The goal of female national handball players is a gold medal-TRTSpor

The National Women’s Handball Team did the final preparatory work before the match at Kavachik’s BPM Athletic Hall. The national athletes, who trained with joy and were pleasantly observed, commented on the tournament to participate in AA correspondents after training.

Team captain Betul Yılmaz said the 10-day preparation period in Istanbul was long and difficult and he felt ready for the tournament. “There is also a 6-day process to prepare. Maybe if we have the opportunity to play a friendly match, we will play a friendly match with a potential opponent. We are physically and mentally. I’m definitely ready. I want to go there and get the gold medal. I want to start the match as soon as possible, but that’s it. We are excited. We are enthusiastic and looking forward to the gold medal.‘ He said.

Keeping in mind that the federation’s management has changed and the new organization has set up a new system for the national team, Yılmaz said:Our teacher is also very new. We are trying to do good things with these young people. That’s good, everyone believes in us, we believe in ourselves. On behalf of all the friends on the team, I can say that everyone is willing and loyal as a team captain.” He said.

Yasemin Shahin: “Our main goal is to win the first match with a very good score.”

National player Yasemin Shahin also explained that the camp process was very long, but nothing hindered their energy. “Our goal is to win a gold medal because we have only one. With this motivation, our energy is always appropriate because we are constantly experiencing that excitement.‘ He said.

hawk, “Our main goal is to win the first match with a very good score. After winning Macedonia, I think we’ll go with that gas. Get out first in the group and eliminate opponents diagonally. And awarding our country a gold medal in the final. This is our only goal, our only goal. Our energy and excitement is the last. “It will continue until now.” I made that evaluation.

Aslıðskit: “Our only goal is to return with a gold medal.”

Aslıðskit said the camp process in Istanbul was very difficult and he had the opportunity to play two friendly matches.

The Scythians reminded them to go to Algeria a little earlier, “I’m used to the weather conditions and have the opportunity to see the hall in advance. I’m happy. It was generally not possible to win a gold medal at the Mediterranean Games. The only goal this year is to come back with a gold medal.‘He declared.

He remembered playing for the Romanian team in the new season and said Romania would be a completely different country from Germany and the league would be a completely different league. “But after playing in Germany for two years, I don’t think there will be any problems in Romania. Romania is very excited just because of the different leagues, players and countries. I’m looking forward to the new season. Is the beginning of. ” Expressed his opinion.

“What about girls’ interest in handball?” Answering questions, Scythians “I always told the girls to be brave. I was born and raised in the Ulla district of Izmir. It’s a very small town. If I was born there and came here, they would always be me Can work better than, I tell everyone. “ I used a phrase.

Beyza וrem Türkoğlu: “We are all looking forward to the start of the Mediterranean Games.”

Beyza וrem Türkoğlu, who plays for the Danish Esbyau team, also explained that he had completed his first stage in Istanbul, ending the difficult part and moving on to a more enjoyable part. “We can’t all wait for the Mediterranean Games to start. Handball is a sport to start with. Sometimes we forget, our main goal is to have fun. Of course, the match is in it. It’s the most fun part of the tournament. The tournament has a goal. Of course it’s the worst medal, but the main goal is to return with a gold medal. I want to achieve it.‘ He said.

A successful handball player, “You play in Denmark. How do you feel about your interest in handball compared to the Turkish league?” About the question he asked:

“Of course there is a big difference. Handball is one of Denmark’s major sports, but unfortunately it’s not in the top three here, so interests are very different. Unfortunately, almost everything on the stand. We will play a match. There is no such opportunity here. “

Elif Sıla Aydın: “Our goal is to return to our country with a medal.”

National player Elihu Sheila Aidin emphasized that she wanted to start the tournament well and leave the group. “Our goal is to play in the finals and return to our country with medals.” Said.

Asked how she valued her interest in handball in Turkey, Elihu Sheila Aidin replied:

“I think we need to pay a little more attention. We seem to be behind other branches. We are trying to revive it both as athletes and with new changes. Follow us. And stay tuned. Handball is a really fun sport, so it’s a really fun sport. Of course, success has a big impact on this. More. Maybe he’ll go another way after these tournaments. I hope we can achieve that. “

National Handball Team Match Schedule at the Mediterranean Games

The match schedule for the ANational Women’s Handball team to compete in the 19th Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria has also been announced. The women’s national team will play their first match against Macedonia in Group B, followed by Serbia and Portugal.

The match and schedule for the women’s national team in a group match at El Hakemi Hunters Sports Hall in Oran will begin at 12.00 CET.

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