The murder of Drusung Zehil, who went missing in Muguet Anle, was resolved and her grandson confessed.

Police teams left their daughter Fat Mabekar’s house in the Pazar district in Rize on October 6, last year, and took action in response to a confessor’s allegation about Darsonzehill, who was never contacted. In an investigation initiated after Zehir’s alleged murder, the suspect’s grandchildren Kerim Bekar and YasinŞanal, EG, and SY were detained by police.

Confessed Murder: I was killed for 5,000 lira

YasinŞanal confessed to the murder he had committed while the four suspects who had completed the cross-examination were transferred to court. The murder suspect YasinŞanal said he was instigated by Kerim Bekar, the grandson of Dusun Zehir, and said he had killed Zehir 5,000 lira in his pocket.

Other suspects denied the allegations

The taxi driver Serkan Yoğurtçu mentioned in the case has nothing to do with the case and only helped Kelim Bekar on another issue where he wanted to take a loan so he could bet on a virtual website. Defendant Enes G was unaware of the case, but he told Darson Zehill to his friend Yasin, saying that Shanal might have killed him.

The poisonous body has not reached yet

Taxi driver Serkan Yoğurtçu, who was transferred to the Pazar County Courthouse after proceedings at the police station, was released by the court on duty, but Enes G. was released awaiting trial under judicial control. YasinŞanal, who confessed to killing Dursun Zehir, and Kerim Bekar, Zehir’s grandson, were also arrested and sent to prison. Meanwhile, the bodies of Dursung Zehill, who is searching for corpse dogs on beach construction machinery, sea police divers, and breakwaters, have not yet been found.

Horrible confession in the murder of the lost Dursun Zehir: I killed my grandfather with 5000 lira and chopped him with a saw

“KERוMSAIDTOME,” My grandfather has money, let’s split it. “

Kerim, grandson of Dursun Zehir, asked him to kill his grandfather and said he would put money in his pocket, said 24-year-old YasinŞanal, “I saw Kerim Bekar at an internet cafe on 04.10.2021. He came in the morning when I was smoking outside. He owes me a lot of debt. He said, “I asked my family for money, but they gave me money. He didn’t give me. ” He didn’t give him, he asked my dad for 50 TL. My dad didn’t give it, but he ordered food. Again, in front of the internet cafe, he said. “His grandfather said,” What do you do? He said he asked for this money. ” He said, “I said I’m borrowing it, I’ll pay it.” At an internet cafe there, his grandfather has money, so share it. We talked about these issues on the beach on Sunday. The next day, I went to Naci Atabey Park for a ceremony to meet Dusun Zehir. Kerim told me: Dursun Zehir will come here, he said, “My grandfather has money, take it and split it.”

“Take money and lift your grandfather. Do not leave evidence.”

He said, “Take money, take my grandfather away, and leave no evidence.” That’s why when I met Dursun Zehir, Kerim asked Dursun Zehir, “Are you uncle?” I asked. He said to me, “Does Kelim owe you money?” I said, “Yes, he owe me. If I remember correctly, I said about 200 TL, but my main goal was to get 5000 TL on it. Kerim told me that Dusun Zehir has 5000 TL for him.

I hit my head with a stone and trampled with a saw

Shanal explained how he killed Dulsun Zehil, “Come to Uncle Dulsun and take a walk with me. I grabbed his arm and walked towards the lighthouse with me. He didn’t say, “Why did you come here?” Upon arriving at his place, he hit Darson Zehill’s head with a stone from it, lost consciousness, and pulled him towards a well with a lighthouse. He left there again and went to the airport construction site. After working to get a saw, I went to where Dusun Zehir was. I took off my clothes first. Only his pants remained. Then I took off Dusun Zehir’s jacket, put a 5000TL in my left front pocket and called from his right pocket. Then I cut off his left foot on his lap, first holding his pants in his hand. Then I cut off his right foot on my lap. “I cut off his right arm under his shoulder. I also cut off his left shoulder under his shoulder. I didn’t separate his pants and head.”

