The little swimmer didn’t give up-TRT Spor

Doğan, a fifth-year student at Kaşüstü Cumhuriyet Secondary School, won the right to wear a C-category national team jersey for the Paralympic Swimming National Team at the Turkish Swimming Team Selection Tournament in Gaziantep in February.

Doan, who has been very successful in both school and sports, is training six days a week at the Mehmet Akifuel Soi Indoor Swimming Pool with a trainer for the Turkish Swimming Championships for the Disabled in Konya in July. increase. Ozan Sağlam.

Doan, a national athlete, said he started swimming at the age of four with the advice of a doctor to move his arms comfortably and continued at the Trabzon Olympic Sports Club.

Doan said it was a great feeling to join the national team at an early age. “Sometimes I’m in the position of people and I want them to feel when they see me. Very tired, she’s very determined and I’m here.” It’s great to have the enthusiasm to reach and continue. she said.

While preparing for an audition at Gaziantep, he explained that he was very tired, crying and thinking about giving up, Doan said:

“One day when I was very tired, the teacher said,’Don’t get tired now, your tears will be happy tears tomorrow.’ I didn’t believe in myself, but as a result of my survival at that time, I arrived at a beautiful place. I’m honored to be able to join the national team. I’m here. I want you to read the national anthem with a brilliant flag as an Olympic champion. I really want it. “

Doan said he continued school and sports together and improved himself by doing his homework in the remaining hours and reading books over the weekend to make better use of his post-training time. I did.

Alya Doğa Doğan said she changed her manageability in an advantageous way and continued her words:

“People were like,’How can I use that hand?’. I say that’s what I’ve been doing since I was born, but one day someone came out and said,’Heal, you can have a hand, surgery. If you are told, “I can,” say “No.” Because I love this hand. Without this hand I would be incomplete. I am calling on people with disabilities from here. please do not worry. Your disability can bring you many benefits. Nothing changes even for people with disabilities. “

National athletes asked their parents to lead their children to sports.

“Absolutely everyone has the talent to wait to be discovered.”

Doğan trainer Ozan Sağlam said the club has 12 athletes with various disabilities between the ages of 11 and 18.

Keeping in mind that Aria worked hard to be elected to the national team, Saglam said, “I was in Istanbul’s national team camp from April 22nd to 26th. These processes were fast but tiring. I think we’ll get better. He said he’s in a good place as a successful athlete. I hope his success will continue to grow. “He said.

Joining the national team at a young age is a big advantage for Ariya, and Saglam said they are continuing their work for the final leg of the Turkish Championship in Konya in July.

Advising his parents, Sağlam said, “Playing sports next to school, every child who takes this discipline will succeed in both school and sports. Everyone has the talent to be discovered. I have. “I used the phrase.

Ziya Akgül, Principal of Kasüstü Cumhuriyet Secondary School, was proud that Aria was elected to the national team and said, “Aria has set an example for other students in our school. Everyone who has contributed. Thank you. ” she said.