The memory of Ankara sports is buried in history!


The sports campuses of Ankara Hippodrome and 19 Mais Stadium were of symbolic importance to the newly established young and strong Republic of Turkey. The poor Turkish people, whose land was burned down and destroyed by many years of war and were considered Paria and oppressed in their hometown, rose from the ashes with their leader Ataturk. Despite the global economic crisis that began in the United States in 1929, Turkey paid for the external debt left by the Ottoman Empire to the young republic, without using or borrowing foreign resources. , Was growing at a level of 10% every year. The date and time has come. An idealist, diligent, agile and patriotic young republic built railroads, ports, factories, schools and roads, working hard to avoid becoming an imperialist prisoner. The foundation of the first sports project of the redevelopment movement was carried out with the enthusiasm and will of the people, placed in Ankara in 1934 and served with the Turkish people and Turkish sports in December 1936. That’s right; great leaders wanted economic and economic development to be combined with social and cultural development. He came up with the idea of ​​mental and physical development embodied in Turkish youth on the principle that “a healthy mind is in a healthy body”. Turkish youth have realized their ideals and desires in this sporting project. This sports campus is one of the most important works of the modern and progressive republic of the Republic of Turkey, which has been shown in “50 works in 50 years” by the Civil Engineers Council since its establishment, in UEFA EURO 2024. It is a candidate country. Ankara is one of the nine determined cities. Torn from the history page on August 4, 2018, when it was destroyed in a way that would not only be destroyed, but also in a way that would destroy it, with the aim of building a 55,000-seat stadium there. .. Not only the memory of sports and soccer, but also the national spirit of the republic and the resurrection of the people. Four years have passed and no nails have been struck in this project. From that day on, the No. 1 and No. 2 football fields, which carry the burden of amateur football in Ankara, were pioneers in the training of many well-known athletes and athletes and were well trained with a wealth of success, effort and sweat. There is a story of people Their soil and mud are now part of Ankara football and youth. It will put an end to his 86 years of service to sports and athletes. Not only these fields, but also facilities such as Ankara Tennis Club, TSYD Social Facility, Ataturk Sports Hall and Swimming Pool will be removed from the history page. Athletes who could come here from all over Ankara in one car could train or play and go home again. Currently, team training and competitions directed to the district unfortunately expose many young athletes to situations that could leave the sport due to school, transportation, and financial difficulties. .. To summarize the subject; decisions that put sports, athletes, clubs and managers in difficult situations should be withdrawn immediately without realizing similar facilities to meet social needs. At a minimum, there are eight that were not included in the program due to the “fun not found” planned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Gazi district, downstream of the facilities in Gentilelville Rigi and Ankaraguju. The late Muzaffer Gültekin, Director of Construction and Real Estate, State Youth Sports Department, has made great efforts. Allow these veteran pitches to serve Turkish youth and Turkish sports before carrying out projects using the field. During the remaining term of power, spend the energy and struggle to break the bond between the Turkish people and the Republic and Ataturk. That way, when they ask “how do you know”, you can at least say some good sentences in the name of sports.