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The war between Russia and Ukraine, one of the world’s largest wheat exporters, has jeopardized this year’s harvest. Concerns about bottlenecks are growing in the Middle East and North Africa, which rely on transportation via the Black Sea. These developments have raised US wheat futures from concerns that drought on US agricultural land will reduce production, and Russia, the world’s largest grain exporter, has temporarily restricted shipments to former Soviet countries. After imposing. Wheat futures contracts increased 1.4% to $ 10.85 per bushel, or $ 398.7 per ton, after a 15% decline in the last four sessions.


Experts say it is inevitable that this decision will affect Turkey. Turkey supplies 78% of its wheat needs from Russia. In Turkey, where wheat and barley self-sufficiency has dropped to 82%, rising import costs have a direct impact on bread and pita bread prices, even if there is no shortage of foreign supply, according to experts.

How long will Rama Zampide be?

Setin, president of the Istanbul bakery, who made a statement about what the price of pita bread will be in the short month of Ramadan, said the 365-gram plain pide sold at 4 liras last year will be 330 grams this year and will be sold at 6 liras. .. He said the price of 415 grams including sesame and eggs would be 9TL.
In a statement to Mynet on this matter, Halil Ibrahim Balti, President of the Turkish Bakery Federation, said: An application from the Chamber of Commerce of a bakery in Istanbul stated that 330 grams of pita bread would cost 6 lira. “He said. “We have an application, but it will be revealed at the end of this month.”


“We won’t hire bread right away, we’ll take a look at the process.”

Almost every month, we see an increase in bread due to rising input prices. In response to the question of whether bread prices will rise in the near future, Balti said: We are in discussions with related ministries and agencies. We are trying to incorporate it as much as possible. This process continues until the wheat is harvested. Unless there are special circumstances, there is no increase in bread, but the price forces us a little. We will investigate the process, “he said.


“PITA will be gorgeous”

In a statement to Mynet over the past few weeks, Cihan Kolivar, chairman of the Bread Producers Employment Union, said: Pita is now a luxury. Last year it was 5-6 lira. Here, if the price of bread is 5 lira, the pita will be 10 lira. In this case, the citizens would not buy pita or buy it expensively, “he said, sharing his estimate of the price of pita.

New bid for wheat imports from 2TMO

Meanwhile, the Turkish Grain Commission has reportedly launched two separate bids for wheat imports, one at 270,000 tonnes and the other at 260,000 tonnes.

Talking to Bloomberg, the Department of Trade and Resources said it had opened two separate bids for wheat imports. Therefore, for the first bid of 270,000 tonnes, the bid will be collected until March 17th. Bids will be delivered between March 25th and April 22nd. 50,000 people from each of the ports of Iskenderun, Mersin and Izmir participated in this bid. 25,000 people from each port of Derince, Bandırma, Tekirdağ and Samsun. Delivery of 20,000 tons is planned from the port of Trabzon.


The second bid opened by the office is expected to import 260,000 tonnes of wheat. Bids that continue to bid until March 18 will require delivery between March 28 and April 22. 75,000 people from Iskenderun Port in this bid. 50,000 people each from Mersin Port and Samsung Port. We plan to ship 25,000 tonnes of wheat from Izmir, Bandırma and Tekirdag ports and 10,000 tonnes from Trabzon port.

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