Tansu Ciller said in between sobbing, “My husband is honest.”

Wall – Mehmet Bican, a press adviser to one of the former Prime Ministers, Tansu Ciller, who is allegedly preparing to form a party at the request of President Tayyip Erdogan, spoke to Hulk Television’s Ipek Osbay. In a conversation with journalist Güneri Cıvaoğlu, Bican said Tansu Çiller was sobbing and defending her husband, Özer Çiller. Bican also said that claims similar to the 128 billion claims lost at the central bank were experienced during the chiller period.

This is part of the conversation:

Mr. Bican, what do you think about Tansu Ciller’s return to politics over the years?

I say: how will he appear before the country, how will he get in between them, say “I want to vote for my party!”? The economic and social recession since 1993 when he came to power. That they have lived in the past. We do not forget the fact that he reset the party and buried it in the darkness of history. A close friend, a colleague with whom he works. How did he spend his commander fighting the war on terrorism? I always remember his support for efforts to bury Turkey in darkness, denominations and reactionary mobs. Is there anyone left in this country who doesn’t discuss their wealth? However, there are events that no one knows except a few. Knowing some of these events over the years will be the answer to your question.

You are one of them, right?

I tell you two real things for the first time: you know, it’s always been discussed lately … $ 128 billion lost … it’s the number that the dollar was sold through the back door It has always been argued that the central bank was given to someone and how did the people who bought those dollars turn the corner .. A similar event happened during Mr Chiller’s inauguration and the consequences. I will explain how it was. You need to know the history of the events, the hero identities of those events, and their role in the event. Before the famous April 5th decision. DYP-SHP coalition … Prime Minister Ciller, Deputy Prime Minister Murat Karayalçın, Chairman of SHP. Turkey is facing the economic crisis as it is today. Inflation has exceeded 100%. Budget deficits are at record levels, domestic and foreign debt burdens have increased, production has fallen in half nationwide, unemployment has peaked, interest rates have skyrocketed, some banks have gone bankrupt, and TL is 160 percent. That value lost. The central bank was unable to prevent a rise of more than 100% in foreign currencies despite market intervention … this is the Turkish economy living in such an era … Turkish people .. A 15% rise in the exchange rate in one day urged Prime Minister Chiller to look for something new, leading to a decline in value. The date is January 26, 1994 …

What happened on that day?

The Prime Minister’s Office has been a traffic jam site since noon. Minister of Economy AliŞevki Erek, Chairman of Central Bank Bülent Gültekin, Deputy Secretary of Finance and Foreign Trade, SPO and Finance, Governor of Public Banks … they are all discussing the latest state of the economy. What to do if you are hit by an earthquake and face an unusual rise in exchange rates. The meeting, chaired by Tansu Ciller, does not have a coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister Murat Karayartin, but is attended by Tansu Hanim’s wife, Ozel Bay! Very interesting … Özer Çiller goes in and out of the conference room.

Where are you?

Four of us are sitting at the door of the hall where the meeting was held. Prime Minister’s Chief Counselor Nâlân Kozan, Secretary Akın וstanbullu, Me, and Conservation Manager Resul Kalkan ..

Central Bank Governor Gültekin will leave the meeting for a while and go to our section. Without a jacket … When he was greedily heading to the outside door, “What is Özer Bey doing at the meeting!” He soliloquy. Is he soliloquy, or is he speaking loud so that we can hear him? Probably the second is correct. Angry and bored. After smoking a few times from a lit cigarette, he puts it out and rejoins the meeting. I will be invited to a meeting someday. It is clear from every aspect that the people around the large rectangular table in the living room are exhausted. Every head has a voice. Central bank governor Bülent Gültekin is in trouble. His face is in a bad mood. He wants to keep devaluation high, but he practices a “stabilization package” with devaluation. Gültekin points out that a devaluation of more than 18% will be decided. Tansu Ciller said at her last meeting with economic staff that a 5% devaluation was appropriate, but this meeting changed her view. We haven’t finished talking about the night of exchange rate adjustments. As a journalist, I’m going to talk about an event you don’t even know … it’s time for that very important event. That night, while work is being done at the Prime Minister’s Office. Then Tansu Ciller left the meeting for a while and said to Naran Kozan, who was waiting in front of the door, “I’m looking for Akin. Connect!” To tell. The instructions continued immediately, and the Prime Minister was calling Mr Akin. Akın Bey, General Manager of Private Bank!

