while.

Göktuğ Boz, promised after reading the opinion, can say, “I have nothing to say, I just regret it.” He said.

Defendant’s lawyer also requested time to prepare a defense against his opinion on the proposal.

The court, which ruled that the defendant’s detention should continue, postponed the hearing.

“The lawyer’s efforts are useless.”

Prior to the hearing, the Cengiz family issued a press statement. Talking to Boz’s lawyer in her statement, her mother, Bayhan al Qisab, demanded that she receive the heaviest sentence.

Beyhan Cengiz said, “Today is Başak Cengiz’s second hearing.

Başak Cengiz's mother issued a press release prior to the second hearing.
Başak Cengiz’s mother issued a press release prior to the second hearing.

Ann Senghis called Kang Gok Tugu Boz’s lawyer, “The world knows you are looking for money and fame. Your efforts are in vain. In this case, the fraudsters do so. I want to be punished. Justice must be done. Right. “

“I saw him in mental health.”

Her fiancé Mahir Muslac, who was preparing to marry Bashak Chengis, did not leave her family alone at the hearing.

“He was innocently killed. I saw with my own eyes that he was sane. Every time we came here, the wounds reopened and experienced the same thing, the same thing. We are completely confident in justice. “

“It was understood that his spiritual balance was in place.”

Mustafa Tırtır, a lawyer for the Cengiz family, said there were reports that the accused was mentally stable and wanted him to be sentenced to the heaviest sentence.

Attorney Tırtır recalled that the accused was reported to be in good mental health, “it is understood that the accused is in good mental health and has criminal abilities. What we need to do here is that the case needs to be resolved as follows. We expect the prosecution to explain his opinion. His family and our lawyer’s colleagues. Neither can tolerate further extension of the case. “

Event history

On November 9, 2021, Bashak Chengis, who was walking in front of a location in the Barbaros district, was attacked with a sword by Kang Gok Tugu Boz, who was sitting there. Cengiz, who was seriously injured in various parts of his body, could not be saved despite intervening in the hospital where he was taken.

In an indictment filed by the Anatolian Public Prosecutor’s Office, defendant Kang Gok Tugu Boz was sentenced to life imprisonment for two to five years of “intentional killing by a huge sensory or painful design” to “threate with a gun.” Was sentenced. He buys, carries, and possesses firearms, knives, and other tools. ” He is sentenced to six months to one year in prison for “”.

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