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According to data from the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK), the January 2022 construction cost index rose 15.24% month-on-month and 79.91% month-on-month. Compared to the previous month, the Materials Index increased by 10.12 percent and the Labor Index increased by 33.83 percent. In addition, the material index rose 98.20% year-on-year, and the labor index rose 41.02%.

In Leyla וlhan news from Dünya, rising construction costs have led to higher home prices, while sector representatives have said it is making it harder for the middle class to buy homes. According to data from the Construction Contractors Confederation (IMKON), material prices have risen by an average of 229% over the past year. The ton of rebar, which was 5,500 TL in March 2021, increased by 190% to 16,000 TL in March 2022. From March 2021 to March 2022. Tons of cement increased from 250 lira to 1000 lira with a 300 percent increase, concrete cubic meters increased from 220 lira to 800 lira with a 300 percent increase, and aluminum weight increased from 35 lira to 95 lira. An increase of 171 percent, and a square meter of flat glass, increased from 90 liras to 290 liras with an increase of 222 percent. A representative of the construction sector said companies would reflect the rise due to a decline in supply to home prices.

On the other hand, those who could not buy a new home turned to a second-hand home, and the price of the second-hand home rose. The price difference between new homes and new homes has decreased to 10%. The TUIK figures also drew attention to the increasing demand for second-hand goods. According to the data, second-hand sales accounted for 65.2% of second-hand sales in 2020, but increased to 69.1% in 2021.

House prices will rise further

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