The next few days are important for Kyiv! They gave time and warned …

Military experts claim that Russia has fixed a technical flaw in the convoy sent to occupy Kyiv, and that invading troops could arrive in Kyiv in a few days. Analysts point out that the next few days are important for Kyiv, but U.S. intelligence is likely to escalate the conflict without worrying about the number of civilians killed by Putin. Suggests.

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A huge convoy sent from Russia to occupy Kyiv was stuck on the northwest road due to technical failure and retreat, and the vehicle stopped traveling for a while. However, some military analysts believe that Moscow is gradually overcoming logistical problems and that the attack on Kyiv could begin in a few days.

This is how the 65km convoy sent from Russia to Kyiv was seen by satellite.

They reach between 24-96 hours

Washington-based think tank “Institute for the Study of War” He announced that Russian troops are concentrated in the eastern, northwestern and western suburbs of Kyiv and will attack the capital within 24-96 hours. Think tanks consider how effectively the outcome of an expected attack is determined by the Russian army. “Become able to supply, reorganize, and plan” Said it depends.

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The next few days are important for Kyiv

The next few days may be important for Kyiv, one of the most effectively protected cities since the beginning of the war. War expert Nick Reynolds said he believes Russian troops can send at least some of the invading troops to Kyiv, even if they cannot solve logistical problems.Reynolds“The point here is whether the confused and drowned Russian troops will be in good condition to complete the siege of Kyiv,” he said. Said.

War that Putin can’t dare to lose without fear of civil loss

Meanwhile, US intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conflict in Ukraine’A war he can’t afford to lose “ Therefore, he argues that it is likely to escalate the conflict without worrying about the number of civilians killed.

Very low risk of waiting due to mistakes

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress that Putin is unlikely to withdraw due to the setbacks Russian troops faced in Ukraine, and Russia has doubled its campaign to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. Said.

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The explanation is a sign

Haynes, after Putin announced last week that it had stepped up its nuclear readiness “Really rare” He said it was a text message, not an imminent threat to the United States.

Haynes, “I think Putin is showing that NATO is trying to prevent NATO from being involved in the Ukrainian conflict. That was the main purpose of the statement. Putin is probably Russia’s military defeat of Ukraine. I’m sure he can. He’s trying to prevent Western support, because he’s out of balance and NATO rushes into conflict. “ Said.

Putin’s personal ambition

CIA Secretary William Burns said Putin launched the invasion on the assumption that Ukraine was weak, European allies hated risk, and the conflict would succeed.Burns told the committee“Putin has proved the economy against sanctions. He believes his army can achieve a quick and decisive victory at minimal cost. It is a matter of deep personal belief for him. I’ve been burning this ambition for years, “he said. Said.

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