The brothers who found the bank deficit sent 16 billion TL to their account.

Brothers Receipt (26) and Emre G. have transferred billions of lira from their private bank investment accounts to their own accounts. When the incident occurred, the Samsung Public Prosecutor’s Office began investigating the brothers. Since the bank’s headquarters are in Istanbul, the investigation continued at the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office in Istanbul. The two brothers, whose bank accounts had been frozen, were released on condition of judicial control.

According to the survey file, Receipt G., who worked at a Samsung gas station, was using a bank account opened under his own name in collaboration with his brother Emre G. Emre G. accidentally found a deficit in the bank while trying to withdraw money. Emre G. realized that he could transfer the required amount to his account with the explanation he found, made about 70 transactions in two days, and used the shortfall to transfer a total of 16 billion TL to his account. Did. With this money, the brothers bought a cell phone, then a luxury car, and repaid some of their relatives’ debts.

Emre G. said in a statement to the public prosecutor’s office that his brother Recep G. opened a bank account at Antalya Konya altı’s bank branch to pay his salary when he started working at a gas station in 2018.

“My brother came here and started using the account jointly. On February 26th, I accessed the account from the mobile banking system. The balance of the account was zero. I had no money. Later investment account I wanted to withdraw money from the menu of withdrawing money from my account. I clicked on that part. Amount. The writing part came out. I wrote the amount according to my head. The amount I wrote went to all. The Savings Account section I repeated this process about 60-70 times this way. Each time my request was fulfilled, I used these coins on my mobile phone or on the same day. I bought a car. I made a transfer of 300,000 TL. After the transfer, it was blocked and was not transferred to his account and was returned to my account. I received up to 40,000 TL of cash from the ATM. . Account from mobile banking again in the evening of the same day.

Like in the morning, I wanted to withdraw from the stock withdrawal corner of the investment menu of my account, but it was refused. On the night of Saturday and Sunday, 01.00 on the night of February 27, I revisited my account and entered and clicked,00 TL (7 billion lira) from the stock withdrawal menu in the same menu. Checked, saying “approved”, the amount I wrote was added to my savings account. passed. I requested two withdrawals and the money was reflected twice in my account. The withdrawal I made on Saturday reflected,00 TL (16 billion TL) in my account. We told the family elders about this situation. “Anyone who is in debt should come,” he said. I had a debt of 80,000 TL and made an EFT / remittance with the same account to a relative with poor economic conditions. The account was blocked while I and my brother were making these transactions. When I called the bank, he said, “My account is blocked for security reasons.” When I asked to remove the block, it was unblocked and my account became active. On Monday, February 28th, they called my brother Recep G from Yapı Kredi Bank because their account was registered with my brother Recep G. They asked my brother, “A lot of money is flowing into his account, do you know what the source of this is?” My brother said, “I know. I have. ” The bank clerk asked my brother, “Where did he come from?” He also said he had moved from an investment account to a savings account. The bank clerk said to my brother, “Did you make that much investment? My brother said,” Without it I couldn’t get it done. ” A bank official said, “The money wasn’t rewarded.” My brother also said he wasn’t fooling anyone, it was a transaction between his own accounts. The account was blocked during this meeting, “he said.

In his statement, Recep G. said:

“On February 26, I left home and went to work. My brother was able to access my account while I was working. When he accessed my investment account, he Wrote an amount in the inventory check section and requested a withdrawal. He told me that his account had a balance of about 800 million TL (800 million TL) as a result of his transaction. I was very surprised. If you say “Tell me what happened”, write the amount in the stock check box of the account from the investment account menu and say “Check”, the money will be reflected as a balance in the deposit account section of the account. .. I couldn’t believe it. His brother accessed the account and sent 100,000 TL to another bank’s account. This transfer amount was reflected in my account at another bank as a balance. I don’t have an account. After a while, we went out and received 10,000 TL from the ATM from the Yapicredi Bank account. Then we went to the tech store and bought three phones for 100,000 TL. We paid for the phone from the pos device. We went home and said to our brother, “Show me how you did this.” He also had access to his account. From the investment account section, the stock has entered the withdrawal menu.

He wrote 7,000,000,000,00 TL (7 billion lira), he said confirmed, and this amount was transferred to my savings account as a balance. He repeated the same transaction over and over again.,00TL was reflected as the balance in the Deposit Account section of my account. The account balance was approximately (16 billion TL). You logged out without performing any other transaction on your account. The date changed on the night connecting Saturday and Sunday, so I went out again and took out 5000TL from the ATM. His brother also withdrew 8000TL from the Yapicredi Bank card and transferred it to his account. We went home. I returned to work at 06:00 on Sunday morning. Transactions from your account were not made until 16.00. After I got home, I consulted with the car dealer that my brother contacted to buy a car. We negotiated and agreed on 300,000 TL. I sent money from my account to the gallery owner’s account. The money was credited to his account. I was supposed to receive a car delivery on Monday, but I couldn’t receive the car because the bank blocked the gallery owner’s account. He also informed his relatives, “If you are in debt, please let us know, we will help you.” I sent about 80,000 TL (80,000 TL) from this account to my relatives. It will be detected by checking the account statement. Some people received and used money from their relatives. “