The 5th Ethnospore Cultural Festival has begun-TRTSpor

The opening ceremony of the festival at Ataturk International Airport was attended by Youth Sports Minister Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, World National Sports Federation President Bilal Erdogan, Istanbul Governor Ali Erikaya, and many Istanbul residents. ..

Various teams demonstrated after the parade, which included the Mehteran, Kök-Börü team, traditional sports branch athletes, the Kazakhstan equestrian wrestling team, and the Karabakh equestrian show team.

At the opening ceremony of the organization, Minister Casapol said the Ethnospore Cultural Festival was transformed into a cultural and sports festival.

Keeping in mind that Kasapoğlu has made great efforts to keep and promote the traditional sports sector, he said:

“It is a special excitement and pride for us to organize an organization that has become the world’s most comprehensive and largest participating festival in the traditional sports sector this year. We have many activities in traditional sports. The field of culture and art. This festival has become a festival of culture and sports. Especially the unity of traditional sports strengthens our unity and brotherhood bond and society. It’s a very meaningful opportunity for us to get closer to each other.

Since its inception in 2015, the World National Sports Federation has made serious efforts to keep our traditional sports sector alive and popular. As the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we support, contribute and cooperate with us in all activities of the Union. International promotion of the traditional sports sector, one of the finest elements of our national identity, was also included in our 11th Development Plan. The Ethno Sports Culture Festival serves this purpose and we are proud and excited. “

Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu has stated that four different federations are engaged in traditional Turkish sports, saying: With the leadership and great support of the President, our country’s traditional sports We carry out traditional sports activities in four different federations: branch, Turkish archery, horse riding sports and traditional wrestling. As in all areas, we are successful every day in supporting traditional branches, while raising our goals even further. Over the last five years, we can see that traditional competition and the number of athletes have increased by more than 100%. Young people’s interest and support for these branches has grown significantly. And as a result of growing interest, we are strongly supporting this effort by investing in new infrastructure. Existing Facilities Our products are qualified to accommodate traditional branch offices. We have built a unique traditional sports facility in Ankara. As a ministry, we are doing notable work to introduce traditional sports to our youth throughout the sports infrastructure and enable society as a whole to benefit from them. “

Turkey has achieved a very serious sporting acceleration in all areas over the last two decades, and Minister Casapol said, “We are proud every day and enjoy this achievement in different ways. Is a revolution in physical infrastructure while it is being carried out, spreading the sport to the grassroots and achieving success in the movement. He also realizes a revolution in performance in his work. ” I used it.

Recalling that Turkey will host the Islamic Solidarity and World Nomad Games this year, Mehmet Muharlem Casapol said:

“Everyone knows the reputation and brand of our country’s organizational capabilities. Combining the infrastructure, climate and geographical features of our facility with historical and cultural backgrounds, our country has a sports tourism perspective. You can see that it has become an important brand. Guests who have experienced the excitement of the organization in our country always express their satisfaction and come to us with new demands and projects. This is us. Is the source of happiness.

In August of this year, you will experience the excitement of the Islamic Solidarity Convention in Konya. More than 5,000 athletes from 56 countries will participate in this event. Meanwhile, the 4th World Nomad Games, which we consider to be very important to the world of Turkey and traditional sports, was held in Bursa from September 29th to October 2nd under the auspices of the President. increase. Under the slogan “Traditional signature for the future”, we will exhibit traditional sports from all over the world in the best possible way. We aim to make the nomadic competitions in Bursa from more than 100 countries a global brand of the Turkish National Organization and the World National Sports Federation. We are working with increasing enthusiasm for all these organizations. We hope that 2022 will be a year in which we will remember sports and achieve new results. “

Erdogan: “We have the excitement and joy to share.”

Bilal Erdogan, president of the World National Sports Federation, said he was pleased to host the 5th National Sports Culture Festival, which had been waiting for a while due to the epidemic.

