The Antalya Conference is on the agenda of the world today! “Diplomatic victory in itself”

The Antalya conference, held yesterday in Antalya and where the two camps of the war first met at the same table, is being spoken around the world today, just as it was yesterday. Newspapers focused on Turkey’s mediation role in today’s news, but the Russian attack after yesterday’s meeting evoked a reaction.

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On the 15th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, both sides of the war gathered in Antalya with the efforts of Turkey. Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba met for the first time at a table attended by Foreign Minister Mevrut Chavszol.

334 journalists from 34 countries monitored by the press

334 journalists from 34 countries saw the Tripartite Summit in Antalya. The press was taken early in the morning to the hotel where the summit was held under strict security measures. Out of keen interest, journalists lined up in areas where security screenings took place. After entering the hall, they were never allowed to go out.

Washington post

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Meanwhile, the Washington Post noted the fact that the Turkish-sponsored diplomatic conference took place under strong pressure from many global leaders to proceed with negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and ongoing diplomatic negotiations. Nevertheless, he criticized Russia’s continued attack on Mariupol. In Antalya.

The news also drew attention to Turkey’s mediation position.“Turkey, a NATO member with both Moscow and Kyiv, is keen on mediation. President Erdogan said he hopes the talks in Turkey will” open the door to a permanent ceasefire. ” “He said. The statement was included.

The Wall Street Journal

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal is published by President Erdogan. “Meetings help cross important thresholds on the path of peace.” He conveyed his words to his news and added.

“President Erdogan held a meeting with the US President, stating that Turkey played a role in facilitating the crisis and that holding the meeting itself was a diplomatic victory.”

Russia is the opposite

Russia’s re-attack after the talks in Antalya has caused intense criticism in today’s world press.

Built: “Labrov’s Lie Show”

“The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia met in Antalya,” the German media agency Bilt added to the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Vik, heading to the Antalya summit. “Vikrov’s Lie Show” I made his statement.

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Insider: Russia, Ukraine could not approach the ceasefire

Insiders brought the diplomatic summit in Antalya to their homepage, emphasizing the words of Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers who did not reach a ceasefire decision, and emphasized that the Kremlin warmly welcomed the Putin-Zelensky conference.

NYT: Russia attacks two more cities due to failed diplomatic efforts

The NYT noted the fact that there was no ceasefire decision at the Antalya diplomatic summit and wrote that Russia had attacked two more cities. The report also said the United States plans to suspend its usual trade agreement with Russia.

Uploaded to Macron: The interview was held in Turkey and has excellent abilities

On the other hand, the fact that Turkey is the party that brought together the parties in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine attracted a great deal of attention in France.

As the French presidential election approached, the focus was on the Ukrainian human tragedy rather than the ballot box. Extreme left-wing presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenceon has harshly criticized French leader Macron for a summit meeting in Turkey at RMC, one of France’s leading media outlets.

The Antalya Conference is still on the agenda of the world today.Diplomatic victory in itself

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Melence’s rival Macron “He’s always calling someone over the phone. There may be a European president during his term, but Russia and Ukrainians have a meeting in Antalya. This is incompetent.” Said.