“The card shown to Joseph should be canceled immediately” – TRT Spor


A statement from the club stated that the incident that occurred after the MKE Ankaraguçu game had a huge impact on the black and white community, and used the following statement:

“We have always felt within us the concepts of friendship, peace and brotherhood that define the sport, but we were spurred on by football hooligans who lost their mental balance at the end of the MKE Ankaragutu match. This unacceptable incident left us with a deep scar: from that moment until the start of the match, the attention and relevance of the MKE Ankaragücü club president and board, and our president Falk Kocha immediately after the incident. An apology to the community was a key element: “This incident should not only concern Besiktas. We must prevent our competitors from being exposed to such incidents and be more careful about the measures taken.” It is very important that you heed our call to pay.”

“Don’t get mad at me. Let’s just think about football.”

“I don’t even want to see resentment, hatred or animosity in any sport, not just football,” the so-called statement continued.

“We must put a hat on our heads and think about eliminating this incident caused by ignorant football opponents who cast a shadow over an environment of peace and tranquility. We are proud of what Sheref Bey, Huck Yeten and Husnu Bey have infused into our souls with their gentlemanly approach since 1903. It will continue to blow and live on. , pledge to continue to give the answers they need to those who provoke us and stand up against us. Oppose us on this issue. Let us not be provoked. Let us continue to be. Those who slap and kick us are unfair. We invite and ignore those who stand before us. Their righteousness and sense of justice, peace and tranquility. We stand firm against all injustice, no matter which club we oppose, and continue to hold out the olive branch to them. Our aim is to maintain peace, friendship and brotherhood in all areas of sport.”


“Omer Erdogan’s non-football instruction played a big part in creating a match like this.”

The black and white club claimed that MKE Ankaragücü coach Omer Erdogan was involved in the incident.

In a statement advocated for Omer Erdogan’s attitude and swearing in the stands, the following was recorded:

“Following the instructions of MKE Ankaragücü is almost unacceptable. Moreover, the profane cheering of the audience from start to finish is unignorable. This was also the factor that lit the fuse. We have the criminals we need. Me. We are looking forward to that as well.”

“I request immediate cancellation of this card”

A statement calling for the cancellation of the card of Brazilian footballer Joseph de Souza, who received a red card after the match, concluded with the statement:

“It was clear from the beginning what would happen in the end, the grounds were made for it. “We demand that this card be canceled immediately.In addition, the speech given by the coach of MKE Ankaraguçu to the young footballer revealed another ugly image of this. What the coach will say to his players tomorrow is a matter of curiosity.Our joy is the continuation of our leadership.Because our job is football playing on the field with gentlemen.We The elders have taught us this.

“Joseph’s Wrong Account”

The black-and-white team’s second statement drew attention to a similar instance that had occurred earlier. The statement said:

“After the final whistle of the Football A team MKE Ankaraguçu in Ankara in week 5 of the Sporto Toto Superleague, football terrorism unfortunately resurfaced and the players were attacked in front of the crowd. Shortly after the scandal, one of our team captains.Joseph de Souza should never have a place in football by his teammate and referee Mete Carcavan. Not kept this dangerous person away. However, our football player received a red card for a great decision. Public reaction despite not using physical violence.

I leave it to you to thank the public by presenting to the public this astonishing error of decision of the competition judges, along with similar examples in the world and in our country.

On December 21, 2011, in the 38th minute of a Dutch Cup match between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar, a home team supporter entered the field and attacked AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado. Esteban, who also physically assaulted a fan, was kicked out of the game with a red card, but the dissent and subsequent reaction were consistent, and it was believed that he had been shown a red card, so the card was rescinded. It was unfair to the players.

In the Trabzonspor-Besiktas match in Trabzon on 20 October 2007, goalkeeper Rüsztü Retivel was kicked out of the match in the 79th minute for touching the ball with his hand outside the penalty area. In a statement from the Professional Football Disciplinary Commission, “In accordance with the conscientious belief, international principles and customs, and Article 1 of the Law on Dismissal of Workers No. 8813 that there is a serious and manifestly wrong decision (unfair dismissal), Articles 4b and 51 of the Main Statute on the Establishment and Obligations of the Turkish Football Federation, its Procedures and Principles, Article 1 of the Football Disciplinary Order, FIFA and UEFA Disciplinary Instructions, FIFA Circular No. 948 dated 11.01. 2005;it was decided that there was no room for penalties for not participating in the first official competition that automatically followed.

In a match between Fenerbahçe and M. Basaksehir on 23 December 2020, Rafael Pereira da Silva of the guest team was red carded out of the game after being shown yellow cards in the 70th and 71st minutes. After discussing the objection made on the grounds that the footballer in question had not made contact with an opponent before position, the removal of the red card and the penalty for the first and second yellow cards were decided. . , and Rafael Pereira da Silva went unpunished. The statement issued said: “His 86/2. and 86/3 of the FDT. Under the Articles, the first yellow card, the first yellow card, the deprivation of the red card for the second yellow card and the criminal offense. It was decided to accept the request for deletion of