The Istanbul Half Marathon countdown has begun!

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An introduction to the Istanbul Half Marathon was held at a hotel in Istanbul. The press conference was attended by SporIstanbul General Manager ו. Renay Onur, Fatih Çintimar, President of the Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF), Can Akın Çağlar, Secretary General of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Ayşegül Adaca, General Manager of the Aktif Bank, attended.

The marathon is very important for the promotion of Istanbul, Spor Istanbul General Manager 0054. “Running has brought Istanbul the world’s attention in the field of sports. The record broke in last year’s half marathon was the subject of much news. The first athletics broke in Turkey,” said Renay Onur. Registered as a record. The whole world is ready to carry out a re-discussing organization. This unique city we are working to make them more energetic and healthy. ”

“Thousands of athletes come from dozens of countries, making it the most registered race in 17-year history,” said Onur, emphasizing that foreign athletes from 65 countries will participate in the marathon. There will be. Number of foreign athletes. More than 650 foreign athletes from 65 countries will participate. In this world of athletics, Istanbul “will watch for serious competition. It will be competitive to the end. I’ll watch the race. ”

ÇقNTוMAR: I invite the people of Istanbul to see this organization

TAF Chairman Fatty Chintimal said he would perform very well in the race, saying: I think we will reach the world record again at the tournament that set the world record last year. The half marathon is a big event where 10 athletes get together and run within an hour. The race has very good results, which makes the athletics family happy. The large number of elite athletes in this marathon is why the half marathon is so well organized. I hope that the development of Turkish athletics will continue in the same direction. Competing here with 650 top athletes from 65 countries makes the athletics community happy. This marathon has achieved organizational excellence. I want all Istanbul citizens to see this event. ”

“The place where the race is held is a very special place. It has the history of the world and has ancestors. Many countries where my ancestors lived lived. I am honored to be a race in history. “It is a very effective organization to promote Istanbul. Marathon is a fun and informative race. We invite all Istanbul people to these races for a more energetic and healthy Istanbul. ”

Metaverse press conference was held

Ayşegül Adaca, General Manager of Aktif Bank, said of the press conference in the Metaverse:
“We are at the first press conference in the sports field at Metaverse. It’s not enough to chase technology. You have to walk. Virtual jogging tracks have been organized in previous marathons. Technology. Has been the center of business since its inception. I’m just as excited as I was on the first day. I’m also excited about the NKolay digital banking application. I think it’s close to the spirit of a marathon. ”

Imamoel: We are ready for a half marathon with a total of 10,000 participants

0054BB President Ekrem Imamoul, who attended the press conference on video broadcast, said they would bring Istanbul people along with a healthy life. .. Many organizations were canceled due to the pandemic, but we continued to run in Istanbul without stopping. “Last year’s world record was broken, so the world of athletics turned to Istanbul. A list of all runners to achieve their fastest performance in Istanbul. We have a total of 10,000 participants. We are ready for a half marathon with people. We will continue to strive to bring the Istanbul people together with a healthier life, “he said.