The expression of Guristan Doc’s boyfriend appears

Her boyfriend, Russia, disappeared within the scope of a survey conducted by the Tunceli Prosecutor’s Office on a sophomore in the Faculty of Child Development at Muntul University who had not been contacted after leaving Tunceli’s dormitory on January 5, 2020. He said he was born in ZA and was detained in the Alaniya district of Antalya yesterday.

ZA’s statement, released under judicial control and banned from abroad, came after a statement that lasted about four hours. The SEGBSTRUCTS cross-examination in the Alaniya court lasted about four hours, but the Russian-speaking translator was ready for ZA. It was found that Tunceli’s chief prosecutor and investigative prosecutor asked ZA 13 questions, but ZA spoke Turkish throughout the cross-examination and did not need an interpreter.

“We left a month ago.”

ZA, who did not ask for a lawyer at the beginning of the cross-examination, said he would make a statement himself. ZA said he had been friends with Gülistan for about a year and they broke up a month before he disappeared. ZA, who came to the cafe where Gristan was working and wanted peace, said, “I said this was impossible. I asked him to go back to the dormitory after a while. Then I went back to work. I went shopping at the market. Then I saw Guri Standok at the bus stop. I called him from Istanbul and talked. He called me on the phone and said that Guristan was back. So I went to our residence. I went. The mother and sister of our residence, Gülistan, were sitting in the kitchen. During the day, Gülistan never called me. I never called her. There wasn’t. He asked us to reconcile. We broke up with him about a month ago. I took him an exam, had to prepare for school, he Said that he should take care of his school. I didn’t tell Gristan that he wouldn’t reconcile with him. I just said, “Let’s take a break for a month or two.” Gulistan said to me, “I miss you, I want to be with you.” Then he left our dwelling. I don’t remember the exact time he left our residence, but the dormitory closed around 23:00. It was about 20 minutes until the dormitory closed. It was raining at that time, my dad told me, “It’s raining, drive away from Gulistan.” I left in front of our dwelling with my father’s car. In a previous statement, I elaborated on what happened after I left my home. My statement there applies exactly to this part. Later that night, Gulistan sent a text message to my phone via WhatsApp saying “scary”. Apart from that, I never contacted Gulistan by phone after I left home and went home. “

“My mother called Meltem, not me.”

The investigative prosecutor told him, “The HTS investigation found that on 20.08 on January 4, 2020, one message was sent from the number used by Gülistan Doku to the number you used. In response to the question “Please provide information about the content of the message,” he said, “My mother called me on January 4, 2020 and Gülistan returned home, but my phone was off. So my mother called. She said her friend Meltem had arrived. I don’t remember Meltem’s name. “I didn’t see the message you said on the phone. I don’t remember such a message. I only saw the message that Gristan sent me. I said “scary” at night and didn’t see the message you asked. “

Called from ZA’s mother’s phone the night before GULISTAN was lost

Galinstan Doc said in HTS records one day before his disappearance that he was called from his mother’s phone at 20:24 and had no information about the conversation that lasted 3 minutes and 3 seconds. If Guristan calls her, she is my mother. My mother didn’t say anything like that to me, “he said.

“I don’t remember the message and talk”

“In the HTS survey, a message was sent to the mother’s phone number from the number used by Gülistan Doku on January 4, 2020. Please provide information about the content of the message,” ZA replied. It’s been a long time, so please remember. He didn’t send me a message. I don’t remember if my mother said anything about this incident, “he said.

That same night, HTS records revealed that ZA was called from Gülistan Doku’s phone at 23:14 and had an interview of 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

A lawyer was requested during the question

At the request of ZA, a lawyer from the Antalya Bar Association was appointed to continue the cross-examination. In a statement following the lawyer, when the lawyer’s chief asked about the meaning of the “I’m afraid” message sent by Gülistan to ZA, he said, “For what purpose Gülistan sent me. I don’t know exactly. Message. She might have sent it to me because she was outside. I told her “my hometown”.

