“Super League is a place that deserves Bodrum”-TRTSpor


Karakaya said joining the Spor Toto 1st League brought a lot of excitement to them.

Bodrumspor is a club founded in 1931 and announced that it had risen to this level for the first time, and Karakaya said the team also reached the TFF 2nd League in their own time.

Bodrum points out that he participates in the World Champions League in the tourism industry, Karakaya said: “Bodrum is the door to Turkey’s most civilized world. This brings great responsibility to Bodrum Spor. We strive to act in a way that suits Bodrum wherever we go.” Said.

Pointing out that Bodrum created a world champion in karate and sailing, Karakaya said:

“There are 12 branches in Bodrum. In football, the right place for Bodrum is in the Super League. These will come over time. Of course, first of all, you need to raise your physical condition, field and facilities to this level. Therefore, in this process, Bodrum has both TFF 1st leagues “We are permanent and we need to prepare the facility according to the upper leagues. The elders of the state will listen to us. I hope you will have a boutique stadium suitable for Bodrum. Such facilities will be brought to Bodrum. “


Karakaya also stated that he was very strong in infrastructure, saying that teams under the age of 19 won this year’s Turkish Championship and emphasized that they believe they will have a greater impact on their work.

Karakaya explained that he was very confident in the team that won the TFF 2nd league, saying: “We believe we can be successful with this team. We are calculating to stay here first and move forward without breaking the team. There are examples such as Hatayspor, Umraniye Spor, Istanbul Spor. Our technical team and soccer players are worth wearing Spor Toto 1st League Bodrumspor jerseys. They will be very successful. We trust our team. We have the necessary reinforcements. Do it and try to be successful without disturbing your team’s status.‘ He said.

“Bodrum spor will go to the super league when that day comes.”

Thanks to the Bodrumspor fans who never left him alone, Karakaya continued his words:

“In the finals in Izmir, there were more spectators than in our house. People from all perspectives united behind the Bodrumspor coat of arms. Such support gives us great enthusiasm and honor. Give, especially our “Rebel Tayfa” fan group doesn’t leave us alone, good times and bad times. Sometimes in soccer. Fans can easily show their anger. Our fan group is very loyal. It’s a group that we always support. So I am very grateful to them. With this unity and solidarity, we move from the Super Amateur League to the First League. When that day comes, we will join the Super League. Take a step forward. It’s easy for people to say good words here. “Our goal is the Super League, the Champions League.” I can say, but it’s best to move towards these goals after being placed on the right ground and physically prepared. Bodrumspor also prepares for this and will go to the Super League when the day comes. “

Recalling that the league will start on August 12, President Karakaya said, “We are going to play with Yeni Malatyaspor at home. Now the preparations are going well. Thanks to Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, Honorary Chairman Ficreto Ozturk and his family. Everyone. It will greatly assist in the preparation of our stadium. “” I used the phrase.