The national football team has three out of three goals!

The National Football Team will face Luxembourg tomorrow in the third match of the UEFA Nations C League First Group.

The battle at the Luxembourg Stadium in the capital, Luxembourg, begins at 21:45 CEST. The battle will be broadcast live on TRT1.

In the match, the Portuguese Football Federation referee Antonio Emmanuel Carvalho Noble will blow the whistle. Noble’s assistants are Paul Soares and Pedro Ribeiro from the same country. The fourth referee in the match will be Helder Marheiro.

No player was injured or stopped in the Crescent and Star teams prior to this battle.

With the Faroe Islands 4-0 in the first match of the group and Lithuania 6-0 in the second match, the national team leads 6 points in front of Luxembourg.

In other matches of the group, Lithuania will host the Faroe Islands.

9 games with Stefan Kuntz

Turkey will play its ninth match against Lithuania under the direction of German coach Stefan Kuntz.

The national team experienced 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in eight games against Kuntz, but the opponent’s net was aired 24 times, scoring 9 goals in his castle.

The Crescent and Star team, who drew 1-1 with Norway in the first match under Kuntz’s control, beat Latvia 2-1 in the second match and Gibraltar 6-0 in the third match. Won. In the fourth match between 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Group G and Stefan Kuntz, the national team defeated Montenegro 2-1 in the playoff semi-finals.

The Crescent and Star teams lost their chance to participate in the World Cup and lost to Portugal 3-1 in the playoff semifinals. The Nationals lost 3-2 to Italy in a friendly match in Konya.

The national team defeated Istanbul’s Faroe Islands 4-0 in the first match of the UEFA Nations C League, played under the control of a German coach, and defeated Lithuania 6-0 in the second match.

5th game in 2022

The Nationals will play their fifth match in the Battle of Luxembourg in 2022. The Crescent and Star team scored 13 goals and 6 goals in four games this year.

The national team lost to Portugal 3-1 in the first match of the year. The only goal of the national team came from Burak Yılmaz.

In the second match of the year, the Crescent and Star teams faced Italy in a friendly match, losing 3-2 to their opponents. Cengiz Ünder and Serdal Dursan scored the national team’s goal in this match.

In the third match of the year, the national team defeated the Faroe Islands 4-0 with goals from Cengiz Ünder, Halil Del Bisoul, Serdal Dursan and Merih Demiral. In the fourth match, the Nationals defeated Lithuania 6-0 with goals from Dogukhan Shinik (2), Serdal Dursun (2), Yunus Akgun and Haril Delvisoul.

The Crescent and Star teams experienced eight wins, four draws and four losses in 16 games last year, but scored 32 goals in these games and couldn’t prevent 25 goals in the castle.

Candidate team

Candidate teams for the A national team include the following names:

Goalkeepers: Altay Bayındır (Fenerbahce), Doğan Alemdar (Rennes), Uglucan Chakul (Trabzonspor)

Defense: Mert Müldür, Kaan Ayhan (Sassuolo), Zeki Cherik (Lille), Senk Ozkasar (OH Ruben), Chara Soyunk (Leicester City), Merih Demiral (Atalanta), Ozan Kabak (Nowitch)・ City), Ellen Elmal (Kasmpasha) Ferdi Kadıoğlu (Fenerbahçe), Rıdvan Yılmaz (Besiktas)

After midfielder: Cengiz Ünder (Olympique de Marseille), Yunus Akgün (Adana Demirspor), Berkan Kutlu, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Hallil Dervişoğlu (Galatasaray), Dorukhan Toköz (Trabzonspor), Hakan Çalhanoğlu (Inter) Enes Unal (Getafe), Selder Dursun (Fenerbache), Tiago Chukul (Watford).

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