Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport

The test flight will begin in April at Rize Altvin Airport, where the final procedure has been completed.

The Ministry of Transport Infrastructure continues the airport construction that began in Yesilkoy in the Pazar district of Rize.

Designed on April 3, 2017, with an area of ​​1000 hectares laid by President Legep Typ Erdogan, Rizealtbin Airport was founded on a sea embankment.

In the airport project, the internal area of ​​the breakwater was about 2 million square meters, and 100 million tons of stone could be used to fill a total of 2 million square meters of sea in 4.5 years.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artvin Airport VIDEO

Change satellite imagery

The sea embankment at Rize Altvin Airport, which is expected to be used by 3 million passengers annually and costs 1,078 million lira to work on the infrastructure, has also changed Turkey’s surface area of ​​783,562 square kilometers. .. Although the country’s area has increased by 2.8 square kilometers, the formation of land masses that emerged when the sea was full was reflected in monthly satellite images. The photo also showed a change in land area that increased as the sea filled.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 1

April trial flight

The superstructure work for the airport project has been completed. After the sea was filled, the terminal building of the regional architecture, the bowl tower, and the decorations at the entrance of the tea leaves were completed. The project constructed a runway 3000 meters long and 45 meters wide, three taxiways 265×24 meters, and two aprons 300×120 meters and 120×120 meters. At the airport, which has reached 90% due to superstructure work, test flights will begin in April.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 2

First aircraft site in a virtual environment

Meanwhile, a video produced by the Governor’s Office of the Pazar district included a special announcement and the moment a passenger plane taking off from Istanbul Airport landed at Rize Altvin Airport. Captain pilot, in his announcement, “Our plane will soon take off to get to Rize. We will finish our journey at 14:30 at Rize-Altvin Airport in the Pazar district, with a view of the 15 degree rainy sea. It was Rize-Altvin Airport that was requested to flow backwards in the folk song of. Our dear passenger, the best place to drink Rize’s tea is the famous Rize bagle. I want to remind you that it’s about eating. ” Said.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 3

“Book an airplane that looks like a bus”

Residents of Rize are also eagerly waiting for the airport project to be completed as soon as possible. Enes Saricicek, “We are people who commute to Istanbul at least once a month. It’s very convenient for us. Being right next to us shortens the distance. It’s in our country in terms of tourism. Contribute. We are looking forward to the first flight. I wish they could take us too. Then we can share this excitement. ” He said.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 4

“I don’t think I said the airport is coming forward.”

Dursun Ali Serce “I’m 68 years old. If I had been told that an airport would be built here before, I wouldn’t believe it, but the plane is about to land. We’re late, but the kids benefit. I’m hoping to receive it. I’m about to arrive at the service door. I’ll take an airplane like a bus. I’ll hear the sound of the airplane, so I’m grateful to see it. “ Said.

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 5

“Service comes at our feet”

Yeter Atış also said that the service came to their feet “We have been very enthusiastic and excited since we were told that the airport would be built in Rize. We followed almost every step of it. This completes the final process. You can see that is starting to land. The service was at our feet. “ He said.

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Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 7

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 8

Test flight begins at Rize-Artbin Airport # 9