Tansu Ciller’s bomb statement, said to have returned to politics! “$ 40 Billion …”-Correct Address for Financial News

“I miss my country. Tansu Ciller, who signaled to enter politics by saying,” I have debt, “came up another statement that would be much talked about. Former Prime Minister Chiller, who explained the impact of the coalition government on Turkey, emphasized that the coalition government would do more damage to the Turkish economy than a coup d’etat. Did not allow it .. “

Chiller, a guest at the Women’s Political Session at the Strong Woman of Strong Turkey Summit, evaluated the strengthened parliamentary declarations of the six opposition parties and the possibility of a coalition.
“The coalition government is worse than the coup,” Chiller exemplifies that the economy was more affected by the damage caused by the coup during the period of the multi-party system.

“Turkey’s growth rate during the coup was 3.1 percent during the coup d’etat. It was more than 6 percent during the one-party administration. Regarding the coalition, it was successful only in two coalition periods, one was the late Suleimann. Under the leadership of Demirel, the other was successful under the leadership of me and the late Nekmettin Elbakan. I caught 7.8%. The average of all these is 3.4%. 3.1, the most successful in the coup period. 3.4. Excluding successful coalitions, the average is 2.6 percent. Coups are worse than coups. “

“A $ 40 billion project has been blocked.”

Ciller said, “I became the prime minister of the coalition. I came up with a very special project to repair Turkey’s deteriorating economy. It was a project that would bring about $ 40 billion. Turkey’s debt is about It was $ 20 billion. There was a big crisis. At that time, the phone was new. I said, “Let’s sell some of the phone.” Then everyone started selling PTT anyway. Huge amounts of money, like $ 40 billion, came before us. My concern was to prevent the crisis. I put this project on the table, I say I’ll do it as a coalition government. The coalition ministers took it against the Constitutional Court at the time, and they rejected it. Erdal Innonu was the Deputy Prime Minister. Nevertheless, the foreign minister of his own party prevented it. I spent many nights in Congress to get rid of this, but they canceled it. He said the reason was “to threaten Turkey’s independence.”

“PTT sold for $ 5 billion”

After the coalition ended, PTT’s T was sold at a cost of $ 5 billion, which wasn’t enough for Turkey, Chiller said. Against terrorism. Without experiencing the April 5 decision, Turkey would not have been able to get out of the crisis and there was no economic problem, “he said.

“The Foreign Minister said,” This decision has benefited appropriately. “

Ciller asked about his post-coalition dialogue with the Foreign Minister, “One day,’Why did you unite with the opposition to prevent this?'” I have no hostility to you. I am a leftist. As a member of the party, this decision was not for us. This decision will benefit our rights. “

Monthly process

According to the information obtained, in August 1993, Deputy Mumtaz Soisal of Ankara and 92 agents demanded “suspension of execution” in an application to the Constitutional Court (AYM). The Tansu Çiller-Murat Karayalçın government at the time introduced legislation that allowed local or foreign natural persons or legal entities to perform some or all of their communications services.nde Kararneme (KHK) çıkardı. KHKThe Constitutional Court, which suspended the enforcement of the Constitution because of unconstitutional violations, decided to abolish the rules on November 6, 1993.

In that decision, the Constitutional Court stated that bulk sales of more than 49 percent of Türk Telekom are incompatible with the public interest. At that time, if PTT privatization had not been included in the coalition, the Turkish economy would have been paid $ 20 billion in domestic debt. As Çiller stated, PTT’s T (Telekom), which could not be privatized due to the Constitutional Court’s dismissal decision, was transferred to Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. The remittance amount is $ 6.05 billion.


“TÜRK TELEKOM provided the government with a total revenue of $ 15.6 billion between 2006 and 2021.”

In an article written yesterday, columnist Ali Saydam said that Türk Telekom’s public offering and privatization costs, including dividend income, generated a total of $ 15.6 billion in revenue for the state between 2006 and 2021.

Mentioning this $ 15.6 billion expansion, Saydam writes:

“55% of Türk Telekom’s stock is privatized at a price of $ 6.55 billion, 20% of which is cash and the rest has a five-year maturity (year LIBOR + 2.5 interest). Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. Early payments and paying off all debt resulted in $ 7.06 billion in state funding between 2005 and 2007.

After privatization, when Türk Telekom publicly provided 15% of the remaining 45% stake in 2008, this time the Treasury received $ 1.7 billion in cash. Türk Telekom’s dividend income, like any other partner, was paid to the Treasury in proportion to its share.

The Treasury received a total of $ 6.9 billion from Türk Telekom between 2006 and 2021. From now on, TVF understands that it will not hold all the shares of Türk Telekom permanently like the outdated public institutions. As is known from TWF’s “reason for existence”, the purpose of TWF is to maximize the value of assets, capitalize strategic investments in the country, and emerge regional and world leaders from Turkish companies. Is defined as helping. Contributes to the improvement of financial markets.

Türk Telekom has completed significant revenue diversification after significant structural changes after privatization. One of the most important objectives of privatization was the completion of this structural transformation. Generated 83% of revenue from Fixed Voice in 2005, Türk Telekom’s revenue by the end of 2021 was primarily mobile (34%), Fixed Broadband (31%), Fixed Voice (8%) and Corporate Data (7%). ) Was composed of. segment. .. In other words, it has become a healthy and strong tech company in terms of revenue and subscriber distribution among players in the telecommunications sector. “

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