The number of Ukrainians coming to Turkey has exceeded 20,000

Interior Minister Sureyman Soil attended the extraordinary general meeting of the 2nd Capital Trabzon Federation held at the Yunus Emre Cultural Center.

Soil evaluated the proceedings in his speech here.

Soil said wars were taking place in front of the world on the other coasts of the Black Sea, noting the existence of countries to support terrorism and its consequent events.

“Dividing the world into two”

Paying attention to the fact that colonial understanding has evolved into new regions around the world. Noble, “They divided the world into east and west. They regarded the east as an area to be exploited. Now the bottom of the east is rich, the top of the west is rich, the top of the east is poor, the west. Below is poor. Every effort was made to maintain the world order they established. We are faced with pictures that reveal all kinds of understanding and all kinds of processes. They are the world. No one inside wants to oppose this. “ He said.

Süleyman Soylu: The number of Ukrainians coming to Turkey has exceeded 20,000 Video

“The number of Ukrainians coming to Turkey has exceeded 20,000.”

Comparison of European and American wagons NobleHe said Europe is not capable of taking a step on its own. “They want Turkey to stand up and, in a nutshell, awaken the geography around it and not oppose fraud.” Use an expression Noble,continuation:

“People who have left us next to terrorism and millions of illegal immigrants over the years are now moving. There are more than 1.5 million outflows. As of today, Turkey from a third country. The number of Ukrainians coming to is over 20,000. There is a place in our heads. People who come as tourists. “We show the highest level of hospitality. We are blonde. We do not distinguish by people with hair, blue eyes, green eyes, that is, race. We are Muslims. We take care of victims anywhere in the world. “

NobleHe said they have relationships with all parts of the world, not countries that have surrendered to Europe or the United States, and benefit from this during times of crisis.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Turkey advocated another policy, angry and explained that it did not trust the world’s top institutions and organizations. NobleHe said terrorist organizations were not allowed to breathe.

Süleyman Soylu: The number of Ukrainians coming to Turkey has exceeded 20,000 # 2

“Turkey’s missing is not a problem”

Minister of Interior NobleHe said there are people who provoke people on social media and try to put it into the market because of food shortages.

He said he would identify those who were trying to disturb the public order. Noble, “We do some political manipulation through social media and do what is needed for those who drive the country to market by saying,’This is the end, this is the end’. .. Turkey has no drawbacks to these issues. “” Said.

Süleyman Soylu: The number of Ukrainians coming to Turkey has exceeded 20,000 # 3

“There is a lot to do”

The world is facing a difficult time, saying NobleHe said it was Turkey’s responsibility to ensure peace and security in the region from Iraq to Syria.

NobleContinued his words as follows:

“From Yemen to Libya, if you were watching them, you wouldn’t have been able to sniff into the eastern Mediterranean, but you couldn’t even think about it. If you were watching what they said, We were with the children today to ensure peace and tranquility in Libya. If we were watching them, we couldn’t turn closed Barosha into an open marash in Cyprus. Let’s reach the sea and ensure that the second century of the Republic of Turkey overcomes the constant anxiety. He cried. This country did it voluntarily. What to do for him We have a lot.”

Emphasizing overcoming problems by understanding Turkey’s character, infrastructure and wealth, NobleHe emphasized that Turkey will build its own cars and planes.

Point out that there are people who do not want Turkey to be strong, big, prosperous and independent. NobleHe added that the new generation will dominate the stronger and bigger Turkey.