Super League Istanbul Spor-TRTSpor

Following MKE Ankaraguju and Bereket Sigortaumraniespol, Istanbul Spor was the last team to compete in the Super League.

Royal Hospital Bandırmaspor and Istanbulspor shared the trump card in the huge final of TRT SPOR.

Istanbul Spor defeated Royal Hospital Bandurmaspor Ibrahim Yırmaz 33 and 45 + 9 in the Sportto 1st League playoff finals. He defeated him 2-1 with a goal scored in a few minutes to win a Super League ticket.

Philip Kenny scored Bandırmaspor’s only goal from a 45 + 3 penalty spot.

An important moment of encounter

Goal 34.. Istanbul Spor took the lead. Baron Esemi, who grabbed the ball at the corner line, decided the middle. The ball hit the net with a headshot by Ibrahim Yılmaz: 0-1.

Kerim Abju, who scored a free kick in the 44th minute, sent the ball to the penalty area. Ousan Barber and Rockman Gale, who went up to the ball in front of the goal area, remained on the ground in a double battle. Upon being warned by the VAR room, referee Haril Umt Meller conducted an inspection next to the field. Referee Meller has penalized Rockman Gale’s position on the ground.

Goal 45 + 3Kenny stole the ball with a penalty in the 3rd minute and sent a leather ball to the net: 1-1

In the 45 + 8 minutes, Melih Kabasakal sent the ball to the penalty area with a free kick. Meanwhile, Emre Can Uzunhan stayed on the ground in Istanbulspor with the intervention of the enemy. Recognizing the dissenting opinions made after the goal kick, referee Haril Umt Meller showed a penalty spot after the VAR review.

Goal 45 + 9 Ibrahim Ilmas, who took a penalty shot for that, brought the ball to the net: 1-2

The first half of the match was completed with the 2-1 advantage of Istanbul Spor.

In the 66th minute, BeykarŞimşek dropped the ball sent to the penalty area to Alpay Koldaş. Koldaş sent a round leather to the net with a headshot. Referee Meller conducted a VAR review of the position where Baikhan Simsek dropped Eduardo in front of the goal. Referee Meller canceled Alpeikoldash’s goal.

As a result, Istanbul Spor defeated Royal Hospital Bandil Maspor 2-1 and was promoted to the Sportto Super League.

situation: Cocaeri

Referee: Haril Umut Meller, Mustafa Emre Eisoi, Ibrahim Charal Uyalkan

RoyalHospitalBandırmaspor: Gökhan Değirmenci, Lokman Gör, Alpay Koldaş, Mulumba, KerimAvcı (Min 75 Akabueze), Keny, Okan Alkan, Mehmet Özcan, Landel (Min 57 Osmajic), Caner Cavlan, Levent Ayçiçek (Min 56 BeykanŞ)

Istanbul Spor: Muhammed Alperen Uysal, Tuncer Duhan Aksu, Mehmet Yeşil, 0054brahim Yılmaz (minimum 80 EmirKaan Gültekin), Eduart (minimum 81 Muammer Sarıkaya), Oğuzhan Berber, Emrecan Uzunhan, Ferhat Yazgan, Walloon (minimum 72Ka)

goal: Minutes. 34 וbrahim Yılmaz, Min. 45 + 9 (penalty) Ibrahim Yırmaz (Istanbulspor), minimum 45 + 3 (penalty) Kenny (Royal Hospital Bandırmaspor)

yellow card: Minutes. 37 Randell, minutes 45 + 3 Lokman Gör, Min. 48 Kenny, minutes. 68 Baikhan Simsek, Min. 73 Caner Cavlun (RoyalHospitalBandırmaspor) Min. 45 + 2 Oğuzhan Berber, Min.46 Eduart, Min. 56 Melih Kabasakal (Istanbul Spor)

Istanbul Spor put an end to longing

Istanbul Spor, who finished fourth in the league’s regular season, faced Buyukse Hilberidi Erzurum Spor in the semi-finals of the final. Istanbul Spor, who won 4-2 in an away match, advanced to the final despite losing 1-0 to their opponent in the second match at home.

Istanbul Spor, who played last in the Super League from 2004 to 2005, had 237 wins, 229 draws and 290 losses in 756 games in the league he played over 23 seasons.

Istanbul Spor, who left the Super League in 17th place in the 2004-2005 season, retreated to the TFF 3rd League. Istanbul Spor, who participated in the TFF 3rd League for 5 seasons, was promoted to the SporToto 1st League from 2017 to 2018.

The Istanbul representative received a Super League visa twice under the control of Ziya Taner during the 1967-1968 season, under the control of Kadri Aytaç from 1994-1995, and three times in the first league playoffs in 1993. I played. 1994, 2005-2006 and last season. He couldn’t qualify for the Super League.

The Royal Hospital Bandırmaspor had the right to playoffs by finishing third in the regular season of the Spor Toto 1st League. Eyuppspor was defeated 1-0 in the first match of the semi-finals, and Royal Hospital defeated their opponents 3-0 in the rematch, marking the final.

Bandırmaspor missed the opportunity to play in the Super League for the first time in its history.