The monetary awards distributed by the UEFA have been decided-TRTSpor


Therefore, there was no change in the number of awards received last season.

In the Champions League, UEFA’s number one organization, each team remaining in the group will receive a donation of € 15.64 million.

A club that puts € 2.8 million in a safe for each group win will be satisfied with € 930,000 in the case of a draw.

The Round of 16 team will receive € 9.6 million, € 10.6 million for quarterfinals, € 12.5 million for semifinals and € 15.5 million for finalists.

€ 5 million comfort award for those who lost in the playoff stage


In the Giants Tree, the team that says goodbye to the organization during the playoffs will be rewarded with € 5 million.

For example, Trabzonspor, the first team to appear in the Giants Treeg as a super league champion on behalf of Turkey, will start the tournament in the playoff round.

If Bordeaux-Blues passes this round and stays in the group, the entry fee will be $ 15.64 million. Otherwise, you will be satisfied with € 5 million and will continue to play in the Europa League.

Fenerbahce, who will participate in the tournament from the second qualifying round as a runner-up in the Super League, will be awarded € 15.64 million if he can stay in the group excluding three opponents.

If the dark blue team comes to the playoffs and is eliminated in this round, they will find comfort of € 5 million.

Coefficient award per share / share price is € 1,137 million

The 32 teams participating in the tournament are ranked based on their performance over the last 10 years, with the top team owning 32 shares (32 x € 1,137 million).

Rankings and prizes continue to fall, with the lowest team winning one share (€ 1,137 million).

In the last 10 years, Fenerbahce is 55th and Trabzonspor is 125th.

Of the 26 teams that have the right to fight in groups, none can pass Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce.

Turkey’s market revenue is about 3 million euros

UEFA collects revenues such as broadcasts and advertisements in a pool and distributes shares to teams in groups in proportion to their contribution to this revenue.

Turkey’s share of this cake is around 3 million euros. This money will be distributed from Turkey among the teams participating in the tournament as follows:

-If Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce belong to the group, 3 million euros will be shared between 55% and 45%. Trabzonspor will earn 1.65 million euros and Fenerbahce will earn 1.35 million euros. This is because big stakes are given to the champion team.

-If either of the two teams qualifies for the group, the team that wins 90% (€ 2.7 million) of 3 million euros and the excluded team will receive 10% (€ 300,000).

This means that if either team is eliminated, the remaining teams will earn an additional € 1 million.

Europa League and Conference League are far behind the Giants

The conference league prize money introduced in the Europa League last season is far from the Champions League.

Teams participating in the Europa League in the new season will receive a participation fee of € 3.63 million. In the conference league, this award drops to € 2.94 million. The value of a win in the Europa League is 630,000 euros, but this award is 500,000 euros in the conference league.

The prizes distributed in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League during the 2022-23 season are as follows:

UEFA MONEY AWARDS 2022/23 (million euros)

Champions League

Europa league

Conference league

Playoffs (exclusion) Five
Participation 15.64 3.63 2.94
win 2.8 0.63 0.5
tie 0.93 0.21 0.166
Group leadership 1.1 1.1 0.65
Group second 0.55 0.325
Last 16 playoffs 0.5 0.3
16 rounds 9.6 1,2 0.6 0.6
quaterfinals 10.6 1.8 1.8 1
semifinal 12.5 2.8 2
Last 15.5 4.6 3