The gospel has been given!20% discount for vehicle users

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Chairman Mustafa Yurmaz evaluated correspondents AA regarding the charging service regulations accepted by the Board’s decision.

The regulation covers procedures and principles regarding the installation of charging units and charging stations for charging electric vehicles and the provision of charging services, Yılmaz said, within the scope of the regulation, users of electric vehicles are installed. There is a charge for public places such as intercity roads, parking lots and shopping centers, which said you can get service from the charging station.

Charging station standards have been determined

Yılmaz said regulations require charging stations to be connected to the charging network and continue as follows:

“Electric vehicle owners will receive quality and continuous service and will be able to see the price and location of charging stations via mobile applications. Therefore, users will be able to see the mobile of the company offering the booking. Charging units can be booked through the application. Service. The company operates the charging network within the range of the charging network operator license obtained from the institution. The minimum capital of the detected company is 4.5 million TL. Charging It was decided that 50 people would like a network operator license, 5% of which must be DC 50 kW (kW) or higher, so this is also at least 50% of the charging units installed on the highway. The national road must be at least DC 50kW. Therefore, users of electric vehicles can quickly charge the car from these charging points while driving on intercity roads. Lech. Those who want to operate the charging station , You can operate the charging station by getting a certificate from the licensee.

You can check the price and stock status of the unit immediately.

The price of the charging service is based on the price of unit energy (kWh), Yılmaz said: Than this fee. All electric vehicle owners can get service from all public charging stations. ” Said.

Yılmaz said charging network operators need to announce these prices on digital channels such as websites and mobile applications, and make them accessible from charging stations.

This eliminates pricing methods such as minutes, connections, and subscription fees that prevent vehicle owners from making comparisons or causing confusion.

Yılmaz stated that different prices could be applied depending on the power of the charging station and the type of unit, “in this way, vehicle owners will be able to choose between fast and slow charging services depending on the situation. Charging is permitted by regulation. Network operators enter into loyalty contracts with vehicle users. In addition, customers can be charged using all power plants. Service to vehicle owners under equivalent conditions. It has been decided to offer. Users can receive discounts of up to 20%. Service by agreement of their loyalty. He said.

By establishing a platform called EMRA’s free access, Yılmaz will provide geographic locations, charging units and socket numbers, charging unit types and power, payment methods, and availability status of public charging stations that provide charging services. He said he would share it with electric car users. The platform, and sharing this with mobile applications. He said he would get it done.

Yılmaz also said that the potential of Turkey’s renewable energy could also be used for storage and charging of electric vehicles, as integrated power storage and power generation facilities based on renewable energy sources could be installed at charging stations. ..

In addition, technical areas such as increasing the range of electric vehicles, efficient use of batteries, and providing autonomous driving will be on the agenda in Turkey in the future, and Yılmaz will invest in these areas and use electric vehicles. Has been added to increase.