The golden secret to recovering energy


I want to attend all the events that I haven’t been able to or haven’t been able to attend in the last two years, while leaving the pandemic behind, and I want to move as much as possible. So how healthy is it to take action suddenly?

“The pandemic accused us of being inactive in the first place. It was trapped in a room.” Orthopedic and traumatology specialists say Must-see for Professor Dr. Gokei “According to summer There are many reasons to increase movement.

He emphasizes that the most important of these is arguably the ability to protect our health without getting sick or gaining weight. Association of Radiologists. Dr. Ayşe Göreli also supports this view by reminding us that the uncertainty and stress we experience during a pandemic is one of the most important causes of aging. Association Dr. Ayşe should seeMentions the aging effects of physical and mental stress and emphasizes that coping with stress plays an important role in delaying the aging process as well as nutrition and exercise. So how did the weight gain during the pandemic affect the musculoskeletal system and joints? Professor at G & G Clinic. Dr. Gökay Göreli and Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Göreli, to improve quality of life and movement as we enter the summer months. He made useful suggestions on many subjects, from the importance of correct body posture to suggestions for healthy sports.

The body does not like irregularities *

Like any other job, continuity is very important in a healthy life. It is useless if you cannot continue. Can you walk 10 minutes a day? At work, climb the two steps and walk to the grocery store instead of the car. But I walk every day. If you go on a carbohydrate diet for 3 days and a protein diet for 3 days, your body will be out of balance. Similarly, sleeping 4 hours on weekdays and 8-9 hours on weekends has no benefit. The body does not like such irregularities. Our bodies determine the order within themselves and want to go in that order. To be healthy, you need to keep up with that order.

Losing one extra prose reduces the load on the knee 4-6 times *

By gaining muscle mass, reducing fat mass, and controlling your weight, you can minimize the damage to your joints caused by your weight. Losing extra weight or gaining muscle can not only protect your joints, but also remove the load from your knees 4 to 6 times. This gives you great benefits not only to protect your metabolic health, but also to protect your joint and muscle health.


Sports with your partner *

If the timing is right, the couple can play sports together, not separately. Let them walk together and have a good time together outdoors. Recent studies show that people with happy relationships live longer. Do not consider exercise as the completion of work. Go for happiness and fun. If you enjoy it, it gains continuity. You can also involve your friends in these activities.

What risks does skeletal muscle protect us from? *

If the muscles do not support the joints, joint pain and degeneration will occur. Signs of musculoskeletal aging appear in the most load-bearing areas. Especially our knees and hips are very seriously affected. There is not enough strength in these areas. These areas support the heaviest weight of the body. Next are the hips, legs and ankles. Almost every point that makes up our body and skeleton begins to wear over time. Knee pain due to posture disorders and weight bearing is at the forefront of Japan. Structurally, we are a society where knee pain is very common. Because there is little movement. After a certain age, we do not maintain muscle mass and do not pay attention to weight. What we mean here is muscle mass. It is not an artificially inflated and enlarged muscle.

The most injured group of weekend warriors *

Our most common problem is “Weekend Warrior” (Weekend Warrior) spends a week without sports, but is seen in groups that give the load of all sports on the weekends. Injured people usually come out of this group. For example, a person who does not play sports for five days and spends hours on weekends may experience certain injuries and discomfort due to overload. Sports should be done in a systematic and balanced manner. The time required to load the joint is certain. You should not replace the period you did not. If you can spend your time on sports only on weekends, avoid long, tired and rewarding exercises.

Postural disorders reduce quality of life *

There is a balance of the body, a stance angle that needs to be maintained, and a balance of muscles and joints. We are now beginning to see the postural disorders we see in the elderly and adolescents. Inevitably, we bring our head and body to the front of the screen. The muscle has lost its original position. Spending a lot of time in front of the screen, at the desk, or on the mobile phone is not the right posture for our body. The forward-headed posture causes tension in the neck muscles after a while, causing problems that adversely affect daily life, such as pain, painful insomnia, severe loss of function, and lack of concentration at the desk. start.

Warning to desk employees: *

  • Sitting is one of the most stressful positions on the spine. For this reason, desk workers need to pay attention to spinal health.
  • You need to provide lumbar support while sitting. The S-shaped structure of the spine should be maintained as much as possible and sit undisturbed.
  • People who work at desks need to get up and move around the clock 24 hours a day and set alarms as needed.
  • Office workers need to increase blood circulation in the body by performing certain back exercises, both standing and sitting. It should encourage the body to move again.
  • Some smartphone applications can also be used as reminders.

Who needs postural analysis? *

Although not well known, postural disorders are the source of many pains. Weakness may occur due to posture disorders. After a postural disorder, pain occurs as a result of the muscle rebellion. People who practice regular sports should not have both pressure and posture disorders, as pain is considered a warning. Failure to do so can adversely affect the athlete’s performance. The movement of a person also changes with the correct posture and the correct center of gravity.

They can improve athletic performance. We recommend this analysis for all age groups to know your body. There is no age limit for posture analysis. Especially recommended for those who complain of pain. Shoulder height, hip height, and neck should be at a constant angle. If it is not a right angle, it will need to be supported and corrected in a particular exercise. As the body becomes accustomed to the curvature of the spine and this posture disorder, after a while the bones begin to melt and the posture disorder becomes permanent.

10 important warnings to athletes: *

  1. You need a warm-up and cool-down period while playing sports. Warming up and stretching prepare the body for sports and reduce the risk of injury.
  2. The length of exercise should be well adjusted. In particular, the first exercise for a person who has not been playing sports for a long time should not exceed 20-30 minutes. Long exercise should be interrupted for at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. It is important to play sports on a regular basis. It is much more beneficial to exercise for 10 minutes each day instead of exercising for 3-4 hours at a time.
  4. You need to rest your muscle groups at daily intervals. Playing sports one day and reloading the same muscle group on the second day increases the risk of injury from continuous work.
  5. To prevent common shoulder and knee injuries, the main goal should be to build muscle mass according to its function in a healthy way, rather than creating artificial images.
  6. Especially after a certain age, joint pain may occur if the muscles do not support the joints. To avoid straining the same joints all the time, non-professional sports can focus on activities such as basketball in the winter, cycling in the spring and swimming in the summer.
  7. If you feel pain, be sure to stop exercising. If you are not a professional athlete, do not force it. If necessary, ask your sports instructor for your opinion on the sport you want to play.
  8. Make sure you choose the right shoes for the sport you are playing. Inappropriate shoes can cause serious damage to the knees, hips and lumbar spine as well as the ankles.
  9. Running for health reasons can lead to serious health problems. If you have the opportunity, we recommend playing sports outdoors rather than in the gym. Especially when you play sports outside the morning, you will feel better and more oxygenated all day long.
  10. Choose the sport that suits you. Be sure to get a health check, especially if you are playing sports to lose weight. The most common sports injuries occur in the knees and ankles. These injuries are common in overweight people. Sports such as soccer and basketball that strain the joints should not be played for the purpose of losing weight. Avoid tilting the treadmill and recommend activities such as outdoor walking and swimming.

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