The number of coronavirus cases in China reached a record high, with millions of people quarantined.

The number of cases in China is increasing at record levels!

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Jilin Province is one of the places with the highest number of cases in China these days.

One of the most widespread curfew since the start of the pandemic has been imposed as the number of cases of coronavirus surged to record highs in China. Domestic multinationals have also suspended some businesses.

The number of cases of coronavirus in China exceeds 5,000. Most of the cases occurred in Jilin Province in the northeastern part of the country.

Moreover, the entire Jilin Province, which is home to 24 million people, has been quarantined.

This is the first time that a Chinese state has been completely quarantined since the blockade restrictions were imposed on Wuhan and Hebei at the beginning of the pandemic.

Residents of Jilin are forbidden to go elsewhere. Anyone who wants to leave the state needs police permission.

Quarantine began in Langfang, near the capital Beijing, and Dongguan, in the southern part of Guangdong Province, and took effect immediately.

In many places, including Technology Center Shenzhen, millions of people are again facing curfew.

12.5 million people living in cities in the south of Shenzhen were also quarantined for five days. There are no buses or subways in the city.

The work of international companies will be interrupted

Chinese authorities are demanding that some companies work from home if they are not working in a critical area.

Some companies, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and Apple’s supplier Foxconn, had to shut down some businesses due to quarantine.

Foxconn, which manufactures iPhone phones for Apple, has announced that it will suspend operations in Shenzhen “until the day when the local government re-authorizes it.”

Foxconn, which has production centers in several different regions of China, said in a statement to the BBC that it is trying to minimize the impact of quarantine.

Foxconn’s manufacturing center in Zhengzhou is the largest iPhone factory in the world. Zhengzhou has not been quarantined, so the factory is still in operation.

Toyota, a Japanese car company that closed its factory in Changchun, Jilin, did not provide information on when the factory would open.

German car company Volkswagen has also shut down in Changchun.

Observers believe that, after all, companies can deal with glitches. “There was such a closure before, but it has resumed everywhere when the number of Covids has been curtailed,” Yeang Cheng Ling, an investment adviser to DBS Bank in Singapore, told the BBC.

Grace Chen of UBS, a multinational investment bank, also said Shenzhen is not a big production base for suppliers and would be worried that Shanghai and its surroundings would be subject to quarantine.

BBC Shanghai correspondent Robin Brandt says China has taken comprehensive steps as if it had returned to the first day of the pandemic.

Zero Corona policy

The goal is to maintain a “zero corona” policy.

However, the emergence of Omicron variants has had a major impact on China’s efforts to contain the pandemic.

Since the beginning of this year, more cases have spread in China than in 2021 as a whole.

China’s renowned epidemic disease expert Zhang Venhong has experienced “the most difficult time of the last two years of the fight against Covid-19” in a widely shared article on social media. , States that it is still in its infancy. The stage of increasing cases.

The latest situation in China coincided with the time when Covid’s measures began to be lifted around the world.

Finally, an increase in cases was reported in the UK, and the latest figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics show that 1 in 25 people in the UK are infected.