The CEO of the Italian League made a special statement to SABAH Spor!

The Club Association hosted the General Assembly of the European League Association. Luigi De Siervo, CEO of the Italian League, one of the senior executives at the meeting, made a special statement to Sabah Spor.

De Cielvo said Turkish football is a good point in terms of level: “Hakan Calhanor is one of the players chosen this month. Serie A is a very strong league and Charhanor is You can win this award. “

First of all, thank you for taking the time. First, can you learn your thoughts on Istanbul and this organization?

Luigi de Cielvo: I am very happy and honored to be here. Istanbul is a wonderful football city. The Congress of the Confederation of European Leagues is also going very well.

There is a strong league in which Serie A is constantly competing. What is the general roadmap you follow to get more investment? From the perspective of sponsors and fans, please tell us about the topics you are focusing on.

Luigi de Cielvo: Our focus is to create a real media company. Invested 1 million euros to establish the International Broadcast Center. We plan to set up a sports organization, a broadcasting center, and a VAR center with 12 cameras so that we can shoot live for referees at a very high cost. We aim to maximize the quality of the match. This is a very important move to raise the bar for sports. The establishment of this media company is very important as it will be a serious content provider for fans and sponsors. We also aim to be a content provider for virtual environments. European football has attracted more foreign investors than ever in recent years. We have become very attractive to them. Currently, 10 different investors from outside Italy are investing in Serie A and will increase further in the future.

What are your plans to increase broadcast revenue and stadium occupancy? This issue is currently being discussed much in Turkey.

Luigi de Cielvo: Increasing broadcast revenue is currently a very difficult problem for the whole world. It is true that we are having a lot of trouble in Italy. However, in recent years we have been working hard on this issue and are looking to make new investments in broadcast infrastructure technology companies. This problem is different in Italy and this company is not investing. The situation is likely to be difficult for the next five years. Now you have everything you need to set up your own channel. We have the opportunity to provide our customers with our own channels and the terms we have created ourselves. This is the first way to generate more income in Italy. Overseas is a completely different issue. We work in this area. We opened our first office in New York last month. We plan to open new communication offices in four different cities. This is the only way to be as successful as LaLiga …

There is a lot of criticism among Europeans about the process of renovating an Italian stadium. What are your projects and ideas on this subject? Turkey is a breakthrough country in this regard. Have you ever had the opportunity to review?

Luigi de Cielbo: ​​Unfortunately, Italy is a bureaucratic country. Building stadiums in every city presents challenges. To overcome these problems, we need to establish a task force. The formation must be accompanied by the Italian Olympic Committee and the Italian Football Federation to put pressure on the city’s government. However, I think this situation will change gradually. This will change as new investors are coming in now and they are making big investments.

Referee management is undoubtedly very decisive in the quality of the league. As Serie A, please give me information about your structure on this issue.

Luigi de Cielvo: The referee is the basis of this game and the referee’s level is pretty good. The referee’s level was good before, but now a new generation is coming out and it’s very nice. They work hard. However, we are also focusing on the development of VAR systems. Our VAR center is very transparent. You can easily see how people work. The referee is determined by the federation, but the referee board has a structure within itself. We also strive to help them by making assessments among themselves.

Some clubs have announced that they will also participate in the European Super League project from Italy. What is your view on this issue, and what will your sanctions be for possible participation?

Luigi de Cielvo: This is a very old story … topics like the European Super League first came up in the 1990s, every 10 years. This is the method of pressure used by top clubs to make more money for the UEFA. They do this to guarantee more money. This is the last. They use this idea as leverage when negotiating.

The issue of co-ownership between the Lazio Club and the Salernitana Club was resolved, albeit on the final day. Are there any caveats about such an event?

Luigi de Cielvo: This is an issue that the federation must address. It’s not about the league. But frankly, it’s not right for one person to own two clubs. I don’t think there will be such a problem in the future. For example, the owners of Naples and Bali were the same. At least in the second league. For this reason, you will need to sell one of the two clubs later this month. This is for now.

And of course, Turkish soccer players playing in Serie A, Italy … What do you think of many Turkish soccer players such as Hakan Calhanor, Merih Demiral, Mart, Khan and Torgay?

Luigi de Cielvo: The players you count are the top players. Hakan Calhanor is one of the players selected for this month’s players. Serie A is a very strong league and Hakan Calhanor can win this award. I think Turkish football is at a good level. We are very pleased to have a good Turkish player in our league. They are very good players.