The image refutes the claim: the camera shows the moment the doctor beat the sergeant with Mula.

The allegations that AA specialist sergeant abused doctor TT in an incident at the Mula Training and Research Hospital on the night of March 14 were generally reflected.

After the incident, military personnel associated with the alleged assault were dismissed as a precautionary measure for the safety of the investigation.

Security camera rejected complaint

A security camera record of an incident that occurred in the yellow area section of the Mula Training and Research Hospital emergency service was revealed.

A group of professional sergeants AA had a document sent from Yatagan State Hospital in their hands, a doctor was trying to get it, and a professional sergeant who did not hand over the document left the scene. Some people walked and pushed him against the wall.

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The image refutes the claim: the camera shows the moment the doctor beat the sergeant with Mula.

A medical worker at Muğla Training and Research Hospital was allegedly beaten by a sergeant. The security camera footage that emerged regarding the incident revealed that the opposition to the allegations was at stake. The moment the professional sergeant left the scene and pressed against a wall medical worker was captured by the camera. Meanwhile, another image on a security camera revealed that the doctor in question shouted, angry, and punched a wall at a female relative in the emergency room.

Meanwhile, another image taken by the camera revealed that the doctor in question shouted, angry, and punched a wall at a woman near the patient in the emergency room.

Investigation about doctors has started

  • It was said that an investigation was started for the doctor.

After the incident, Ali Tirukichi, chairman of the Federation of Experts, issued a statement on social media. “We openly defeat all kinds of violence and attempts against the medical professionals who entrust our lives. However, this statement does not portray the sergeant case in the media or social media. I believe it is necessary to make this statement to show that. Healthcare workers are exceptional and individual. A..A., who was in charge of the Yatagan District Sergeant Command, was in the abdomen. An application was filed with Yatagan State Hospital on March 14, 2023 due to severe pain. After this referral, a sergeant who went to Mula Training and Research Hospital showed an analysis performed at Yatagan State Hospital and the reason for the referral. In response to this request, he was a third party involved in the case, except for the doctor who was treating him at the time. No one does the sound, “he did not undergo an ultrasound examination. No matter how professional the sergeant insists on his demands, he will be given difficulty, he will complain about this situation due to the severe pain he experienced, and he exits to leave. He said he didn’t complain when he went to the door of our professional sergeant to force the rescue team documents to go to a private medical institution with a medical examination report from Yataan State Hospital. He pushed him against the wall and beat him with an ambulance crew next to him. Despite this incident, our professional sergeant, who did not take any malicious action against this doctor who attacked him, left the field with his friend, a military police sergeant like him. rice field. After this incident, the aforementioned doctor insulted his neck, back, and face by our professional sergeant giving him a “white” code as soon as our sergeant left. He abused, attacked, punched, and claimed to have barely saved his life. Of assault from his colleague. However, as you can clearly see in the security camera footage, it is clear that the doctor and his companions were, in contrast to the plaintiff, the doctor and his companions, and, contrary to the plaintiff, Dr. TT and his companions. .. It turns out that our sergeant, who didn’t hit the doctor and felt pain, tried to avoid the attack and escape from it as soon as possible. Said.

Meanwhile, in a statement from the Mula Prosecutor’s Office, “Gendarmerie AA, who came to the Mugra Training and Research Hospital complaining of appendicitis pain, and TT, who is in charge of the emergency room, discussed whether applicable treatment and treatment documents were needed. A security camera at the crime scene during an investigation conducted by our Supreme Prosecutor’s Office regarding allegations of suspect AA’s “insulting and deliberately injuring civil servants and committing a crime that he” damaged property “. Records The qualifications and nature of the offense charged by the suspect when brought in, scrutinized and evaluated with all the evidence in the file, and the current status of the evidence, especially the security camera records. It was taken into consideration. The judicial control provisions were considered appropriate. The investigation of the problem is done with great care. “ The statement was included.