You hear all these conversations …

Of course, we are all listening: I, Akin in Istanbul, Naran Kozan, Lesle Kalkan. We are all familiar with his speech! The prime minister will probably not ask the general manager of this private bank about the situation. Isn’t it a surprising event, Mr. Ipek! At midnight that night, the new price of Turkish lira against the US dollar will be determined to be 17,000 250 lira. That means a devaluation of 13 percent … but I think you remember. The dollar will rise to 40TL in a few days, surpassing this figure determined by the free market. At that time, the television is on the air. The headline focuses on “who made how much money from this decision and what Turkey lost”, and the next day, Central Bank Governor Turgut Özal, who is considered one of the princes Ozal brought to Turkey. Resigned. This is the event I’m describing, the first unknown … history, name, action, everything is clear and realistic. When asked which private bank was the general manager of the bank at the time and why the central bank governor resigned, the answer to these questions is very simple. A simple survey will guide anyone interested in answering these questions.

Make sure you are investigated after this time, what is the second unknown event?

We will stay as guests for a few days at a friend’s house by the sea in Çiftlikköy, Yalova. As I left the army and walked along the beach with the Ficklet brothers who settled in Sema Citesi, I noticed that they were called from the balcony of the villa’s garden. The caller stood up and said, “Memet, come! Come on!” He hands. This is a minister I know very well, and the name has always been respectful and remembered, and was once a close friend of the chiller. While sitting on the villa’s ground floor balcony and talking about the past and future, a breakthrough will be opened from Turkey’s longest bridge to be built between Izmit and Yalova. I’m not a stranger to this project. It was highlighted during the time of Prime Minister Chiller, everything was ready, and even today bids were placed at the intersection of the bridge and Yalova. However, the auction was canceled for some reason. It was a cancellation with many questions. The company that won the bid met all the requirements, but announced in a newspaper full-page ad that it had given up on the job. But the statement was hiding the truth I was trying to convey. “Well,” I asked the former minister, who was chatting at the mansion at the time, “Why was such a beautiful project abandoned?” You were also the minister at that time! Answer: “The bid winners found the money they needed to do this job, but they couldn’t find the money someone near the Prime Minister wanted, so they gave up! “

Who was that “someone” close to the prime minister?

Now I remember what a respected journalist friend told me. Tansu Ciller’s best friend Guneri Civaol: 1994 was the most troublesome day for Ciller … at that time, various claims about the Prime Minister’s wife were on the Turkish agenda. Cıvaoğlu wrote to Milliyet, the newspaper that had the strongest opposition to the chillers of the time. All written and visual media are tracking the assets of foreign chillers. Like other columnists, Cıvaoğlu wants Çiller to sell his goods abroad and bring them to Turkey. Tansu Ciller is angry with Cıvaoğlu because he has left himself in this way. Cıvaoğlu tells me about the conversation he had with Çiller on his plane trip. “I don’t think any force can keep you away from becoming prime minister,” Cıvaoğlu tells Çiller on the phone. Mr. Tan could not predict what would happen after this beautiful word. Cıvaoğlu continues: “But you will perish for one person … that person is your spouse Özer Çiller!” While his brother Gunelli was talking to me about this incident, “First on the phone There was silence, and I heard a chest of drawers sobbing. “Schiller was sobbing,” Cıvaoğlu continued. If I came recently, I’ve always come with his help. They accusate Özer. If you know anything, please let me know. “It’s unproven, it can be felt,” Cıvaoğlu replies, “I feel Özer is involved in dirty work!” I was a witness to these events, what else can I say, Mr. Ipek I gave a clue about the names of these events.

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