Support for connecting sports and university youth

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Turkcell continues its sponsorship, which began with the National Football Team in 2002, to become the main sponsor of the Turkish University Sports Federation, which works with the cooperation of many branch federations to promote and disseminate all branches of university sports. Also became. It contributes to the youth pool in our country. In addition, the Winter Sports Event, which will be held in Erzurum and will end on March 18, will be held under the name of the Turkish University Turksell Winter Sports Game.

Turkcell has been on a par with Turkish sports since its establishment and continues to invest in sports in a way that will shape the future of Turkish sports. Turkcell, which has provided important sports sponsorship support through federation collaboration since 2002, has also been the main sponsor of the University of Turkey Sports Federation (TÜSF).

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Özbayraktar: “We are always with sports and young people”

0054smail Özbayraktar, Director of Corporate Communications at Turkcell, said that strengthening the infrastructure for the development of sports in Turkey and placing great importance on meeting young people in sports, said: .. We shape our investment in sports by supporting the federation, but we never forget youth. In this sense, we are pleased to be the main sponsor of the Turkish University Sports Federation. Recognizing that sports are an integral part of a healthy life, we encourage young people to always play sports through the collaboration we have achieved. The future of Turkish sports will be brightened by the support of our youth. We continue to support sports and our youth, “he said.

TÜSF states that it was founded in 1996 under a professor at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Dr. Mehmet Günay said: Our aim is to raise awareness among college youth about our activities, instill sports awareness in our youth and enable more college students to benefit from the activity. .. We are pleased to have a very strong brand with us now. Turkcell has become the main sponsor of the activities of our federation in the 2021-22 academic year. In addition to being the name sponsor of the Summer and Winter Olympics, Turkcell has also become a communication sponsor of Unilig (Universities Sports League) activities. We would like to thank Turkcell, one of Japan’s leading communication institutions, for contributing to Turkey’s sports and university youth. “

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Turksell winter sports game to be held in Erzurum

Operated in 81 states in Turkey, TÜSF serves more than 30,000 athletes at 210 universities and 75 sports branches. One of TÜSF’s two most important events in Turkey, which provides domestic activities to young athletes and allows them to participate in overseas organizations, is also held under the name of Turkcell.

The winter sports game, which will be held in Erzurum and will end on March 18, will be held under the name of Turkish University Student Turksell Winter Sports Game with the support of GNÇ. Hundreds of young athletes from 80 universities across Turkey participate in events for a total of 11 including alpine skiing, snowboarding, snow volleyball, sledding, ice climbing, ski jumping, figure skating, traditional snow javelin and snow rafting. I am competing for medals at the branch. Cycling the ramp.
With about 1 billion TL of support for the development of Turkish sports over 20 years, Turkcell continues to lead young people in Turkey’s sports infrastructure, especially its sustainability approach. We are working on the mapping of sports talent in our country, thanks to the Turkish Athletes Talent Screening and Sports Orientation Project jointly conducted by the Ministry of Youth Sports and the Ministry of National Education. Turkcell will now work with TÜSF to join young athlete candidates. on.