The 4th largest in Istanbul is back-Sports

Founded by Kemal Halim Gürgen in 1926, Istanbul, Istanbul’s fourth largest club, has been promoted to Süper Lig.

The club, which won the Turkish Football Championship in 1932 and became Istanbul’s first Turkish champion, defeated Bandur Maspor 2-1 tonight and was promoted to the Super League 17 years later.

As a result, eight Istanbul teams during the 2022-2023 season will be super with Umraniye Spor and Istanbul Spor, who have risen this season following Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Istanbul Basakshehir, Kasimpasha and Fatikaragumruk. I will participate in the league. ..

On the other hand, Istanbul Spor reminds us of the time when French businessman Cem Uzan was president, but the club also includes a wonderful history of the Battle of Chanaccare and its coat of arms yellow. arm.

(Galatasaray-Istanbulspor match on April 13, 1934)

Gem Uzan era

Istanbul Spor entered the second league in 1981, but was able to maintain three seasons and was unable to return to the second league until 1992, gradually becoming one of the forgotten clubs. rice field.

After a long struggle in the lower divisions, businessman Cem Uzan took over the management and was promoted to the upper league every year, and in 1995 he was promoted to the super league after a large transfer attack. Istanbul Spor, who transferred to the second league after playing star names such as Tanju Colak, Sergen Yalçın and Aykut Kocaman, is the fourth largest in Istanbul, thanks to the great financial support behind it. I participated in the first league with the slogan of winning. It disrupted the European Cup and the league transfer market.

He also transferred an important player who made a name for himself in the Europa League. Towards the end of the 2000s, the Uzan Group gradually withdrew support from Istanbulspor, like other clubs Adanaspor.

Nonetheless, the mix of young players who grew up from the infrastructure and experienced players who are currently in the final stages of football has managed to resist for a long time in the Super League.

TMSF seized

The club, which is getting smaller each season due to budget and players, was handed over to the state government in 2004 with the seizure of a Uzan Group company by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey (TMSF). The club was weakened as a team and forced into the first league in the 2004-05 season as SDIF sold the last few valuable players of the club’s team to recover Uzan Group’s debt.

Istanbul Spor A.Ş changed his hand due to a TMSF attack. Has nothing to do with Istanbul Boys High School and continued to use the same coat of arms as the original coat of arms by adding the Turkish flag to the coat of arms. ..

However, the history of “Istanbulspor” has been integrated with Istanbul Boys High School.

SARAL FAMILY joins the club

After all the events, the Salal family, known for their weight in the Ob district of Trabzon and the mayor of Ob since 1874, purchased Istanbul Spor from Safet Sankakul in 2007.

Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu was replaced when the acquisition and then club president Ömer Sarıalioğlu died in 2015. Ömer Saral has also begun to serve as Vice President.

Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu, president of Istanbul Spor, told his life story in an interview.

“I was born in the Obtrabzon district in 1960. We went to Karabuk with our family in 1963. Then settled in Istanbul in 1970. We have been here for about 45 years. Masu … My dad was dealing with the transportation and construction industry. We started dealing with those sectors. I am the second child of the family and graduated from elementary school. Then junior high school students As a high school student, I continue to be educated. Reading is not old. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that I have a little difficulty setting an example for my children. When they look at us , I think they might understand the importance of reading a little more.

Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu recently received a lot of attention when Trabzonspor donated a million lira to the trophy monument.

All Martyrs of Canakkale

On the other hand, the yellow and black colors of the club come from the Canakkale War.

When World War I began shortly after the Balkan Wars, the government seized St. Benoit High School in Karakoy and the school building was assigned to Istanbul Sultanisi.

The walls were painted yellow, the color of the hospital at the time, because part of the school that continued to educate in this building until 1918 was used as a hospital during the war.

When the Dardaneres War began in 1915, 50 Istanbul Sultanisi students voluntarily participated in the war and protected their hometowns.

However, II at 03.30 on the night connecting May 18th to May 19th. All the students of the division were martyred in Kabatepe.

When the news of the deaths of the students arrived at the school, the school was filled with deep sorrow. The surviving students painted window frames and doors black in memory of their martyred friends and brothers to express their mourning.

Therefore, the school colors were adopted as yellow and black. Since then, these two colors have been commemorated as a symbol of solidarity and unity.

In this way, yellow and black have become a symbol of the school. Istanbul Spor, born from school, also adopted yellow and black as its color.

The color of the Istanbul Spor emblem is now used in yellow and black, unlike educational institutions, but the club did not change the color to commemorate the Martyrs of Canakkale.