The family of the person who killed the police spoke

In Sanliurfa, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Abdullah Yasir Vinich and police officer Semal Bozkult, who worked in the drug department of the State Security Department, were martyred when the Mehmet Aslan they were following fired. The person who fired at the plainclothes police officer who blocked the road in his car escaped from the scene on foot, and the deputy secretary and police officers who were taken to the hospital could not be saved despite all. Efforts and became a martyr.

A team working across the state to catch the person was informed that someone similar to the person’s description was seen on the Murdin Road Route yesterday afternoon. The Sanliurfa State Police Forces Special Operations and Military Police Special Operations teams conducted land search and scanning activities in the area with the support of Commando. Teams that have stepped up their activities around the Kainakuru region of the Haririer district have neutralized suspects in the area.

Breeding at Sanliurfa Center

The body of the person who killed the police was handed over to his relatives yesterday after proceedings at the forensic morgue. Relatives who attended the funeral buried him in the same place after a prayer at the Bediusaman Family Cemetery in the center of Sanliurfa.

He claimed he started shooting, which they believed they were

The person’s family claimed that Mehmet Aslan fired at police officers because he thought they were members of a hostile tribe. The family of those who said they were a nationalist family and loved the police, the army, and the nation said they were declared terrorists, but that was not the case.

“I lose my three sons”

His father, Haril Aslan, said they were people who respected the flag, “We are people who respect our nation. We are not terrorism. We hate terrorism. We lost three young people, my son, and two more sons. Those policemen are also my sons. This was done incorrectly. He said they were enemies. I thought, took out the gun and shot it. It wouldn’t have been possible if he knew it was the police. We respect our condition. Everywhere, right up to our doors. There is a Turkish flag there. We love Mehmetchik, we love the police, we love the state. I’m from the AK party. He mistakenly thought he was blocking the Bini Isir tribe. He pulls a gun and shoots them. While I was returning from the doctor, he told his brother, I shot two from Bini Isil, taking care of yourself Please. He told me the location, so we got up and left. We didn’t know as police, we knew as Bini Isil. On the way, the police Stopped us and pointed the gun. Dad, no. They told us to lie down. We made a statement. We came to the police station and made a statement. I left in the morning. “We are people who respect the nation, not terrorists,” he said.

He called his brother and said he had shot two people from the opposite tribe.

His brother, Hasan Aslan, claimed that Mehmet Aslan called his other brother, Mustafa Aslan, and shot two from the opposite tribe, saying, “This boy had a grudge. It was in 2004. He was recently trading with them and said they didn’t give him money. Then he threatened to get this receivable on social media. On the same day, a rally of our tribes was held. They said, Mehmet, don’t ask for anything from these, let’s gather how much you can get from them. “Why do you pay someone else’s debt, I can’t tolerate that,” Mehmet said. The boy is a nationalist boy. He is a boy who loves the police. He goes home and looks at the flag. He looks at our history. He confronts a civilian vehicle directly near the Children’s OSM Hospital. Three people get out of the car. They do not introduce themselves as police. When he sees a gun on their hips, he handles his gun because they are from the Bini Ixil tribe. This boy will surrender if he knows he is a policeman when these also take care of his gun. Wait, wait, I’m not going to shoot you, I thought it was my enemy, I thought it was the Bini Ixil, so I was going to shoot it, and he was Bini・ I knew it as an Ixil tribe. After shooting, he searched for and recorded his younger brother Mustafa Aslan. It says I shot two guys from Bini וcil, take care of yourself. I have a phone record. In other words, we are not terrorists, the past is clear. “

Meanwhile, his relatives were seen spreading the Turkish flag at a funeral.