The four games in the Super League were breathtaking!Antalyaspor is not held

Apart from the Fenerbahce-Karagümrük match, there were four more matches in the 19.00 session Super League.

Antalyaspor defeated Kasimpasha 4-2, extending his undefeated streak to 15 games.

GZT Giresunspor drew 1-1 with Medipole Bashakshehir. After this result, Basakshehir did not have a chance to come in third. The Istanbul team must finish in 4th place in the Europa League.

Konyaspor defeated Hatayspor 3-1 in the field. Green White took third place in the league, but left a miracle chance for second place.

Meanwhile, Alanyaspor defeated Gaziantepspor 3-0 with a goal scored in the second half.

Love for those who can stop Antalyaspor!

Antalyaspor defeated Kasimpasah 4-2 in the Super League, extending his undefeated streak to 15 games.

Antalyaspor, who took the lead in the 19th minute with Freddie’s goal, reacted with Umut Bozok in the 37th minute from Kasimpasah.

Antalyaspor started early in the second half, although he drew one-on-one in the first half. In the 47th minute, the guest team opened the scoring with Nardo’s goal. Haji Wright, who assisted his first goal, scored 3-1 in the 53rd minute.

Antalyaspor will face Galatasaray in the final week of the Super League season. Kasimpasha leaves Altai to end the season.

BAŞAKŞEH0054R it loses the third chance!

Medipol Başakşehir hosted GZT Giresunspor in the 37th week of the Super League.

Okaka led the guest team 1-0 in the 45th minute and Giresunspor scored 1-1 with Alexis Pérez’s goal in the 72nd minute, ending the match.

Giresunspor rose to 45 points and Basakshehir reached 62 points. After this result, Basakshehir lost the chance of third place after Konyaspor defeated Hatayspor.

The Istanbul team must finish the league in 4th place to participate in the Europa League.

Basakshehir in 4th place with 62 points is followed by Alanyaspor with 61 bread in 5th place.

According to last week’s results, one of these two teams will win a conference league ticket.

Konyaspor is doing a miracle

In the 37th week of the Super League, 0054ttifak Holding Konyaspor hosted Atakaş Hatayspor.

Zymer Bytyqi scored a goal in the 6th minute, Konyaspor led 1-0, and Hatayspor scored a one-on-one goal with Ayoub El Kaabi from a penalty in the 16th minute.

Konrad Michalak scored a goal that gave Konyaspor a 2-1 advantage in the 73rd minute, Ahmed Mahgoub scored the result of the match in the 88th minute, and the green-white team won 3-1 on the field, 3 Scored points.

After this result, Konyaspor rose to 67 points, while Hatayspor remained at 50 points.

Konyaspor took third place in the league

While Konyaspor won, Basakshehir drew 1-1 from Giresunspor. After this result, the difference in points between the two teams increased to 5 in the remaining week, ensuring that Konyaspor finished third in the league.

Does Konyaspor have a second chance?

Konyaspor mathematically gave the last match a second chance. But the green whites left their work to miracles.

Entering last week, there is a three-point difference between the second Fenerbahce and the third Konyaspor. The difference between double goals is that both teams are equal.

If Fenerbahce loses last week and Konyaspor wins, the league’s runner-up will be determined by a general average. Currently, the average for Fenerbahce is +30 and the average for Konyaspor is +21.

In order for Konyaspor to be second, we need to close both the point gap last week and the nine mean differences.

Alanyaspor enjoyed in the second half

Alanyaspor, who wants to convey Europe’s hopes until last week, hosted Gaziantep FK, who had no complaints in the league, in the 37th week of the Sport Super League.

The home team won 3-0 at Bahçeşehir Schools Stadium.

Famara Diedio, Wilson Eduardo and Daniel Candias scored goals to give Alanyaspor a victory.

Cristian Borja received Alanyaspor’s red card in the 54th minute.

After this victory, Aytemiz Alanyaspor increased his score to 61, but Gaziantep FK, who failed to win in seven games, remained at 43 points.

The 90-minute play at Gaziantep in the first half of the league ended with a 2-1 advantage for homeowners.

Score status:

38. Weekly schedule:

Hatayspor ―――― Giresunspor
Altai ―――― Kasimpasha
Antalyaspor ―――― Galatasaray
Basakse Hill ―――― Trabzonspor
Karagümrük ―――― Alanyaspor
Sivaspor ―――― Kayserispor
Besiktas ―――― Konyaspor
Ö.K Yeni Maratiya ―――― Fenerbahce
Adana Demirspor ―――― Goztepe
Gaziantep FK-Rizespo