The license of the global sports brand Reebok in Turkey and 12 neighboring countries belongs to FLO.

Transformed into a multi-channel, multi-brand, digital-focused global product company, Turkey’s FLO continues to be the focus of attacks in the sports sector. InStreet, a Turkish sneaker and sportswear chain that has achieved great success in a short period of time by leaving FLO, has reached 150 stores. FLO has expanded its claims in this category and has licensed Reebok, one of the world’s most powerful sports brands, in 12 countries in Turkey and its neighboring regions.

Burak Övünc, CEO of FLO Merchandising: “It’s not easy to get the rights to design and produce a global performance brand like Reebok, but we did that. In addition, Reebok’s licensing rights are located not only in Turkey, but in neighboring areas as well. It also applies to people who do.Received in 12 countries, mainly Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.I think the fact that Reebok is currently in our portfolio is a proud development not only for our company, but for our country as well. “

FLO is rapidly strengthening its portfolio of brands with the goal of expanding its reach of influence in the global arena, and continues to collaborate very strongly with significant industry impact. FLO has signed a licensing agreement with Reebok, one of the world’s most powerful sports brands, and has obtained long-term licenses for the brand in 12 countries in Turkey and neighboring regions. This agreement covers women’s, men’s and children’s shoes, clothing and accessories. FLO will be enhanced with Reebok in the sports division to prepare and produce a branded shoe collection. The collection will be sold at FLO stores in 12 countries in Turkey and neighboring regions. The company manages the e-commerce activities of brands in Turkey and these 12 countries, as well as marketing and distribution processes. With the increasing number of active and sporty lifestyle trends in recent years, the sports category has great potential around the world. Reebok, an iconic active lifestyle brand with a deep-rooted history, has a stronger presence in Turkey and its surroundings with more than half a century of experience from FLO, a regional leader in the shoe industry.

CEO of FLOMerchandising, Burak Övünc He evaluated the development as follows: “As a Turkish FLO, we have established ourselves as a trans-retail company with a large brand family. This is a successful multi-channel, multi-brand, digital-oriented integrated business model. Along with this structure, the latest licensing agreement has acquired the license of Reebok, one of the strongest sports brands in the world in 12 countries in Turkey and neighboring regions. We are proud to sign this agreement on behalf of our country as well as our company. It is not easy to get the right to design and manufacture a brand like Reebok, but we are successful. I think the fact that Reebok is now in our portfolio is a proud development not only for our company but also for our country. “

“We saw the potential of the sports category and took full advantage of our opportunities.”

“We are now designing, creating and manufacturing Reebok products. We will open Reebok stores and sell our products in our stores in Turkey and 12 neighboring countries. Brand e-commerce, marketing, By conducting distribution activities and adding lottery to Kinetics and Lumberjack, we have strengthened ourselves in the sports field. Now we have this power at Reebok. With all these brands, our textile business. In the medium term, we expect sports textiles to increase by up to 30% of sales. As Flo, we are now important not only in shoes but also in sports textiles. We are a great player. We saw the potential in the sports category and took full advantage of our opportunities. As always, we will continue to add new brands to our brand portfolio and existing licenses. We will continue to expand our contracts. “

With 150 stores, InStreet aims to be a global player.

FLO, which saw the potential of sports lifestyle early and decided to invest in this area, launched the InStreet format in 2014 to strengthen the multi-channel structure and placed a second retail chain within that structure. Did. This is not uncommon in Turkish retail. industry. Instreet, who was active in the sports sector for a short period of time, became known as the Turkish sneaker and sportswear chain. Today, the number of in-street stores that are popular in 53 stores has reached 150. The company’s young and dynamic retail chain, InStreet, took its first steps abroad last year with the aim of becoming an important player in the fast-growing global market.

InStreet’s near-future plans to open its first overseas store in Georgia just a short time ago include expansion into North African countries, the Republic of Turkic and Eastern Europe. InStreet has increased the weight of sportswear products in its stores by increasing the square meters of its stores and continuing to open its flagship stores, increasing the square meters of its stores from 200 to 300 – 350 square meters. InStreet aims to present both new brands and textiles to its customers in a wider collection, following the concept of a vast area of ​​over 500 square meters.

InStreet is expected to grow significantly over the next three years

InStreet aims to provide consumers with a collection of fashion and trends from world-renowned global sports brands at the most affordable prices, increasing store traffic from approximately 30 million to 40 million by 2022. Instreet, which opened 19 stores in 2021 despite the pandemic, aims to open 50 stores this year. With significant growth expected over the next three years, InStreet aims to increase sales by 100% this year to reach 1.5 billion TL. The chain, which has already reached 150 stores, is expected to reach 400 stores by 2025, half of which are overseas, with total sales of 5 billion TL.

“The shopping rate in the sports sector was 20%, but it reached 45% due to the significant surge after the pandemic.”

Also for Turkish sneakers and sportswear chain InStreet that incorporates a sports lifestyle. Proud Said: “In addition to the FLO store, which has been successful in Turkey and globally by switching to a multi-channel structure. In 2014, we will open the door to the InStreet store, which incorporates a sports lifestyle, to enter the sneaker market very much. With the InStreet chain, we have achieved great success in a short period of eight years and reached 150 stores. The concept of InStreet is a step forward to see the potential of sports lifestyle at a very early stage. As a result, we believe that it has risen in such a short period of time. During and after the pandemic, the choice of sportswear and shoes has increased significantly. After the pandemic, there is a tendency towards a sportier lifestyle. Therefore, more comfortable sportswear and shoes have come to be preferred. After the orientation to a sports lifestyle with pandemics, the shopping rate in the sports category was previously 20%, but after pandemics. Reached 45% and increased significantly. Since then, the InStreet store has become even more important. This direction. We believe there is more potential in this category and this is an important part of our growth strategy. Dedicated to the In Street channel for purposes. “ ..