The goal is to become a Super League female referee in 2023-TRT Spor

Turkey’s first female referee with a FIFA license, La Leorta, director of sports management at the University of Okan, and Cansu Tiryaki, an active soccer referee with a FIFA license, evaluated TFF’s 2023 goals for AA correspondents.

Lale Orta, who broke new ground in women’s football in Turkey and encouraged women in this area, said an important future awaits women’s football in the country.

Many years in Turkey “Soccer is a man’s game” “Women’s football is on the rise. FIFA attaches great importance to this. The women’s football league was launched in Turkey in 1994. Then, with some negative examples, women’s football The league was interrupted and later reopened. The Women’s Soccer League was launched in 1994. “Soccer is flowing water and you can’t stand in front of it. Think about what you can do next and how you can move forward. I made progress in women’s soccer. ” He said.

Orta emphasized that the female referee who manages the match in the Super League in 2023 needs to be in charge of the lower leagues, saying:

“I think the referees who manage the match in the Super League in 2023 now need to manage the match in the lower leagues. It doesn’t look like much at this point to complete and prepare its infrastructure. Hmm. They should. They’re already in strong matches, so when playing in the Super League, it’s easy for the average person to see. You have to succeed. If you succeed. After all, if successful, the feasibility is generally accepted. “

Recalling that Turkey has four female referees with FIFA licenses, Alter said, “The most important leagues to prepare for the Super League are the Spor Toto 1st League or the TFF 2nd League. Female referees are the most important of these leagues. You need to be in the match. “At this point, I don’t see any referees in control in this sense. There are experienced referees. You can give everyone a chance. You know who can manage the match. You can see who can manage the match in the top leagues. Every week, at least a couple of female referees are in charge of these leagues and have the same chance. ”Determine your luck. She “expressed her opinion.

The referee has stated that the referees are experiencing greater pressure in Turkey than in Europe, stating that women will not experience physical deficiencies.

“Success should come before gender”

Lale Orta, who managed the match in Turkey’s top league as an assistant referee in 1990 and as a referee in 1999, said, “At that time, women were attracting attention and the demand for female referees increased significantly. Due to the large number of female referees. It was a time when women attended the course. It was not accepted. The referees should not be separated by gender. The meaning of female referees is more important than female referees. Referees. Appears in the field as a manager and gender is not relevant to both teams. The important thing is physical performance, knowledge, and managerial identity. Success should take precedence over gender. ” I used it.

Recalling that Turkey is one of the countries with the highest number of female referees in Europe, Alter said: The VAR referee is a woman. “There are referees. There are 521 female referees in Turkey,” she said.

Lara Alter emphasized that the appointment of a female referee in the 2019 UEFA Super Cup final is an important message to the world and continues as follows:

“It achieved that goal. A very good example was set in the name of a female referee. She began to be asked more and more about why there are no female referees in Turkey. When I first came out, I Was said to be “yes”. Nowhere in the world, why are you giving it? “And it was criticized. At this time, “The whole world is giving it, why don’t you give it?” .TFF acknowledges that within the scope of the project, a female referee trained in the 2023-2024 season is needed. ,in preparation. Currently, the career path of female referees may have been blocked in the past. There are 10 steps to the promotion of the referee, and all the men said, “Women were given the right to climb 3-4 steps and faced being blocked. The right is delayed, but the female referee is successful in the match. This number will increase as you manage the 2023-2024 season. “

Cansu Tiryaki: We trust ourselves

FIFA-licensed referee Cansu Tiryaki told AA correspondents that female referees worked in the amateur league until last year.

Tiriyaki said he started working in the 2nd and 3rd leagues last year. “A few years ago, our teacher Lale Orta shed this light on the female referee, but couldn’t continue this like everything else. After Stephanie Frapert, to the female referee. Interest has grown a little more in the world. Become our female referee in 2023. “ He said.

Tyryaki said, expressing increased value and training given to female referees:

“Of course we are preparing. This is not an easy task for us. It will take years for the referees to reach performance to manage the match in the Super League. We are accelerating with support. Ferhat Gündoğdu, Chairman of the Central Referee, is confident in them. If they support us and support us, then everything will be fine. I think. I hope it will be seen in 2023. “

“Supporting Super League clubs for women’s football is important.”

Tiriyaki said the Turkcell Women’s Soccer Super League was held in two groups this year. Tiriyaki explained that they also participated in these matches and continued as follows.

“UEFA and FIFA have great support for women’s football. FIFA continues to move towards equality between women and men. As a starting point, we prioritize referees. In this sense, Super League clubs are women. Supporting football was very important. “In our country, the professionalism of the work means that this brings economic and moral benefits, which is inevitable. It will captivate everyone. I think better things are waiting for us in the next few years. This is a great pleasure for women’s football. Women’s increasing referees make it easier for us to express ourselves. It means you can do it. “

March 8th, International Women’s Day, Celebrating Tiriaki “First of all, I want a day when there is no war, children don’t die, and women aren’t remembered only on March 8th,” he said. Said.