Horrible confession in the killing of the lost Dusun Zehir: I killed my grandfather with 5000 lira and broke my body with a saw


Darson Zehill’s grandson Kelim said he put a trash bag in a bush in the park two days before the incident and threw the corpse in the trash bag into the sea. A bag left under the bush in the park. “I put the corpses in the form of five bags and threw them one by one with stones without ropes into the sea. I slowly put the bags on the bottom of the sea. I saw it sink for about 5-6 minutes. “

They share 5,000 lira with Kerim

“After the incident, I went home, took a bath, went to the lighthouse and put on Darson Zehill’s jacket,” added that Darson Zehill gave half of the money he took from his pocket and phone to his grandson Kelim. I got it again. When I received the jacket, I met Kerim and said he gave Kerim 2,500 TL money for his cell phone and jacket. Kerim told me, “What did you do, leave evidence? Was it? ” When I asked him, I told him everything that happened and we left. “

“I was safe and hallucinating.”

Shanal also said that the reason the body of Drusun Zehil he killed was not where he left it could be because Kerim wanted to bury his grandfather elsewhere. From Dursun Zehir. I said I crushed it and threw it into the sea, but Kerim Bekar told me. “No information. I called Kelim. After my mother died, I was treated for a mental illness at the Atakoi Neuropsychiatric Hospital. I am currently using severe psychiatric drugs. Last night, police I had an illusion at the station. “

Kerim did not agree to the crime of the system

Kursun Zehir’s grandson Kerim Bekar, who did not accept the charges of sedition, said YasinŞanal wanted money from him, contrary to what YasinŞanal said in his statement. The district on April 10, 2021 paid me 50 TL. I said I didn’t have the money, but if I got it from my grandfather I could give it, and I could give it when I met at an internet cafe on Tuesday. If I couldn’t give it at the internet cafe, I could meet at the park and return the money, but that night I went to the internet cafe. Yashin didn’t call because he wasn’t at an internet cafe, so he had already asked his grandfather for 100TL that day, but he intended to give him 50TL. That night there was also a money problem between us. “My grandfather was also angry with me,” he said.

Horrible confession in the killing of the lost Dusun Zehir: I killed my grandfather with 5000 lira and broke my body with a saw

He learned from his mother that his grandfather was lost

“Bekar, who said he went to the police station for the first time about the disappearance of his grandfather Dursung Zehil, told his grandfather that he was owed to his friend Yasin that night, so he repays the debt in the park. He told me about this. He didn’t ask. In the morning he left home without telling me. Thirty minutes and forty minutes after my grandfather left home, I got dressed and checked my grandfather at home and went home. I was playing games at an internet cafe until 12:30 after I left. When my mother called me and said my grandfather wasn’t at home, I saw my grandfather’s friend’s shop for a while. After patrolling, I went back to the internet cafe because I couldn’t find my grandfather. After playing the game until 13.30, my mother called me again and said, “I can’t find my grandpa, call my grandfather.” So I left the internet cafe and saw the same friend’s shop again. Then her mother called again and said she would go to the police. She went to the police station around 16:50. When she asked if she had a first-degree relative at the police station, she should have come, so she left the police station. I told her mother about this situation and made a statement that they had to pass 24 hours, so you could post the missing person. I couldn’t find her grandfather, so I came to the police station the next day and declared her missing, “she said.

“I learned about the murder on a TV show.”

Mr. Bekar said on a TV show that he learned that Yasin Sanal had killed his grandfather. Yes, he talked about this. I have never met a person named YasinŞanal on the beach. We usually met at an internet cafe at night. I do not accept Yasin’s claim. Yasin, He didn’t give me my grandfather’s money, phone, and jacket. I didn’t leave. There was a trash bag in the park. I didn’t even threaten. After my grandfather died, I talked about the park incident. I don’t think Yashin would do that, because I thought my grandfather had left us. ” He said.

KER0054M: I don’t know a person named ENES

Bekar, who did not accept YasinŞanal’s statement that “he seduced me,” said: He put it in his suitcase and said, “I’m going to Istanbul,” but he seems to have talked to Enes, but Yasin called Enes and said, “I don’t know because the price has run out.” I remember. After Yasin spoke to Enes on the phone, he was able to take a taxi and stay at the hotel for $ 10,000 he found at Arakul’s grandfather’s house. TL is money. However, this case has nothing to do with the murder of his grandfather. I don’t even know a person named Enes. Taxi driver Selkan Jortz has nothing to do with this incident either. I will not accept any charges against me. Yashin is always trying to attract us. In this case by injuring him. “