“The 2023 election will be at a crossroads,” Erdogan said, instructing the party’s state leaders.

AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at an extension meeting of the state president at the party headquarters, “The 2023 election will be at a crossroads between our country and our country beyond the future of the AK party and the People’s Union. “. “You share all the work of your state with my people and citizens. You talk to them,” Erdogan told the party’s state leaders.


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AKP Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the 2023 election would be at a crossroads. Prime Minister Erdogan instructed the party’s state leaders, “You will share all the works of your state with my people,” and commented on the election law. Encounter the shameful table again. “

Prime Minister Erdogan issued a statement at an extension meeting of the state president at party headquarters.

“Next August, our party has a 21st birthday. We saw our organization. As chair, we carefully held meetings of MYK, MKYK, and parliamentary groups. It was held. In the world, in our region, and in our country, we do not neglect the activities of the party. “

Election message

Prime Minister Erdogan said they were on the eve of the 2023 election and “explained the past and revealed what to do in the future.”

“All elections are important and essential,” Erdogan said. “But the 2023 election will be at the crossroads of our country and our country beyond the future of the AK Party and the People’s Union. It is the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We are the largest in the world. , We promise to make Turkey one of the 10 economic nations and fulfill the aspirations of 100 years ago, “he said.

Instructions to the local head

Prime Minister Erdogan addressed the party’s state leaders, “Leaders of all my states. We have few states with little investment or work. What is your duty? You are in education, Share all the work in your state. Health, justice, security, transportation, energy, agriculture, and with my people and citizens. You will tell them, “he said.

“Our youth may not get the opportunity they have.”

Erdogan goes on to say: “Young people under the age of 30 or 35 may not be able to grasp the value of today’s opportunities because they do not know old Turkey. Of course, they are aware of changes in the world, changes in circumstances and changes in priorities. .. It can also show the youth behind the rise of social and media-centric social climates. “

“Did you have an ambulance when we arrived?”

“There is no state without investment and work. I am confident in his ability. I will tell the public about this,” Erdogan said.

Explanation of the election law

Prime Minister Erdogan issued a statement on the election bill submitted by the AKP and MHP to Parliament, saying, “As the election threshold goes down, we hope that this regulation, including many regulations on the new executive system, will be beneficial to our country. To 7%. “

Prime Minister Erdogan said: “I think CHP is most pleased with our proposal for election law. CHP will never encounter a table wandering around the political world like a salt shaker. Election law requires a political engineering move. And never come across an embarrassing table again. “We are changing the system in which political parties within the alliance have power and agents that far exceed the potential for voting.”

“We aim to prevent sign officials from manipulating politics,” Erdogan said.

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