The excitement of the Festival Volleyball Youth Turkish Championship begins-Sports News

The introduction meeting for the Festival Volleyball Infrastructure Turkey Championship was held at the CNR EXPO Fair Center in Yenisehir, where the match will take place. To the conference that was held. Yenisehir Mayor Abdullah Oziit, Turkish Volleyball Federation Vice President Ahmet Gox, Mersin Youth Sports Director Okkes Demir, and Turkish Volleyball Federation Mersin Representative Nurten Keskin attended.

Star Girls and Star Boys will make their first appearance on the field between May 11th and 16th, within the scope of the Volleyball Festival held in Mersin this year in collaboration with the City of Yenisehir and the Turkish Volleyball Federation. The Volleyball Festival will continue from May 18th to 25th in the Midi Girl and Little Boy category, and will end on June 9th to 16th with the Midi Boy and Little Boy match.

ABDUL LAHÖZY וĞוT: We host over 4000 athletes

Özyiğit, Mayor of Yenisehir, recalled that about 3,000 athletes participated in the 2013 Mediterranean Games and said that the festival volleyball will welcome more than 4,000 athletes. Özyiğit has stated that he will continue to work within the principles of movement, including cultural, artistic, sporting and healthy mobility. This principle includes cultural, artistic, sporty and healthy mobility. We gathered at the Yenisehir Europe Triathlon Cup, an international sports organization held in Yenisehir last month. We have accepted and left behind athletes from different countries in the city. It is a very successful organization and we hope that the World Triathlon Race will be held in the next few years. The Mediterranean Games in the Mediterranean will host approximately 3,000 athletes, and the festival will host more than 4,000 athletes. Probably the most attending sports organization ever held in Mersin. From this point of view, it is actually a very valuable organization. Again, Women We held the Basketball Turkish Cup in our city and the women’s basketball team in the city of ÇBK Mersin Yenichehill became the Turkish champion. Our team will play the final against Fenerbahce in today’s Women’s Basketball League. I want to be a league champion. “

“First time after a pandemic”

Mayor Özyiğit pointed out that they are together for a very important national sports organization, “We are working with our municipality and the Turkish Volleyball Federation to celebrate the Festival Volleyball Infrastructure in Yenisehir, Mersin. We are hosting the Turkish Championships. Our country’s leading athletes play under uniforms. We welcome 4000 athletes of different ages from 160 teams from about 50 different cities. Previously Yenisehir The Festival Volleyball, held in Bursa, Kocaeri and Konya, will be held for the first time in Yenisehir since 2019 due to the pandemic process. We are very pleased to bring such an organization to our city. “I will.”

AHMETGÖKSU: Paying attention to infrastructure

Ahmet Göksu, Vice President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, said that Turkey understands that Turkey is a volleyball country everywhere because it attaches great importance to its infrastructure as a federation. With the contribution of the city of Yenisehir to the organization, it will be held in Mersin for the first time since 2019. We would like to thank Mayor Abdullah Oziit and his support for volleyball for providing this opportunity. The team will be hosted. The festival offered courses to 80 referees in Mersin. These referees will participate in the match. This is the first festival volleyball to carry out the Clean Game Good Behavior Project. Friendship, peace and unity are phenomena that are struggling to win in sports. Improving your skills is important, but most importantly, accepting losses and celebrating the winner. I want this for volleyball. (DHA)