The opening of Konya’s “Olympic Pool” was attended by Minister of Youth Sports Casapol.


Minister of Youth Sports Mehmet Muharlem Casapol attended the opening of the “Olympic Pool”, which was completed within the scope of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Convention.

Minister Casapol expressed his delight in seeing the excitement of the youth and said that the investment in youth and sports was very accurate and this reappeared.

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that as a government, they always support young people in their work, services and production.

Mr. Casapol has announced that more than 3.5 million citizens have learned to swim within the scope of the “Project where no one can swim” and was launched nationwide as the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Konya was the one who showed the greatest interest in this project. I couldn’t answer this concern. “Which sport do you want to play regularly if you have the opportunity?” The most common answer to the question was “swimming.” Our main duty is to serve the country. We consider the country’s aspirations and demands as commands and route accordingly. We have proposed mobilization to increase these opportunities. .. ” He said.

Hoping that the swimming pool would be beneficial, Casapol said, “Here we grow new stars for Turkey. Here we grow new athletes who raise our crescent-shaped star flag. And from here we grow. Raise a prominent young man full of heart. The love and courage of this country to sing our national anthem to the whole world. “

Minister Kasapoğlu said that he would open an athletics field in Konya, with new openings within the scope of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Tournament, adding that Turkey’s first Olympic bicycle race track was completed.


Kasapoğlu stated that the Olympic pool could accommodate 1000 spectators and explained that it was built in a highly equipped structure with 14 rooms by international standards.

Minister Casapol said that at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Tournament, about 230 athletes from 36 countries will participate in swimming and 9 countries will participate in the Paralympics.

“We have broken new ground in loans.”

Recalling that the dormitories belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution offer free accommodation for young people aged 18-25 who want to travel throughout Turkey during the summer vacation, Kasapoğlu said:

“Also, as you know, loan debt regulation has, as always, taken a new dimension with the president’s youth-oriented approach. Just as we have scholarships, loans in this country, and dormitories in this country. No country can compete with the strongest systems as presented at the next level. We are student-oriented and youth-oriented. In a sense, if you advance your understanding of services, credit infrastructure, scholarship infrastructure If you build your dorm infrastructure as follows, it will reach millions of young people. Today, with the same understanding, mission and spirit that we have served for 20 years, we are opening up a new era of credit. This is a new product in a service-oriented policy that is a young friend of Erdogan and the President. “

Minister Casapol emphasized that there are people who want to move their business in another direction with disinformation and awareness.

Expressing that the country is well aware of who is doing what and who is against what, Casapoul continued:

“We continue to produce this understanding, service-oriented approach, youth-oriented understanding, and internal politics with our country, without stopping, without getting tired, and without worrying about it. I emphasize this once again. We neither satisfy nor forgive our hearts that waste even one of our youth. “

Mr. Casapol emphasized that there are 19 days left until the 5th Islamic Solidarity Convention, and said preparations are ongoing.

Kasapoğlu stated that Konya has a very good working relationship, “As always, Konya has its unified spirit, spiritual atmosphere and climate. I am the people of Konya, especially. A big thank you to our people. The mayor of the metropolitan area, their team, our family of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their efforts in this regard, and my dear colleague. He said.

Governor Konya Vahdettin Özkan, AK Party Vice-Chair LeylaŞahin Usta, AK Party Konya Vice-Chair Selman Özboyacı, Orhan Erdem, Hacı Ahmet Özdemir, Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur וbrahim Altay and athletes attended the opening.

After the speech, participants cut the ribbon and opened the Olympic pool.

Minister Kasapoğlu and his aides later visited the pool complex.

Later, Minister Casapoul and his aides moved to the Aladinky Kubat Campus of the University of Serchuk. Minister Casapol also launched the “Game Village” here.

Casapoul, who conducted a survey at Game Village, chatted with the players.

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