The foundation of Informatics Valley Izmir was laid

At the opening ceremony of the Information Valley, Minister Mustafa Valank said the project would lead Turkey to a super league of technology.

In recent years, Turkey has been working diligently to increase the number of centers conducting R & D activities to develop industry and technology.

Today, the foundation of Turkey’s globally competitive Information Valley Izmir has been laid in the areas of private technology, mobility and entrepreneurship.

The first mortar in the Information Valley Izmir, located in the Izmir section of the Megatechnology Corridor, was laid by the Minister of Industry and Technology Musta Favarank and the last Prime Minister and AK Party Vice-Chair Vinariyurdrum.

“Turkey is moving to a technology super league”

At a groundbreaking ceremony, Minister Varank said Informatics Valley Kocaeli and Izmir, along with other innovation ecosystem components, will lead Turkey to a super league of technology.

Mustafa Varank: Informatics Valley Izmir Takes Turkey to Technology Video Super League

“The Valley of Information has been successful in the defense industry to the civilian territory.”

Recalling that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially opened the Informatics Valley at the end of 2019, Valank said that the country’s largest technology, Informatics Valley, built over an area of ​​3.5 million square meters, is now a private sector with Turkish performance. He said it was a service and said he was leading the move to the area.

Binali Yıldırım: This geography is a video of our destiny

Mustafa Valank

“Hosting over 270 R & D companies”

Varank said Informatics Valley hosts more than 270 R & D companies, from information and communications technology to software, electronics to design and game development. “TOGG works in the Valley of Informatics with 1000 R & D engineers. FEV is researching prototypes and engineering of international automotive brands in the Valley of Informatics. Büyüktech is the future autonomous vehicle. Prepare the stereo camera used in. Production in the Valley of Informatics. Getgo is in the Valley of Informatics. “The Valley of Informatics hosts ASELSAN and HAVELSAN research in the field of civil engineering. Dozens of other studies have been done, but they are not counted here. “ He said.

Mustafa Valank

“It will be the center of the IT Valley”

Varank states that the facility on which the foundation was laid today will be at the heart of the Informatics Valley.

“We admire the Informatics Valley, which opened 2.5 years ago. To date, we have employed more than 3000 qualified personnel. Our ultimate goal in the region is to set this number at 4-5. To double. This is the Informatics Valley Izmir Technology Base. The informatics valley we laid the foundation for today was launched by the President. This additional area is Mobility, Connected Technology, Smart City, Cyber ​​Security, Design, digital games will help our country level up.

Mustafa Valank

The first signature of the Billisim Valley was made by the building of Jurdilim

First signed by Binali Yıldırım and later photographed under the roof of Bilişim Vadisi, the Informatics Valley ðzmir has a surface area of ​​180,000 square meters. With its 63,000 square meters of closed area, it accepts many domestic and foreign technology entrepreneurs. We employ at least 6,000 researchers. The bright heart of Izmir is open to the world from Informatics Valley Izmir. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are constantly pondering, striving and taking new steps to strengthen Turkey’s strong innovation ecosystem. Information Valley Kojaeri and Izmir, interconnected by the Megatechnology Corridor, will take Turkey to the Technology Super League on Allah’s vacation, along with other innovation ecosystem components.

Mustafa Valank

“We are among the number of countries with R & D infrastructure.”

The strong defense industry has stated that it is an independent Turkish guarantee, and Valank said:

“Now is the time to bring this into the private territory. The innovation ecosystem built from scratch over the last 19 years is the main capital that has pushed Turkey to the top. To date, 92 R & D zones and 1565 states. However, a supported R & D and design center has been established in Turkey. The number of people engaged in R & D has reached 200,000. The ratio of R & D expenditure to national income is 5 per 1,000 people. Increased from people to 1,09%.

Thankfully, with the support of the state, a R & D culture is being established in the private sector. The private sector, which previously accounted for only 30% of R & D spending, is now leading R & D by spending 65% of these spending. Thanks to the contribution of our investment, Turkey has established itself among several countries in terms of R & D infrastructure. “

Mustafa Valank

The foundation of Informatics Valley Izmir was laid # 7

Minister Valank said he is stepping towards the goal of owning 10 unicorns (a company worth more than $ 1 billion) in 2023, or 10 turcorns.

The foundation of Informatics Valley Izmir was laid # 8

Building Lightning: The Valley Stage is over

In a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of Informatics Valley Izmir, Binali Yıldırım talked about the value of the region, the history of the work done so far, and its contribution to the country. Jurdurum said the valley will be built in stages, the architecture of which conveys the spirit of the city.

“This geography is our destiny.”

Lightning, “This geography is our destiny.” He reminded me of what happened in the area where Turkey is located. Jurdilim also touched on the war between Russia and Ukraine.You can’t say, “What about this for us?” Because we have a commercial relationship with these two countries. We want peace. ” He said Ukraine has a warehouse and the world’s energy and food security is at stake.

“We need to be enough for ourselves”

Continuing from Jurdurum’s speech, “It’s Unity Day. If you increase domestic and domestic production, you will succeed. You need to be self-sufficient in order to take the necessary steps against the threat. There is a great opportunity in front of us. “ I conveyed his message.