Erdogan said the festival was an important opportunity to spend time together, meet, enjoy and learn, “Here we reach out to our roots and the colorful culture of the world and with us. Establishing a special affinity. Tradition. We do not see traditional sports and games in the distance. On the contrary, our people, families and young people do not see this festival in the distance. We want to help our kids practice and grow in sports in their daily lives. Up in these games. ”Phrase was used.

Erdogan emphasized that they believe that the future of mankind is in solidarity and peace, “tradition, respect, solidarity, peace, etc., make human life valuable, and these elements, including facts, are treasures. We believe that these treasure doors will come together through these festivals. We will continue this for the future of all humanity, not just the world of geography, Anatolia and Turkey. I think our future is also based on solidarity and peace. This is where we support solidarity and peace with the strong bonds we have established with our traditions. We love, respect and conversation with us. I know it’s in line with tradition, he said.

The development of the world shows that humanity needs more dialogue and peace than ever before, and Bilal Erdogan continued:

“Each of us has an important responsibility to heal the tears that flow with love. It’s never too late to smile on each other. We plant hope in the world and we live in it. Establishing peace in the region. Recently connecting us and making us ourselves. We need to stick to our values. In this context, the 5th Ethno Sports Culture Festival is very important. Let’s share the excitement and joy for 4 days. You can see and experience a lot of traditional sports and games of different cultures. Traditional art and universal taste. Add color to our festival. We witness one of the most colorful festivals in the world with over 1,000 participants in the fields of sports, art, culture and gastronomy. “

“The 5th Ethno Sports Culture Festival, especially our youth festival”

President Bilal Erdogan of the World National Sports Federation said he was very happy to welcome his family at the festival, “Dear mothers and fathers, it is up to us to beautify our future. Inspiration from our roots, our affluence, what comes from our traditions promises us a strong and bright future. We make our children a more beautiful and peaceful world. I believe it deserves. I believe that young people who think, study and pursue the truth are immortal seeds planted in the world. Hope will always live at your sacrifice and self-sacrifice. ” He said.

In the hope that the festival will be full of joy and fun for children, Erdogan said: A special opportunity to shoot arrows, ride horses, wrestle and take part in historic adventures. You can experience unforgettable moments at the event. You need to play games that you have learned safely with your friends at school or on the street. You’ve learned a lot while having fun. Based on these, we can see respect, solidarity, peace, and the values ​​that make this land our home. I used the phrase.

For young people, Bilal Erdogan said the festival includes many sports and games that allow young people to manage their energy and time efficiently.

“You have to play many of the sports and games you’ve learned here throughout your life, so that you can improve your analytic thinking skills and physical development, and get the key to a versatile life. The 5th Ethnosports Cultural Festival expresses that it is a special celebration for our youth. Find traces of our childhood, traditions and different cultures of the world and share the same excitement. One million visitors at the Ethnosports Cultural Festival. We hope our festival will leave a beautiful mark on all visitors. “

Governor Ericaya: “Our children and young people will meet our traditional sports and ancient cultural values.”

Recalling that 145,300 saplings were planted in the Nations Gardens at Ataturk International Airport on May 29, when the day of conquest was celebrated, Governor Alieri Kaya said: , A guarantee of our future. Follow their traces and discover our traditional sports and ancient cultural values. ” Said.

Regarding the historical depth of Anatolia’s geography, Ericaya said: “Our geography is the most fertile land in the world where history is written and art, science and culture are rooted. Each of our cultural values ​​came from this land. Architectural works and rugs. After the motif is woven into, you can find traces of this high culture. While leading the world in science, art and technology for centuries, we are the first to find our own identity and culture. Going to Private Square based on. To be us at the Ethno Sports Culture Festival, to protect our property. Going out into the field is a very sacred responsibility. It changes the story of this land as follows: Our Ethno Sports Culture Festival eliminates the difference from sports, the universal language of peace and raises awareness of coexistence. Our network , Equipped with the morals of our ancestral sports to our youth. “