The moment when the specialist sergeant was exposed to violence by doctors appeared

The incident at the Mula Training and Research Hospital on the night of March 14 generally reflected the allegations that Sergeant AA beat doctor TT. After the incident, military personnel associated with the alleged assault were dismissed as a precautionary measure for the safety of the investigation.

Attorney General’s Office: Investigations are conducted carefully

In a statement from the Mura Prosecutor’s Office, “Would you like to submit applicable treatment and treatment documents in discussions between AA, a member of the Constitutional Corps who visited the Mura Training and Research Hospital for the pain of appendicitis, and TT, a doctor in charge of the emergency room? Regardless, Suspect AA issued a “public statement” to petitioner TT. Crimes of “insulting police, deliberately damaging and damaging property”, prosecution if records of security cameras at the crime scene were brought in, investigated in detail and evaluated with all the evidence in the file The nature and nature of the crime committed and the suspect and the current state of evidence, especially “Given the footage of the security cameras, it was considered appropriate to apply the judicial control provisions to the suspect. It’s done. “

It turns out that the doctor has attacked

A security camera record of an incident that occurred in the yellow area section of the Mula Training and Research Hospital emergency service was revealed. It was revealed that the professional sergeant AA had the documents sent from Yatagan State Hospital in his hand, the doctor was trying to get the documents, and the professional sergeant who did not hand over the documents had left the scene. rice field. Pushed against the wall by a group of people.

“Not reflected in the media”

After the incident, Ali Tirukichi, chairman of the Federation of Experts, said in a statement on social media, “We openly defeat all kinds of violence and attempts against medical professionals who entrust our lives. I think we need to make this statement because the incident involving our military personnel was not portrayed in the media or social media to show that. He is cholecystitis or pyorrhea. Evaluation that there is a possibility and lack of technical equipment.

An image of a doctor attacking a sergeant is here!The president of the Federation of Experts has rebelled
Ali Tirukichi, President of the Federation of Experts

“No one gets an ultrasound”

Ali Tilkici, Chair of the Federation of Experts, used the following statement as a continuation of his statement.

After this referral, a military sergeant who went to the Mula Training and Research Hospital showed an analysis performed at Yatagan State Hospital and requested that an ultrasound be performed, which is the reason for the referral. A third party involved in the case, except for the doctor who was treating him at the time. The doctor encountered TT’s reaction, “No one does ultrasound here,” and he did not undergo an ultrasound examination. No matter how professional the sergeant insists on his demands, he will be given difficulty, he will complain about this situation due to the severe pain he experienced, and he exits to leave. He said he didn’t complain when he went to the door of the ambulance crew going to a private medical institution with a medical examination report from Yataan State Hospital, forcing the documents in his hands and they we He pushed his professional sergeant against the wall and beat him with the paramedics next to him.

“He received a DARP report from a working friend.”

Despite this incident, our professional sergeant, who did not take any malicious action against this doctor who attacked him, left the field with his friend, a military police sergeant like him. rice field. After this incident, the mentioned doctor insulted, beaten, and attacked his neck, back, and face in a way that was unsuitable for his profession by our professional sergeant giving him “white.” Write the code as soon as our sergeant leaves, beating, and even claiming to have saved his life. He received a report of assault from his friend. However, as you can clearly see in the security camera footage, it is clear that the doctor and his companions were, in contrast to the plaintiff, the doctor and his companions, and, contrary to the plaintiff, Dr. TT and his companions. .. It turns out that our soldiers never hit the doctor, and although he was in pain, he avoided the attack and tried to escape from it as soon as possible. “

“The attending physician should be removed as soon as possible.”

“I close the back door and demand the dismissal of my doctor who protested the applause at the front door as soon as possible. These people swear all medical professionals. We. The expert had serum under the injected skin and his arm was swollen. Our expert hasn’t been reported for a day. ”

The moment when the specialist sergeant was exposed to violence by doctors appeared

The moment when the specialist sergeant was exposed to violence by doctors appeared