The prosecutor asked the difference between the two statements

The prosecution said, “In an informed statement made on January 6, 2020, he came home around 20:00 on January 4, 2020, and Guristan waited in front of the outer door of his father’s residence. It is understood that you saw him enter the house with Guristan, but on 07.01. In a statement you made at the branch, you went to the dwelling alone and your mother answered the phone you used. After calling and saying Guristan, you will find that Guristan has entered the house before you. I wanted to come to your residence and talk to you. The reason for the difference between these two statements In response to the question, ZA said, “I don’t remember my remarks about the problem you asked. It’s been a long time. When I got home, Gulistan was in the house. That’s how I remember it. “

ZA sent a message to a friend of GULISTAN that “a very bad thing happened yesterday”

In a message with a friend of Gülistan Doku on January 5, 2020, she asked the prosecutor why ZA wrote “something very bad happened yesterday” and what she meant. Said. “When the police came to see us at night, I wrote this message to explain how the incident happened,” he said.

Asked about the contact information at the cafe they last met

When I heard from the public prosecutor’s office that I had a discussion in front of the cafe before the Guristan dormitory disappeared, “Guristan first came to the cafe and wanted to talk to me. When I told her to talk, She told her. I wanted to talk outside, but after finishing work at the cafe, I went to Guristan. When I went out the night before, the car got mud because of what happened on 04.01. He apologized to me because he got stuck. .2020 and the police came. I asked where I was staying last night and who I was with. I didn’t want to say at first. But he said he was with the teacher. He was a teacher and he didn’t answer. And he kept talking about the reconciliation. He told me, “We go elsewhere if we want. You can, we can escape from here. “I told him. He said to me, “If we go far, no one will tell us anything, we will be alone.” I told him, “Yesterday you already Stayed in another place, go to the dorm until this evening, rest well and finish work in the evening I told my mother again, you can apologize and talk. He is me I started walking towards the dormitory, so I went to the cafe. A minute or two later, when I went to the market, I saw Gülistan stopped. I returned to the cafe. I didn’t have time, so I connected to the cafe’s Wi-Fi and called Gülistan via WhatsApp. I asked him, “Why didn’t he go to the dorm, he was at the stop. What were you doing? ” He told me he went to college, went to his teacher. I said to him, “Is there a teacher there on Sunday? I said,” Which teacher are you going to? He told me, “The teacher is waiting, to me I have a job. “I didn’t claim it was exam time. I said to him, “Then go to college, finish your work, go to the dormitory when you’re done, tell me when you go to the dormitory.” I didn’t leave the cafe during the WhatsApp conversation I mentioned. I talked to him at the cafe. After finishing the speech, I continued to work at the cafe. I don’t remember the exact time, but I left the cafe around 15.00 to 16:00 and went to the gym on the main road. I stood there for about an hour and a half. A friend of Gulistan started looking for me. They asked me if there was any information that they couldn’t reach Gülistan. So I told my friends about the events just mentioned in my statement. After returning home, police called me at night and applied for my statement about Gulistan. I walked to the location mentioned in my statement. “I didn’t use any means of transportation,” he said.

Criminal report asked

“ZA has put pressure on Gülistan Doku,” he said in a press report about the security camera footage he last met with the National Crime Agency. “The conversation between Gülistan and Gulistan was calm. There was no discussion.” I do not accept the points of the National Crime Agency’s report that you asked me, “he said.

The car is clogged with mud

In her statement to the public prosecutor’s office on February 4, 2020, ZA was asked about the content of the fight and reminded her parents that they fought the night before Gülistan Doku disappeared. ZA said, “My dad got angry with me because the car was sunk in the mud and it was raining after I left to drop Gulistan by car, and he pulled the car off the ground. Again, my stepfather got angry with me. The police came to the scene and I didn’t have a driver’s license. My mother was also standing by my side. They were with my dad about it. We discussed, “he replied.

After being lost, ZA CALLED GULISTAN

The captured HTS record states that ZA called after Gülistan’s disappearance on January 5, 16.26, leaving a four-second message and asking what a four-second conversation was. Mr. ZA said, “I called Guristan this time, but since the phone was hung up, there may have been a 4-second recording of the voice mail recording. But as I said earlier, the phone hung up, so I talked. No. In a friendship with Greece, she sometimes went to my residence where I stayed. “My family knew Gristan, but I didn’t see her parents. My family loved Gristan. No problem between my parents. Galistan fate. There is no news about Galistan fate over time. “I have no meaning or knowledge. I want you to find Galinstan. There is no knowledge, manners or involvement in the disappearance of Galinstan. The phone I used was confiscated. No other phone or line is currently in use. No phone required. Make a call from the phone of the next person. I will not accept any charges. Greek language. There is nothing else to add to my statement. I demand to be released. “

Source: DHA