The dismissed State Health Director issued a message of condemnation about the sergeant from the hospital’s account.

Mula State Health Director dismissed on suspicion of assault at Mula Training and Research Hospital Iskender KennerHospital social media account specialist sergeant on behalf of the attending physician Ali AradaguriIt turns out that he made a post blaming. It turns out that the “We Condemn” post created from an account that states that the password information is in the directorate has not been deleted for a long time, despite a warning from the hospital administrator.

Sergeant Ali Aradaul, a specialist in charge of the Yatagan Military Police Command, was taken by ambulance to Yatagan State Hospital when he became ill around 23:00 on March 14. Aradaul, who was transferred to the Mula Training and Research Hospital after the intervention, was assigned to an emergency room where he wanted to see himself. Tahil Talimer I talked with (26). Hospital guards intervened in the case. Dr. Talima claimed he was beaten during the discussion. Talima, who said he had a rash on his body and his glasses were broken, filed a complaint against Aradaul after receiving reports of the assault. Ali Aladağlı was also reportedly assaulted. Aladağlı, who was diagnosed with appendicitis, underwent surgery.

Claims that he “made me angry and suffocated”

In his statement to the police, Dr. Tarımer described the case as follows:

“The patient was referred to Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. I told him it wouldn’t be possible without a blood test or other tests. He Is his paperwork. I didn’t let him out after him. He got angry and pushed me and choked me. “

Click-The doctor who claimed to have been abused by the sergeant spoke for the first time. The end of the rope ran away and flew away.I wish they weren’t there

Ali Aladağlı, who was discharged from general surgery services after appendicitis surgery at Muğla Training and Research Hospital, said healthcare professionals: “You have been exposed to violence, beatings and insults. We have treated you and fired you.” They applauded during the slogan.

He complained, “I was hurt.”

Sergeant Ali Aradaul, a detained specialist, became ill again at the police station. Unable to make a statement, Aladağlı was taken to Menteshe State Hospital by a police team complaining of severe pain in the area that had been operated on for appendicitis. Aradaul, who was discharged again after treatment at the hospital, was taken back to the Chief of Police, Hamdibay. In his statement, Aradaul stated that he was a real victim, “I did not insult or physically intervene in the medical staff. I was unjustly lynched and public. I was lynched on the spot, so I’m complaining about the doctor. ” Aladağlı, who was transferred to court after police action, was released on the terms of judicial control. In addition, an administrative investigation has begun on Aladağlı, which was suspended as a precautionary measure.

Reality revealed in the image

Doctor, claiming he was attacked by the security camera footage of the incident. There was a time when Talimar slipped and fell, chasing away after the professional sergeant Aradaul, who wanted to get documents from an officer on his desk. After the image, the hospital owner, doctor. He started an administrative investigation into the farmers. Dr. Aradagri He has filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office for allegations of deceiving himself about Talimar. Aladağlı, who had been suspended as a precautionary measure, has returned to his duty.

Protected by 25 healthcare professionals

Mula Training and Research Hospital’s doctor’s administrative investigation is ongoing. Chief Physician Association. Within the scope of the investigation conducted by Dr. Turhan Togan, images from hospital security cameras were monitored and participants in the applause protest were determined. This week, the defense of 25 health care workers, including doctors, began.

“Hospital registration should never be done again”

The survey file also included communications from doctors working in WhatsApp group hospitals. In the letter, after sharing Aradaul’s identity, he says, “I don’t want to write and look up a petition using his identity for the following reasons:” It turns out that you have such a right. “

In correspondence, it is the duty of the hospital administrator to oppose violence. In addition, statements such as “I’m not sure why the doctors didn’t respond to the crimes committed” and “Surely the government wasn’t at the forefront in such a situation” were issued.

State Health Director dismissed

After the process, Muğla Provincial Health Director 0054skender Gencer was dismissed and general practitioner Ali Burak Mülayim was appointed. The judicial management requirements of Sergeant Ali Aladağlı, who was determined not to abuse Dr. Tahir Tarımer, were also lifted by opposition from his lawyer.

Condemnation by provincial directorate order

At the behest of Mula State Health Director Iskender Genser, it was discovered that a message of condemnation was published on the hospital’s Twitter account on March 15 on behalf of the attending physician.

From an account that was found to have password information in the Directorate General, the following statement was included in a post titled “We Condemn”.

“In the face of violent or insulting behaviors and attitudes that took place on March 14, 2022 against colleagues who devotedly attempted to perform their duties under all circumstances, we at Mula Training and Research Hospital. As management of, we declare that we will obey. Legal proceedings in the case We convey our best wishes to our doctor’s friends and condemn this kind of violence experienced in good health.

The attending physician was called to warn the principal

Mula Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Association. Dr. Targan Togan was reported to have called Gencer after the post, looked at the security camera footage, and said the sergeant was wrong. Nevertheless, it turns out that the post was deleted on March 20th. (DHA)