TAF Sports Force Command’s record-breaking athletes set their sights on the 2024 Paris Olympics


Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Sport Force Command It was founded on June 1, 1923 by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as a ‘guard’ within the Guard Team, today’s Presidential Guard Regiment.

The Guard carried out various sports activities to increase the combat strength of its personnel. On November 30, 1956, it was registered as a sports club by the General Directorate of Physical Education under the name “Riyaset-i Cumhur Guard Force”. Started activities as TAF Sports Force Command on January 1, 2014.

A sports force of the TAF Sports Force Command that continues to operate in national and international sporting events in the shooting, military pentathlon, aerial pentathlon, naval pentathlon, track and field, country running, kickboxing, running and triathlon divisions. is an officer, a non-commissioned officer. , Specialized Noncommissioned Officers, Reserve Officers, and Civil Officers consist of Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Privates.

The National Athlete of the TAF Sports Force Command told AA Correspondent about her successful sporting life and the process of preparing for the Games.

Tanker captain Mert Nalbant said he encountered the shooting sport after enrolling in Işıklar Military High School in 2003 and has continued the sport since then under the guidance of his commanding officer.

Narbant said: Said.


Narbant said he competed in two branches, the 10-meter air rifle and the 50-meter fire rifle, and that since 2003 there have been Turkish records and victories in various competitions in these branches.

“My goal this year is to represent my army and my country at the World Championships in October,” said Narvant, who said he is also a national athlete. He said.

Describing his preparation for the championship, Farrier said he started his day with shooting training early in the morning, followed by pilates, yoga, swimming and running exercises every day.

“We need to be physically strong. The success we have achieved is the result of working hard technically, tactically and physically,” Narbant said. He said.

“We aim to represent the Turkish national team in Egypt and Poland.”

After entering the military academy in 2007, communications captain Zeynep Yilduz said he was selected for the firing department and represented both the Turkish army and the national team for the rifle department.

Star said:

“Since 2007, I have participated in the Army national team four times and the Turkish national team eight times.In the 2010 World War I came second.Our duty.

Our goal, like all professional athletes, is the Olympics. In this context, we aim to represent the Turkish national team in the best possible way in Egypt and Poland at the upcoming World Championships this year. “

Yilduz said the shooting department was not difficult for women, with scores and scores about the same as men, and that “women score slightly higher than men on average globally in the air rifle department.” she said.

“We are preparing for the Olympics in Paris.”

Air defense captain Elif Ellen Kotosh said he entered the military academy in 2007 and has been involved in shooting since. Representing the country and the TAF shooting team in both , said they have records and championships in Turkey.

Kotosh said shooting is a sport that requires discipline and requires mental and physical preparation. Emphasizing that the main goal of all professional athletes is to qualify for the Olympics, Kotosh said, “We are preparing for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 and it is my goal to be there. ‘ said. He said.

“I am the Turkish record holder in the 400m”

National Athlete Infantry Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Yavuz Khan said he started his sports career at the age of 10 and completed his university education at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Gazi University.

Kan, who said he has been running the 400 meters since 2008, said he joined the national team in 2010 and has been participating in national team competitions since 2011.

National Athlete Kang said: More than once I’ve run under 45 seconds. ” Said.

Kang said he trains every day to prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris and participate in the Military Olympics.

“My goal is to represent the Turkish military”

Contracted private Furkan Sahin said he enlisted in the Turkish army in 2019 and placed third in the Turkish Kickboxing Championship where he participated in 54kg in 2020 on behalf of the TAF Sports Force Command.

Sahin, who said he continued to prepare for the competition while serving in the Peace Spring Operation Area, said he became Turkey’s champion at this year’s Turkish Kickboxing Championship.

Stating that their aim was to become champions in the tournament and join the national team, Sahin stated that he wanted to go to the European Championships. “My goal is to represent my country and the glorious Turkish Armed Forces in the next period,” Sahin said. He said.

“I want to announce TSK Sports Power on the international stage.”

Marine Corps Specialist Sergeant Neshet Olsen said he began working at Marine Infantry Brigade Command in 2019 and then served a year in Operation Claw Tiger in northern Iraq.

Olsen, who explained that he continues to train at his place of work, revealed that he has joined the TAF Sports Force in 2021.

Olsen said he won first place at the 7th International Kickboxing World Cup in Istanbul, saying, “I want to present TAF Sport Power on the international stage. That’s why I train day and night. ‘ said. He said.

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