The Crimea Turkish leader said:

Breaking news … Russia’s occupation of Ukraine continues on the 11th day. The sound of collisions and artillery continues to rise in many parts of the country. Thousands of Crimean Tatars living in the area are also worried. The Crimean Tatars, also belonging to the Ukrainian army, are resisting the Russian occupation.

Crimea Turkish leader Mustafa Semil Krumzior evaluated the war between Russia and Ukraine and detailed the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“When I met Putin, I said,” I will not be a leader in treating my people. ” “

“We have been banished from our hometown. Thousands of Turks are trying to survive there under strong pressure. In Putin’s eyes, anyone who does not cooperate with him is a terrorist. What is Putin? When I called me a year ago, he said he would make us very happy, “if we help them,” I said, “I’m a leader who betrays my people. Don’t, “he said. Kirimogur also said at the end of the meeting that Putin had requested a meeting in Tatarstan.

“Turkey has always been with Ukraine”

According to Haberglobal’s Şifa Kaynak news; Crimiano Guru said that Ukrainians trust the Turks: “As Crimea Turks, we want peace in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but they Fighting us. We resist Russia and protect our country. About 1,000 Crimea Turks are waiting for evacuation .. Of about 5,000 Crimea Tatars living in the western region Mostly. He wants to come to Turkey. He also contacts the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize evacuation activities. The Turks have always stood by Ukraine. We see this I know. Ukrainians know, see, and understand the authority of the Turks. “

2nd place

“1 million Russians stationed in Crimean land”

There are more than 10,000 Crimean Tatars in Kyiv alone, Kirimogur said. “After the occupation of Crimea, about 30,000 Crimean Tatars emigrated to the mainland of Ukraine. I am worried. For those who want to go out,” This is also our land. I want you to stay. And “This occupation. Hope it’s over. They brought 1.5 million Russians to the Crimean Peninsula. Their purpose is to change the effective map and make it Russian. “He says. rice field.

“Ukrainian troops and the Crimean Peninsula are fighting together head-on.”

“Our troops of the Ukrainian army are fighting against the Russian occupation with Ukrainian soldiers. In Ukraine it is always said that” the real Ukrainians are in Crimea and they are the Tatars of Crimea. ” I am. The Crimean Tatars lived in peace and prosperity. In Ukraine. We have an agent. I used the phrase.

“Are you a killer or a body?”

“They are trying to Russify us. After the Russians launched the attack, there are people who came to the Crimean Tatars’ house and were threatened. They gave us something against Ukraine. I want to say. They are forcibly recruiting. Crimean young people have joined the Russian army. To the young people who were forced to join the Russian army, “You are either a murderer or a corpse. Will be. ” Your remarks are also included.

“They banned attempts at Crimea until 2034.”

“They are so afraid that they banned me from entering my hometown of Crimea until 2034. I don’t know if I’ll die or stay by that time, but their purpose is for me to stay with them. It’s even a ban on being buried in land, “said Kirimogur. ..

He continued his words as follows:

There are also several Russian collaborators from the Crimean Tatars. We know these. Their number has not increased. We don’t even say hello to them.

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