The 3rd National Sports Women’s Summit was held

The 3rd National Sports Women’s Summit was held with the contributions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Organization of the Marmara University Women’s Economic and Social Research Center (ESKAR).

Marmara University Göztepe Campus Dr. AA Sports News editorial director ErsinŞiyhan, sports commentator Fatih Doğan, wheelchair tennis national athlete Ebru Sulak, Beşiktaş female basketball player וrem Naz Topuz, and national taekwondo player Şeyma Köseoğlu attended at the Satte Mi ..

Professor ESKAR, Director of ESKAR, thanked those who participated in the summit held under the theme of “There are no barriers to sports” and those who supported it. Dr. Fatma Ayanoğlu said, “When we first organized the organization, we talked about different categories of women. After that, the project grew. Our summit was held at 11 different colleges of people in the world of sports and art. It was the first time to gather scholars. “He said.

He expressed his views through a video he sent at the summit, the Minister of Youth and Sports and a professor of sports advisors. Dr. Nihat Gültekin was pleased to see women making a name for themselves in various fields and said, “It is our duty to further increase these success stories. Our athletes are proud of our hearts. Thinking, waving flags in every branch. Leaving a period of historic success in sports. Returning home with the most medals at the Paralympic Games. Making Turkey a country of sports The president’s efforts to raise the bar by investing in sports facilities, scholarships for athletes and training of qualified trainers. Women’s sports “in all 81 states” We conducted a study to remove the obstacles in front of women. Our policy. Now there is Turkey that has goals in all sports. ”Used the phrase.

Şiyhan: “We shouldn’t find athletes by chance”

ErsinŞiyhan, Editor-in-Chief of AA Sports News, said that the family perspective is an obstacle for athletes and that Turkey should take the culture of raising athletes more seriously.

ErsinŞiyhan points out that athletes with disabilities are struggling hard, “One of the main problems with Turkish sports is that the main obstacles are in the mind. Some that come to our minds. Turkey participates in the Olympic Games in 1936. They participate in fencing. The first Olympic medals appeared in 1992. Even after 60 years, Turkish women There are no physical obstacles to participating in the Olympics. Our view of sports prevents this. Of course, some things have changed recently. The real problem is the family. Our state is serious. Our minister is doing very serious research. The Turkish Special Athletes Sports Federation first visits villages to contact and persuade their families. Local administration. I made that evaluation.

ErsinŞiyhan pointed out the need to improve the training culture of athletes: “The majority of athletes happened to start sports or be guided by their families. It’s a difficult situation for a country of 80 million people. Our sports culture Don’t do that. Don’t accidentally find a player. The problem is more serious. You need to lean forward. Establish a culture of nurturing players and coaches with state support. I have to do it. ” He said.

ErsinŞiyhan emphasized the importance of digital and traditional media approaches in the world of sports, saying that Turks are very sensitive to support domestic athletes abroad, regardless of distance.

Sports commentator Fatty Doan points out that all athletes are of great value in the country: “Not only are you athletes, you are also a competitor. This is another price. Another sacrifice. It’s even harder to be a champion. The licensed branches are football, chess and taekwondo. There are 5 million licensed athletes, 2 million of whom are women. If you have a disability There is an effort. To raise awareness about this issue. Good examples have been revealed. “In recent years, the number of licensed athletes has increased. I understand. I am very pleased with the ministry’s efforts. Sponsors need to support as well as succeed. Not only athletes, but also athletes involved in social responsibility projects. ” Did.

Sulak: “Family is unaware that children overcome obstacles in sports.”

Ebru Sulak, a national athlete in wheelchair tennis, emphasized that the biggest problem faced by athletes with disabilities is the family approach.

Focusing on the difficulties he faced at the beginning of his career, Evre Slaak managed to become a national player by earning a degree at the Turkish Championship in 2010. In his first tournament, he improved himself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but succeed in support in Turkey. I had problems with support and transportation. I didn’t think what I experienced would be an obstacle. I think we need to educate our families. Somehow, that way we can go a long way, “he said.

Besiktas basketball player Irem Naz Tops also talked about the difficulty of becoming a professional athlete, saying, “I came to Istanbul from Izmir when I was 12 to 13. The most important issue was my longing for my mother. Sometimes there were 3 people. A weekly game a week other than training. I was able to go home once a year for 5-6 years. After the age of 17, I made Team A. As a professional in Turkey Doing this job does not change my social and educational life. At the same time I have made progress. When I came to Istanbul, my school life was interrupted. Two days a week outside the city or country May be done, so I won the college but couldn’t do it. Go. “I used the phrase.

Taekwondo national player Sheima Kesoul stated that she was proud to represent the Turkish flag, saying, “My father is a former wrestler. He wants to play sports for me too. I thought. So I started taekwondo. I came in second in the first tournament. I believed. I am very happy that the number of women in taekwondo has increased. Our main goal is the Olympics. Work hard for us. I hope it will be good for us. “He said.

“I am very honored to be part of this project, and I hope it has set an example of no obstacles,” said Shaima Null Tal, a national and world champion Taekwondo player in Europe and World Champion, who took the lead in the video. In sports. We have to keep going. It was a source of pride for me to represent my country at the Paralympics. My goal at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Is to win this medal. “

The 3rd National Skills Women’s Summit ended with the presentation of plaques and photography by Fatma Ayanoul to the participants.

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