The murderer’s decision to kill his sister’s wife in Izmir has been revealed

The murderer who killed his brother-in-law was sentenced to life imprisonment on the morning of the night he married his sister.

After a wedding on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 07:00 on 1143 Street in Guny Maharesi in the Tepechik district of Izmir’s Konak district, the bride SG is her father’s home, the groom Tugay Keser (24). With my friend Ahmet G. He went to the flat where he and his wife lived.

Nekati Gulen, the brother of the bride SG, came to Kezah’s house around 07:00.

11 hand fire

Necati Gülen, who came home with his friend Gökçe Karaçay, said they were being chased by the police, and the groom Keser threw the Gülen key from the balcony.

When Gökçe Karaçay and Necati Gülen entered the house, Gülen pointed his gun at Keser and fired 11 ammunition, and Gülen and Karaçay escaped from the scene.

Neighbor hears a shot

Kezah, who was shot in the head and chest, fell to the ground with blood. Health and police teams were sent to the scene with notifications of neighbors who heard the shooting.

Tugay Keser was determined to have died under the control of health authorities.

ViDEO reveals murderer’s decision to kill his sister’s wife in Izmir

Relatives have a nervous crisis

Police, who began work after the incident, quickly caught Gulen and Karasai with a criminal weapon pistol.

Kezah’s relatives who came to the scene after hearing the news were debilitated.

Tugay Keser’s corpse was taken to the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Institute for autopsy after being examined by a prosecutor.

The murderer who killed his sister's wife in Izmir has been sentenced # 1


After autopsy, Kether’s body was accepted and buried by his relatives.

Necati Gülen and Gökçe Karaçay were arrested in the transferred courthouse.

“I will not help you with my brother”

Tugay Keser’s mother, Canan Arakum, and other family members, in a statement to the police, Necati Gülen did not approve Keser’s marriage to his brother and had repeatedly quarreled with Keser using various excuses. Said. “I won’t help my brother” He said.

Their images are having fun around

Meanwhile, the image of a henna night and a young couple’s wedding emerged.

The images show that the groom, Tugay Keser, is always laughing, enjoying the atmosphere of the game and dancing with his relatives.

The footage also showed Kether enjoying the murder suspect Gulen with his arms around each other’s shoulders.

The murderer who killed his sister's wife in Izmir is confirmed # 2

Deterioration of life imprisonment was required

The Izmir Public Prosecutor’s Office, which began an investigation after the incident, filed an indictment on July 24, 2019.

The indictment was accepted against Necati Gulen by the 11th Higher Criminal Court in Izmir. “Negligent homicide” Life imprisonment worsened due to crime and Gökçe Karaçay “Support for murder by design” He was charged with up to 20 years in prison for the crime.

“I was assigned by God”

Nekati Gulen, who was defended at the hearing of the previous case, regretted it and said he did not understand how the case happened and was accused by Allah. “Mahdi” He said he was appointed as

Gülen considers Tugay Kezel to be a demon, and said Kezel is always dealing with him in his dreams. “I never thought the state would hold me accountable for this case. As I said at the beginning, I consider myself a Mahdi.” Said.

Punishment for the murderer who killed his sister's wife in Izmir announced # 3

“The gun fired in the air at the wedding with me.”

Before the wedding, Kether was with them, saying he couldn’t sleep because he was at home, and Gulen said they were arguing, and said:

“I shot in the air with a gun at the wedding, but I didn’t shoot at the wedding or fight anyone at the wedding. We even played with Tugay. Gökçe Karaçay was my Becoming friends, deaf, silent, usually standing by me. I told him to come with me, then I went to the house where Tugay was and belled Ringed, he was drunk.

“I lost myself”

He looked out the window. I said to him, “There is a policeman behind us, please open the door.” He threw the key out of the window and I opened the door. I entered the house with Karaçay. Ahmet G. Was there too. There was a dispute between us and Tugay. After I said to him, “Let’s talk,” such an incident happened and I lost myself. I fired one after another. Then we fled to another place with Karasai. “

Mental health is in place

After Necati Gülen’s remarks, the court’s board sought a medical report from a forensic institution as to whether he was mentally healthy.

A forensic examination conducted by the Forensic Institute determined that Gulen was mentally healthy and had full criminal potential.

The murderer's decision to kill his sister's wife in Izmir has been announced # 4

“I didn’t help”

Gökçe Karaçay, who was with Gulen at the time of the incident, said he did not help the incident and did not accept the accusations imposed on him. “Nekati is my friend. I went home with him on the day of the incident, but I didn’t want to go inside. Nekati hit me and went inside. At that moment, he pulled out his gun and fired. I was scared and leaned aside and left the scene. “ Said.

Deterioration of life imprisonment

At the final hearing of the case, a delegation from the 11th Higher Criminal Court of Izmir announced the decision.

About Necatiglen “Negligent homicide” He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime, but the commutation provisions did not apply.

Gökçe Karaçay “Support for murder by design” He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime.

“There is a young soul killed in the middle.”

Meanwhile, Metin Inan, a lawyer for Canaan Arakum, the mother of the deceased Tugay Kezah, said Gulen acted to mislead the court through the trial. “At first he tried to make him believe he was mentally ill, but the truth was revealed. He appeals the ruling given to the other defendants. There is a young soul killed in the middle. I don’t think this is equivalent to 15 years. ” Said.