The opposition says, “If you win the election, you will send refugees to the country.”


President and Chairman of AKP Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “The opposition says,’If we win the election, we will send refugees into the country.’ We don’t.” Said.

Prime Minister Erdogan spoke at the “International Kindness Awards” program at the Bestepe Millet Congress and Cultural Center.

Erdogan, “We thank the Turkish Diyanet Foundation for contributing to the training of our youth to guarantee our future. We have just heard stories of warming kindness from both our country and different parts of the world. In particular, what we have experienced during the coronavirus epidemic shows good implications for all humankind. We also saw some distortion of the global system during this epidemic. We have also seen people in the world’s most developed countries who do not have access to basic medical services. Responding to the needs of our citizens in a severe epidemic situation, we did not turn our backs on the world as we did in the West. We have provided medical device support to the 160 countries required by Turkey. We are gradually providing 15 million doses of vaccine to our African brothers and sisters. Just as respect and loyalty to good are as important as dignity to evil. ” Said.

Erdogan used the following statement:

“I am delighted to meet again with my brothers, who I consider to be global benefactors. I would like to thank the Turkish Religious Foundation for bringing our hearts together.

Congratulate our Foundation for contributing to the training of our youth to guarantee our future. There are 27 educational institutions in 12 sister countries. The good campaign, which started with the slogan that good changes the world, will become stronger and stronger.


Just as respect and loyalty to good are important, so is dignity to evil. For 40 years, members of the Separatist organization have only destroyed, destroyed, and transformed the lives of Kurdish brothers into dungeons with oppression and violence.

The masterminds of the terrorist organization accused the innocent Kurdish children of being ignorant and educated their own children in Europe. Diyarbakir’s mother said it was enough for this hypocrisy. The cry of Diyarbakir’s mothers, “We want to get our children back,” is one of the biggest blows to the expansion of terrorism and separatist organizations.

“Diyarbakır’s mother also removed the mask of a smuggler who looked like a politician.”

Diyarbakir’s mother not only broke the wall of horror, but also removed the mask of a smuggler who looked like a politician. I am calling to the west. If the terrorists were watching, you wouldn’t leave Diyarbakir. When I reversed it, there was no sound.

Send Kılıç daroğlu’na: They invited their mother to the hotel where they stayed, they didn’t go to their feet, they couldn’t go

He also went to Diyarbakir and saw a draft of a politician who was afraid to knock on his mother’s door because he was afraid of his alliance partner and threatened his brave mother. They invited them to the hotel where they were staying, they didn’t go to their feet, they couldn’t.

This year we present our second Loyalty Award to Diyarbakır’s brave mother. They are trying to save the children from the bondage of horror with the vigilance they have begun. Once again, I greet Diyarbakır’s mother in honor. With the patience, wisdom and prayer of her mother, I hope to save the country from the tragedy of terrorism.

In the modern world, people are becoming more and more lonely, withdrawn and marginalized from nature. Technological tools that make our lives easier, the fakes and virtual well-being they provide, separate people from real life.

“The opposition says,’If we win the election, we will send refugees into the country.’ We don’t.”

Meanwhile, they came from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria yesterday. Today they are from Ukraine. We continue to be a haven for oppressed people. “If we win the election, we will send refugees to the country,” the opposition said. We will not ship. We know what Ansar is.

We open our hearts, God’s help has always been near us. We are always strong with that help. The conquest was brought about by the grace of my Lord, and thanks to it, Turkey has overcome many difficulties. As Turkey, we are in the country with young people from all over the They are educated and at this point with the help of our Turkish Religious Foundation, they both learn Turkish and acquire the knowledge learned in countries like Turkey. Is there anything better than this?

What does the guy say, “We send it” … this is our difference. Because our values ​​demand it. Despite all the calamities that have fallen upon us, we believe that we owe this sensitivity to our ability to stand tall and walk toward our goals.

God is pleased to attend the opening of the world’s number one bridge in Canakkale on Friday afternoon.

I experienced the victory of Canakkale there. For the entire world of the Crusaders. Lambs, lambs gave the struggle. College lambs fought this struggle against the entire world of Canakkale’s Crusades. That’s how they won at the time. Now we have built the world’s best bridge, € 2.5 billion, there. I hope to open this bridge on Friday.

We connect Asia and Europe. The day before the sea was rough, the ferry wasn’t moving. Could not migrate. But now we have the opportunity to cross from one side to the other in 6 minutes. This sets us an example for the world. “