Tension between Giresunspor and Mehmet Umut Naile


Umut Naile, who moved from Besiktas to Giresunspor earlier last season, was removed from the team. After this decision by Giresunspor, a statement came from Mehmet Umut Naile.

I’m always in the field

“For recent news and my claims, I had to explain the process as the person at the center of the subject. As you know, as Giresunspor for the 2021-22 season, we Had a hard time staying in a tough league. Despite all the financial and moral negatives I experienced during the season, I stood by the team until the very end of the season. I tried my best to contribute. I always stayed in the field. At the end of this struggle, I am proud to be able to maintain the city of Giresunspor in the Super League. Rights from the debt accumulated in the process Was one of the last names I chose to go to the federation, even though I was born. I am alone. “

I was playing with Giresunspor so I didn’t feel any discomfort.

“I made preparations and plans for the new season in Giresunspor. Contrary to the unfounded claim that my wife wanted to leave Giresun, we bought a suitable home for the birth of a child and in advance. I paid the rent. Naturally, I attended the pre-season camp from day one and continued to work for the new season, but as the process so far shows, I decided to play in Giresun and Giresunspor. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, I’m very proud to be able to participate in the fight in this city. I was told I didn’t want to stay in Giresun. I can’t accept it. “

They wanted me to give up their accounts receivable


“If the club’s decision came to the process of dismissal from the camp, I would like to be again when our club offered to pay a portion of the payment by check during negotiations on my past accounts receivable. Different payment methods apply while other players are being paid. On the evening of the same day, he calls to cancel my accounts receivable and terminate the contract with each other. I offered that. “

Damage the credibility of the team

“After that, he said that if there was no payment, he could be dismissed legitimately. After the negotiations, the past accounts receivable were paid. After this development, he regretted the spread of false information and spoke negatively. New players joining the team, and inaccurate claims against me and activities that undermine credibility within the team. I have witnessed. “

Decision to dismiss

“We cannot accept that the decision to remove the club from the team begins as if we asked for permission or did not want to stay in Giresun. It is clear from the concrete example above.” New season in Giresun Pol. I made a plan to continue. ” “The request for permission from the camp does not certainly reflect the truth because he received it. The club told me the decision to be expelled from the team.”

They demanded additional money for the termination of the contract.

“After all these processes, I realized that I wasn’t wanted in Giresunspor, and after accepting to leave by abandoning all the fetal debt of the contract, for the termination of the contract. The club’s request for additional money is an unresolved point in the process, because we want the media process to know when it happens. “

Unethical process

“As a result, not participating in the planning of a new season is an acceptable process due to the nature of the sport, but as mentioned earlier, the unethical process for imaginary reasons is part of the sport and one of humanity. It’s not a department either. “

Reply from Giresunspor

After Umut Nayir’s remarks, a post was also posted on the club’s social media account. The following statement was included in the post.

“Because of the unfortunate and ego-filled statement made by our professional soccer player Mehmet Umut Naile on our social media accounts, we needed to make a statement to properly inform the general public and our community.”

“He was allowed to find a club”

“As a result of the attitude and behavior of soccer player Mehmet Umut Naile, who is incompatible with professionalism in pre-season training camps, and the team’s search through the manager, he was told that he could not. I was able to join the team and find a club in such a situation. Unfortunately, we would like to express our surprise. Remember that no one is better than Giresunspor. No. All players must act in accordance with the conditions. The statement he made has also initiated the legal proceedings necessary to protect the rights and interests of our club. “

“We will continue to move forward with the right player group.”

“As a board of directors, there is no doubt that we will take Giresunspor’s interests and all the steps that interests require. We reiterate the fact that we have fulfilled our obligations to Umut Naile as a club. We would like to thank our fans for making our Giresunspor successful. We will continue our path with the right player group to win.
It has been announced to the public in honor. “

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