That year, this year, every year from now on

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Trabzonspor reached the happy ending by declaring the championship in the Antalyaspor match three weeks before the end of the league. The city had extraordinary joy and pride, but above all the children were in a good mood.

They are the luckiest generation of Trabzonspor. “We didn’t wait for years like our father. We are now champions every year!” They said.

The city has a very vivid memory of football. Players many years ago have been talked about. The controversial position in very old games is still on the agenda. Cities with such vivid memories will certainly not forget Avni Aker. “Hüsey in Avni Aker Stadium” was equated with Trabzonspor. The father said, “I wish it had happened to Avni Acres!” She sighed at her son in her hand. He was talking to a small fan about Avu Nikel Stadium. It was a transplant of living memories. A small fan heard from his father about a powerful symbol of the city’s football culture.

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Fans from the core

When a soccer player grows from the infrastructure, fans also grow from the Trabzon family. First, he will be the excitement partner of his family match at his home. He feels the excitement of football not only in his father but also in his mother. That’s why it works in their bones.

He had already listed the comments for his first match when his tongue turned and his heart began to melt. Then he starts going to the game. His birthday present will be a Trabzonspor jersey. Followed by other gift accessories.

In addition, the color of some objects is just as important as their functionality. Sometimes color becomes even more important. It definitely has to be burgundy blue. There is nothing that these two colors don’t match. From toys to bookbinding.

The child grows up and integrates with these colors. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that he sees the world through these color filters.

Like my dad, we didn’t wait for years

This is AliUmut Kibar. She is 8 years old. When I got to him, he left the flag and set the torch on fire. “Every year from now on! No one can take it from us anymore. Like my dad, I haven’t waited for years and never again,” he said.

10-year-old Yusuf Eren Nas … noticed him from a distance in the crowd. He was on his father’s shoulder. It was as if he intended to fly with his wings. He turned him in this way, screaming his slogan and keeping pace. Professionalism oozes from every face of him, which turns out to be shameful to the fans. It didn’t take long:

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“That year, this year, every year from now on!” He said, turning into a torch cloud …

No one else knows, it’s our turn

This is Berensu Akbulut. She is 9 years old. She is very elegant. But he climbed to the top of the bush all at once. He is in the air with one hand. He keeps the balance with the other hand. It keeps the tempo to the march. “We became champions for the first time. It feels beautiful. We are the only ones who know this excitement. Now it’s our turn to rejoice.”


That night, when the early championship celebrations began, Trabzon fans who grew up from this core took their place in the crowd like a flood. Some were on the father’s shoulders, some on the bushes, and some on the mother’s lap. I asked about their feelings, and they told them their own way.

I will never forget

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This is Nehir Ecmel Köse. 8-year-old. He screams with joy on his father’s shoulders. Maybe he can’t even hear his little voice in the noise. But that’s pretty good. He bent into my ear. “I’m happy. I’ll never forget this day. I’m in third grade, I always talk to my friends about this night. Thanks to my dad for bringing me here. I will do it, “she politely said. This is Yasmina Soytekin. She is 12 years old. “I feel joy and pride. I’m very excited. When I scored a goal, it was like flying in the air,” he explained.

About us we got this time

Ecrin Duru Mustache, 11 years old … She was a little shy but knew what to say.

“It was my first time to win the championship. It feels beautiful. I was very happy with that goal. I think we deserve the championship. Again. We are here until morning. I’m in. “

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Nazım Efe Eroğlu is 12 years old, but has grown and shrunk. He spoke without hesitation. He’s not his father, it’s like waiting 38 years. The Black Sea accent was like a candy in the mouth. He immediately said: “Write me, brother, write me first.”

“We did the right thing. This time they didn’t get it. This year’s championship! Every year from now on!” She finished and returned to the celebration just as soon.